Friday, April 4, 2008

Gestapo Arpaio Resurrects Operation Wetback Part 2

AZ Maricopa County´s Heinous trigger happy Gestapo Sheriff Arpaio has resurrected Operation Wetback again as he Racial Profiles innocent Latino neighborhoods and towns in his area. Under the pretext of "Crime Suppression Sweeps" Sheriff Arpaio and his band of overzealous cops strip away the Civil Liberties of anyone Brown. All people of color are stopped and harrassed. A reported example: A Yaqui Indian woman (the town is half Yaqui, half Mexican) was stopped as she was walking to the protest and asked for her I.D. She has lived in Guadalupe all her life. WWB, "Walking While Brown", is considered probable cause by the Gestapo Sheriff. These deplorable sweeps are happening as we speak. Last night and today, the city of Guadalupe, AZ Mayor Rebecca Jimenez is bravely standing up to Herr Arpaio. Let´s pray for her safety throughout the face off this weekend!

Last night was a night of high drama as Sheriff Joe brought his illegal immigrant dragnet to the small town of Guadalupe, and the citizens and the mayor of that city demanded Joe leave. Last night around 10:30, Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez personally presented Joe a statement to this effect in the parking lot of the Family Dollar where the MCSO was stationed. According to Jimenez, Joe accused her of inciting a riot and informed her she had 90 days to cancel Guadalupe's contract with the MCSO to provide law enforcement to the town. Jimenez and other town council members present said they would be reviewing the MCSO's contract. Jimenez's release states in part: "Sheriff Arpaio's attempt to push his own political agenda, from the State's largest municipality to the state's smallest municipality, shows that he disregards his statutory obligations to provide unbiased law enforcement to the residents of this county and should not be based on legal status. We are asking the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to cease their operation immediately."
Jimenez told me that the MCSO had informed the city that it would be doing an anti-graffiti operation and that she was promised that it would not be one of Joe's anti-illegal sweeps. If that's the case, I'd say she was a little gullible on that front considering Joe's recent activities. However, she bravely made up for this with her defiant press release and by insisting to Joe in person that he leave. This capped off an evening of spirited protest by about 200 or so demonstrators, and many drivers-by who honked their horns in agreement. While I was there, Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America was nowhere to be seen. People were angered by the MCSO's harassment of their fellow citizens, and many of those present had walked from their homes to be there. I think the demonstrations will be even larger today, as city leaders had initially asked residents to attend prayer vigils being held in different churches rather than protest the Sheriff on site. But obviously, all bets are off now.
The MCSO's stops were petty and pathetic. I rode along with one loosely organized group that monitors the MCSO and videotapes the traffic stops they're making. One lady was stopped and cited for "improper use of horn" (a favorite citation of the evening) because she had honked her horn in solidarity with the demonstrators. Another guy was stopped and cited for a cracked tail light right in front of his house. Still another fella was pulled over because the little light over his license plate was out. Back at the Family Dollar on Calle Guadalupe, another lady, a full-blooded Yaqui Indian (the town is half Yaqui, half Mexican) told me she was stopped as she was walking to the protest and asked for her I.D. She has lived in Guadalupe all her life. I guess WWB, Walking While Brown, is considered probable cause by the MCSO. For the Guadalupe operation alone, Sheriff Joe should have his 287g agreement with ICE jerked. That's the agreement that allows specially-trained MCSO to enforce immigration law under limited circumstances. How much more obvious can it be that Arpaio is abusing this authority and terrorizing Valley communities with these bogus and illegal anti-immigrant dragnets? When will the Feds wake up and halt Joe's reign of terror and error?


Anonymous said...

I first heard about Arpaio and his chain gangs several years ago, his appalling racism. Why is he still loose?

patriot said...

Because he isn't a racist, anon.

I see dee is at it again with her "gestapo, operation wetback, racial profiling" lies. You are getting more disgusting and un-American everyday.

Why don't you just move to Mexico, dee? That is where you belong. You don't belong here. You are only an American on paper.

Dee said...

Read the article Pat.
The MAYOR asked Arpaio to stop it. Now they are at a standoff.
Arpaio is crazed and on the loose. No one can control him.
Lets pray no one is hurt tonight.

patriot said...

The MAYOR is Hispanic. Go figure!
Why can't you print an article without your constant Nazi phrases of "gestapo, herr" and your other BS and lies about "operation wetback". No one who can prove they are in this country legally has a damn thing to worry about so no it isn't "operation wetback" all over again. Why can't you debate honestly in here instead of your melodramatic lying? It is one thing to disagree with Sheriff Joe but it is quite another to attack a person's character without even knowing him. You are biased and illogical with your ethnocentric racism. As I said, you should move to Mexico. Your heart isn't with this country.

Dee said...

