Monday, April 28, 2008

Soap Opera Politics Vol 1, Issue 8: Rev Wright & Obama

I am trying very hard to be neutral on this. Please share your views. I was hoping the Rev Wright controversy would die down and Obama and Hillary would have a nose to nose race to the finish. Then, at the convention, they would kiss (like the pix on the side of my homepage) and make-up, both be on the same ticket (either way) and they would bring all the Dems together for a win in November. A real kumbaya moment.
Now, I think Rev Wright may be disrupting my dream! Please let me know your thoughts. I am worried now about the Dem´s ability to elect a President in November especially given the obvious Black vs White divisiveness Wright appears to be creating. I am wondering whose side is Wright on? Could he be an undercover Right Winger?
Last Thursday. Rev Wright was on Bill Moyers on PBS. Yesterday he was on CNN speaking during an NAACP dinner. Today, he was speaking at the National Press Club. He is on every cable news Channel answering questions before the Press. He is everywhere!
First, Jeremiah Wright often speaks of himself in the 3rd person.
Rev Wright says he is descriptive when he speaks about racial injustice -- not divisive, as his critics say. Yet in his next sentence he says criticism about his speeches were not an attack on him but on the Black Church. He said the black religious tradition, despite its long history, is in some ways “invisible to the dominant culture.” He does attempt to bring the message together by saying, "this means rooting out any teaching of superiority, inferiority, hatred or prejudice and recognizing that each person is one of God’s children … no better, no worse. Only then will liberation, transformation and reconciliation become realities and cease being ever-elusive ideals.”
Flabs Blogger quoted these comments from Rev Wright:
. This Wasn’t an Attack on Me, It Was an Attack on the Black Church
. Hits those who “worship Sunday mornings in a black clergy robe, then burn crosses on Sunday evening with a white Klan robe.”
. “The Christianity of the slave-holder is not the Christianity of the slave.”
. On Farrkhan: “How many people do you know who could get one million people on the mall? Farrakhan is like E.F. Hutton. When he talks, black America listens. Whether they agree with him or not, they listen.”
. On Obama’s reaction: “We both know that if Obama had not said what he said, he would never get elected.”
. “We have never apologized for slavery. We have never apologized for Japan.”
. On the Government created AIDS: Have you read “Medical Apartheid”? I read different things.. Cites the Tuskeegee Experiments. “I believe our government is capable of doing anything.”
Early Reaction to the Reverend´s words:
. Juan Williams, a Black Commentator on Fox News, said Reverend Wright confirmed the worst.
. Tamaran Hall, a young, female, black commentator on MSNBC said “Rev Wright came across as Arrogant and Cocky."
. Christian Broadcasting Network: "Jeremiah Wright did Barack Obama no favors. A lot has been made about why Jeremiah Wright would come forward now at such a sensitive time for the Obama campaign. I think we got our answer today. As much as he cares for Obama, he cares much more about defending his Church. He came to the National Press Club to get a few things off his chest and take some digs at the media must have felt good."
. Joe Watkins, Black media pundit on MSNBC, "He´s killing Barack Obama." "What poor timing! A good Pastor does not throw their members under the bus. Rev Wright was trying to set the record straight for the sake of Rev Wright." "Obama is trying to bring in the White Working Class Voter and every time Wright speaks, its guilt by association and Obama is losing these voters because of Rev Wright."
. David Axelrod, head of Obama Campaign, "Rev Wright is doing what Rev Wright feels he must do. We have no ability to influence that. I dont think we would have encouraged him to go on this "media tour."


dianne said...

Obama is really between a rock and a hard place (which he probably should be). If he disowns Wright, he will anger the Black community. If he doesn't, he will lose the race. This is what Hillary has been waiting for and by the way I have become quite an admirer of Hillary. She is one tough cookie and deserves respect for the hell she has been through.

The real clincher for Obama is that Wright isn't the only association problem he has. He's got ties to Rezko and ties to Ayres the terrorist. Then he makes condescending remarks about middle class white people at that San Francisco gig. Add it all up and the picture isn't pretty.

Dee said...

I agree this does not look good for Obama. I think Obama is a good man and without this baggage would be elected. I dont know how he disassociates himself from Wright and Wright is not letting this go. I really wanted Hillary as Prez and Obama as VP so we would go in with one unified party. Somehow Obama needs to distance himself from those that hurt him.

Anon 1 said...

This rev is just looking for press I think, bad part is it's at Obama's expence, I agree with alot of the rev's comments but to use the media like he is to divide the voters like he is is not in favor for Obama, I think the rev if going to strew up Obama's chances because it already is neck and neck between Hillary and Obama and like Dianne said this is exactly the tide turner that Hillary is looking for

patriot said...

