Saturday, April 5, 2008

Heinous Herr Sheriff Arpaio Stops Girl´s Confirmation!


Dee said...

The Mayor of Phoenix AZ accuses the heinous Sheriff of Racial Profiling:

The subject has attracted renewed scrutiny in recent weeks, as Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and other elected officials have accused Arpaio of racial-profiling. Gordon and others warn that if Arpaio continues his crime-suppression efforts, the Sheriff's Office will face racial-profiling lawsuits.
Gordon predicted lawsuits will be filed before the matter is resolved.

"You can't be picking up 70 to 80 individuals, and 75 to 100 percent of those individuals are Hispanic, and not be targeting if not violating civil rights," Gordon said. "I'm afraid that it's going to cost every resident of this county a lot more money in paying off lawsuits that should be avoided."

patriot said...

More Nazi talk by dee. "Heinous, Herr"? Do us all a favor dee and move to Mexico as that is where you belong. You are a traitor to this country to constantly attack law enforcement in our country and make up lies about them.

patriot said...

In the southwest 75-80% of illegals would be HISPANIC! Duh!

Dee said...

You continue your rants.
America knows Racial Profiling is Wrong!
WE THE PEOPLE will NOT stand for it!!

patriot said...

Accept, this is isn't racial profiling. Only in your own ethnocentric mind.

You aren't "we" the people. You represent the seditionists in this country.

"We" the real people aren't going to tolerate your illegal amigos in this country anymore!

Dee said...

We the People want this Racial Profiling to Stop!

This is America not Nazi Germany!

patriot said...

"WE" the people want criminal profiling to continue so we can detect all criminals and deport illegal aliens. Our laws demand it!

You are right this is not Nazi Germany, this is the USA and we have a right to enforce our immigration laws and to have soveirgn and secure borders. I don't see anyone dying in the gas chambers here!

Anonymous said...


patriot said...

Really, how so screamer?

Dee said...

Pat, This is NOT Nazi Germany.

We the People will NOT stand for the Sheriff´s continued Racial Profiling!

patriot said...


You don't represent the majority of Americans. There is no racial profiling nor a Nazi Germany in this country. I really do think you should give up your citizenship and move to Mexico.

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