Out of the hundreds of people they stopped and harrassed, hundreds of citizens who were Hispanic and Native Americans, only BROWN people, only 3 or 4 had lapsed papers.
What is it about Racial Profiling you dont understand?
Does the Mayor have to be Anglo to be believed by you? Shameful PAt!

Dee said...


The Mayor of Guadalupe said it's rare to see so many cops in her small town. She said the sheriff's office is usually slow to help her town.

She said deputies took 45 minutes to respond to an armed robbery and to another report that six guys were approaching a house with the possible sighting of a gun. "That's a priority one. They should have been there within two minutes."

"I sat there for hundreds of council meetings and over and over you would hear people coming up to the podium asking the council to do something about the sheriff's department."

She says the town council will re-consider their contract with the sheriff.

"Without any police force ready to come in or without planning, remember we have two years left on our contract," Jimenez said.

"Did we foresee this? Did we foresee him coming into our small little community to do his GRANDSTANDING for his own political agenda? No, I didn't foresee him coming into our community," Jimenez said.

patriot said...

Here is where you go wrong right away, dee. Since when is being asked for I.D. by law enforcement, "harrassment", no matter what color you are? Most illegals in that area are Latinos, duh! As I have said countless times if they are in this country legally and they can prove it, why do you make such a big deal out of it?

It seems that it is always Hispanics (as in the mayor here) that are always the ones objecting to any immigration enforcement in our country. It is based on ethnocentric racism.

You make claims about Nazism all the time when immigration laws are enforced and yet you totally gloss over the racism involved with the objection to it. It is hypocrital to call law enforcement racists while totally ignoring the racism on the other side.

dianne said...

This is the United States of America. We have laws. If you don't respect them, don't expect respect in return.

Dee said...

Pat, It is shocking you do not understand Racial Profiling. Herr Sheriff is Racial Profiling and that is Wrong! Perhaps if it was your own mother being harrassed (Guilty until deemed Innocent by Herr Sheriff) then you would understand.

You are Shameful!!

BTW, the picture beneath the Sheriff in this post was one of the little Brown girls (a citizen) behind the police line, pulled to the side, questioned for papers. Out of the Hundreds of Brown People stopped, ALL were citizens except 3 - 4 whose papers were lapsed.


Dee said...

I would expect more from you. 99% of those harassed by the Sheriff were citizens. All of them were Brown. Most Latino, some Native American. This is deplorable!

Dee said...

Here you go Pat.
The Anglo Mayor of Phoenix AZ accuses the heinous Sheriff of Racial Profiling:

The subject has attracted renewed scrutiny in recent weeks, as Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and other elected officials have accused Arpaio of racial-profiling. Gordon and others warn that if Arpaio continues his crime-suppression efforts, the Sheriff's Office will face racial-profiling lawsuits.
Gordon predicted lawsuits will be filed before the matter is resolved.

"You can't be picking up 70 to 80 individuals, and 75 to 100 percent of those individuals are Hispanic, and not be targeting if not violating civil rights," Gordon said. "I'm afraid that it's going to cost every resident of this county a lot more money in paying off lawsuits that should be avoided."

Anonymous said...

"Since when is being asked for I.D. by law enforcement, "harrassment", no matter what color you are?"

Patriot, you need a history lesson. Since when should any free person in a supposed free country have to "show papers" simply for the crime of walking down the street? Yes, it does ring of Nazi Germany.

Dee, I am not hispanic, but I applaud what you are doing bringing these issues to light.

Sad that you have to contend with such ill-educated commentators.

patriot said...

Again, dee it isn't racial profiling, it is criminal profiling. It isn't unusual for ANY American to be stopped and asked for I.D. in the course of an investigation. But you think your precious "brown" people should be exempt from that? I don't feel harrassed when it happens to me, I am glad that law enforcement is doing it's job even it means questioning me to complete their investigations.

You are the one who is shameful. You stick up for illegal foreigners in this country. It is traitorous.

You constantly repeat the same old BS over and over in here. You are obsessed. Go get some help or better yet move to Mexico.

The mayor "accusing" the Sheriff of racial profiling doesn't mean a damn thing.

Anon, read my comments above about what happens in the course of an investigation. Why do you and dee deem it to be so "traumatic" for anyone to be questioned by law enforcement when all one has to do is show their I.D. and they will be let go? Are they going to need to see a psychiatrist after that? We all have to show our I.D. under many circumstances in life.

We know what dee and her ilk's agenda is and it's a lot uglier than having to show one's I.D. We are not going to tolerate seditionists in our midst anymore.

Anonymous said...

I second that anonymous, I too very much applaud Dee for telling the obvious truth about the racial profiling that goes on and these ANTI's in complete denial about having racist views, they say, "Oh it's not harassment to be asked to show your ID." I would love to see Pat (It's Pat SNL theme song) get asked for his ID everywhere he went

patriot said...