There are too many things that make Obama questionable as president or vice-president. First his wife makes the remark "it is the first time I have been proud to be an American" and then Obama attends a church with a racist, anti-American pastor for 20 years and then his remarks to Pennsylvanians. He has showed his true colors too many times now.

I would prefer HIllary over McCain but Obama under no circumstances!

Anon 1 said...

OMG Pat and I are seeing things eye here, all except that thinking the pastor is a racist I agree Pat, Obama has too many ?'s where we know what we're getting with Hilary and McCain, I'm a party voter so whichever Dem will get my vote but truthfully I'm hoping Hillary will win

dianne said...

Well, it's real stretch for me favoring Hillary like I do since I've been a life-long republican, but McCain just doesn't do it for me and besides that there are some things I strongly believe in, universal health care being real important to me. I wonder how many other "Republicans" see it the way I do?

patriot said...

dianne, I also have been a lifelong Republican but I cannot stomach McCain. I'll take my chances with Hillary. I do like her healthcare plan better than Obama's too. McCain doesn't even seem to have one among his other huge flaws. I am opposed to the Iraq war too.

ultima said...

As a retired military type I find Obama objectionable from a patriotic point of view. Aside from all his other gaffs, what astute politician would fail to hold his hand over his heart when the national anthem is played and who refuses to wear a flag lapel pin? These may be minor things in some folks minds but I think they add up, with his other gaffs, to something very dark about this gentleman from Illinois (no pun intended).

Although I am a Republican I much prefer Hillary to Obama. McCain has got the immigration deal all wrong so he's not my favorite either. A tough choice in November. I guess I'll play the tax game. The last thing we need right now is a mega tax increase now that we are in recession. Some worry about the national debt and perennial budget deficit but the Dems make no promises about paying down either as they salivate about all their new spending schemes for the new tax money. Someone has estimated that we are already taxed on the average at about 46% when all taxes local, state and federal - excise, property, income, gift and estate are considered. Enough is enough! I don't mind shifting the burden to the more affluent as long as it is not a confiscatory rate and as long as it does not remove people's motivation toward innovation and ideas. Why not a tax policy that involves a revenue neutral approach so the pols don't have any more money to spend on pork. Why not ask all our congressmen to forgo pork until all our decaying roads, bridges, train tracks and other infrastructure are repaired or replaced?

Dee said...

Welcome Back Ulty.
We missed you while you were gone.

I too lean towards Hillary. I do think Rev Wright is hurting Obama. I wonder if he can come back from his impact.

Hran said...


Re: Rev. Wrong.

Read some stories on . You'll see that Wright is doing what persons in all ethnic groups do: advocate for their group interest. Of course, Wright is a lunatic. He is the black equivalent of the neo-Nazi, fringe white nationalists, his ideas informed by irrational conspiracy theories and what not.

By the way. Suppose it were Chinese who were being "racially profiled" in Seattle to weed out the illegals. Would you be so vocal? Would you have started this blog? I think we know the answer.

Why bother? They're not in your ethnic group.

Hran said...

on American Renaissance.

Anonymous said...

Liquidmicro said...

Hran, place the url inside the "", do not include those in the pasting of the url.

Dee said...

Actually yes. There are many ethnic groups, families, in the Detention Centers and I have spoken out in favor of all of them. Some are Asian, somemiddle eastern, all Human Beings!

patriot said...

All human beings? Gee, no kidding! If the huge majority of illegal aliens weren't Latino, you wouldn't give a rat's behind.

starfish said...

Both Obama and Rev. Wright are very good at speaking before large crowds. I think this is what Rev. Wright felt he could use to make his point.I don't think anyone knows his motivation for coming out now,but it has wall-to-wall coverage now.The republicans (most of foxnews) will hit him with everything even a frying pan or two.Lets see what happens in Indiana next week.On to a better day I hope.

patriot said...

Rev. Wright is just trying to improve his image now. He was trying to sound like a standup comedian in one of his appearances recently. Also, he probably recognizes that his racist, anti-American views have hurt Obama's bid for the presidency. Too late!

Dee said...

I appreciate your sharing the news from American Ren.
While I view much of their coverage as slanted, I still think it is important that viewers read it to understand the types of coverages this story is getting.
Obama needs to know and understand if he is selected the Dem candidate, he is going to get hit hard and steady by these types of publications and many voters are being influenced by them. He either needs a plan of attack or he may as well forget the Presidency.

patriot said...

Obama has hung himself. He didn't need any help in doing so. The facts are out there for all to see. Words from his own lips and his own actions are his own downfall no matter what anyone else has to say about him.

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