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Whose Immigration Path will Romney Choose?? HINO Rubio or K-K-Kobach?

Mitt Romney is coming upon a crossroads. He is going to have to make a choice when it comes to Immigration. Is he going to pander to the far right extremists who advocate Mass Deportation? He pandered to them during his run to be the GOP Prez candidate. He sidled right next to far right extremist Kris K-K-Kobach. During his campaigns in the South, Romney spewed Kobach's xenophobic rants of Mass Self Deportation of the 11M. He also said he will VETO the Dream Act if it is enacted by President Obama. Ole K-K-Kobach was patting his pal Romney on theback with this one.
But now that flip-floppy Romney has been crowned the Republican nominee, he realizes the Republican haters of President Obama are in his pocket. He and his minions are starting to assess how to get the votes of the larger audience. They are specifically eyeing ways to win the Latino Vote.

Romney's crew has brought Hispanic In Name Only (HINO) Marco Rubio into their camp. Rubio has been pushed forward as the brown face singing the Latino siren song to woo Latinos into their camp. It is Rubio that is flying the "GOP Dream Act" proposal up the flag pole. This plan of his is purposely broad and with only one detail. This so called plan allows those that were brought into this country at "xx" (undefined) age may have the opportunity to obtain some type of legal status (undefined) for xx period of time (undefined). However, they will NOT become legal citizens (their one detail) because Rubio says he does not support "Chain Migration." (read this to mean suppressing these potential Latino Votes). The purpose for all of this ambiguity is very obvious. If you read it all together, Rubio is proposing a Hot Air balloon meant to entice gullible Dreamers anxious NOT to be deported and WIN Latino Voters to their side.  

Now you would think that someone like Kobach would understand what Rubio and the Romney camp are attempting to do. But Kobach's vitriole will not allow him to sit still while this blatant pandering is occurring. Kobach still has to push his Anti-Latino Hate! When Kobach was asked about Rubio's proposal he said, "If the bill required the illegal alien to return to his country of origin and get in line for the non-immigrant visa, then that would not be amnesty, and that would be conceivable.” Kobach added, “If it’s extended to people who are here illegally, and they don’t have to leave the country, that would be amnesty. Amnesty allows someone who is illegally in the country to remain but with lawful status — that gives the illegal alien what he has stolen.” Kobach said he was nonetheless “encouraged” that Rubio is at least trying to come up with a solution that could be acceptable to "opponents of amnesty.” (= far right xenophobes)

Romney and Rubio know the supporters of the Dream Act (Latino Voters) will NEVER support Kobach's version.
Of course flip-floppy Romney and his crew are now backing off of their alliance with K-K-Kobach and the far right extremists. Last week, a Romney spokesman clarified that Kobach was merely a "supporter" of Romney and NOT a "Romney Advisor" as Kobach claimed. (How embarrassing for Kobach!)

I encourage everyone to buy your popcorn and see which path flip floppy Romney decides to take. Will he follow Kobach's "Mass Volunteer Deportation" and "Veto the Amnesty Dream Act" rhetoric OR will he follow HINO Rubio's path to a very ambiguous GOP Dream ACT skeleton proposal in order to sway Latino Voters? This internal Republican battle has just begun, but it promises to be a very good show!

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Vicente Duque said...

Hispandering Mitt Romney is saying that he's willing to take suggestions on immigration reform after he was to the right of Tea-Party nuts like Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich and Santorum. When you're to the right of Santorum on anything, you know you're far right".

Comments on Mitt Romney inside a POLITICO.COM Forum on Arizona :

"This guys is the biggest phony on the block, he'll pick Rubio as his V.P. or Susana Martinez so that he can sow up the women, Hispanic and conservative vote all up".

"Mitt phoney Romney is fake dishonest shallow politician. He breaks all the records".


"We will not let Romney move away from his primary positions to the right-wing extreme. As well, Romney is a flim-flam plastic POS for thinking latinos will forget his previous stances".

"During the primary that he had moved so far right on immigration that he had all but ruined GOP chances of luring Hispanic voters in the general election".


"Obama upsetting Romney and overcoming the large Mormon vote in Arizona will coattail the Democratic Party to win the Senatorial race.

Whether it is NV, UT, ID, WY, OR, MT, AZ, CO, and northern CA, Romney's base is clearly the growing Mormon population, the only group of whites not aborting their babies.

They are certainly competing with Latinos baby for baby".


"if Romney backs down on enforcing our existing laws against illegal immigration, he will not receive my vote; it's as simple as that.

Yes he will. He banked on you and others being suckers. You have no where else to go. Romney said what he said in the primary, not because he really felt that way but because he knew YOU felt that way. This is what you have in Romney. Someone who will tell you what you want to here to get your vote and then dismiss you."


HaHaHaHa... ole etch-a-scetch thinks Hispanic people are really that dumb? He insults every Hispanic when he thinks we're too dumb to remember what he has said all through the campaign. His said Arizona's hate laws are a "model for the nation"! He supports the mexican hating bigot, Sherriff Arpaio. He believes that starving immigrants will make the "self-deport"! Mitt Rmoney hate all brown people just like the rest of the GOP. We know that and will not forget it, ever.

Rmoney will be lucky to get 20% of the Hispanic vote. So Hispanic people can cheer and take credit when Rmoney loses and Obama is once again POTUS.

No Mitt, we're not that dumb and we will NOT forget who you really are behind that fake grin. Que VIva! Obama!


In Arizona, Mitt Romney listens on immigration
April 20, 2012


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