Me too, I don't care if I am stopped on every corner. I have nothing to hide and that is the bottom line of all of this. If you don't have anything to hide what is the objection?

Dee said...

Thank you Anonymous visitors. Please come back often.

I have decided to showcase what Arpaio is doing especially since the Arizona Mayors have become brave enough to stand up to him and asked him to leave. I think it is despicable that he and his henchmen disrupted the childrens´ Confirmation ceremonies. The pictures of the little girls are from Guadalupe last weekend. Real pictures, real time of these scared little children harassed by the Sheriff.

patriot said...

Aw, cry me a river!

Anonymous said...

Patriot? More like BIGOT. It sounds like you would have fit in with the SS.

just a regular guy said...

I'm just now hearing about these events for the first time, and don't condone or condemn these action. Just out of curiosity how would one go about not requesting an ID from a person that isn't brown in the area's that you all are descussing. When 95% of the people living in those area's are not white/caucasions. It just seem's odd to me that anyone would expect law enforcment to have the abilty to equaly ID an area that isn't equaly populated. Statistacly in a primaraly white or black area more of those people are going to get tickets, get ID'd, be arressted. How is it right to call this racism or racial profiling. In so calling it that aren't those people tying the hands of law enforsment from being able to do there job in any way for fear of being called a rasist?

Anonymous said...

People who want to complain of racial profiling should first adjust to the idea that id checks are generally made of those who fit at least a general description of someone who has committed a criminal act. How on earth would the opponents of these id checks have law enforcement go about finding the perpetrators otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Thank God for ARPAIO!!!! Hey Dee...Move your sorry ass to the toliet they call MEXICO!!

Anonymous said...

Color IS an issue! Whites are not to likely to be illegal as are brown skins. What is it nobody understands about the word 'illegal'?
Arpaio is great, and should keep the pressure on criminals. Why should we coddle criminals?
The main problem is wrong thinking in this country that make crime so acceptable. Poor babies didn't know what they where doing crap doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

Latinos are more racist than whites.
Latino power is OK, latino this, latino that, OK. Wave the mex flag in our face on our soil. Who the hell do they think they are? Press 1 for english. Screw that.
White power, not OK, racism.
WTF is wrong with this picture.
Let the stupidos learn english and quit talking in latino terms and start talking in american terms.
Illegals get the hell out, we don't need or want you!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Joe Arpaio is on the lunatic fringe. I loved in Glendal, AZ for fo three years and Joe IS certifiably delusional with Megalomania.

That said, Anyone familiar with the area will know that on any given day, you can swing through the Home Depot and hire any one of hundreds of illegals as day labor.

If you doubt this, you have obviously not done your home work; drive by the Rose fields or porange groves during planting and harvest. Illegals sell oranges by the bag on the side of the road ... I base this on the fact that they are UNABLE to negotiate a price in english that can be understood.

morpheus said...

Dee, just read your profile and others comments. Regardless of this sheriff, the fact is illegal immigation is what it is, "ILLEGAL" and subject to the laws that enforce it. If Sheriff Arpaio is so wrong, then why has no one in the federal government cracked down or forced and injunction on him? It is because what he is doing is enforcing current laws concerning illegal (law breaker) aliens! Your Gestapo comparison is way out of line! Gestapo's tortured and killed their Jewish/political subjects. This sheriff has done neither and is enforcing the law! You need to wake up and realize we are "American's" and not anything else! You were not born in Mexico so you are not Mexican. You are Hispanic by birth and American because of citizenship! YOU ARE NOT A MEXICAN AMERICAN! Quit spreading your own racist filth and lies and see that the illegal problem is all our problem! Even our own "American" Hispanics are against this illegal population because it affects them too! Legal immigation is what we want here so opportunities are available to one and all!

Dee said...

Sorry Morpheus. You are incorrect. Arpaio is a Gestapo. He has been terrorizing the Latinos from Maricopa county for some time. He has been chastised by the Mayors of several cities in the area. He was brought before the DOJ before congress and we are awaiting the final results. He has lost over $40M for Maricopa County in lawsuits for wrongful deaths in his heinous jails. He will reap what he has sown.

Additionally, I am a very loyal American. My family has resided here well over 200 years, I am sure much longer than yours.

I believe in Truth, Justice and a welcoming America, as we welcomed your relatives when they arrived with no I-9 forms which were only instituted in the last half of this past century.

I believe the current immigration policies are broken and need comprehensive immigration reform. This reform movement is similar to the Civil Rights Movement. As they did not adhere and changed the Jim Crow laws, so we need to change the current broken policies.

God Bless America
God Bless President Obama

Dee said...

And Morpheus, if you followed the movie/and movie quotes, you'd remember these quotes between Commander Lock and Morpheus in the Matrix:

"Damnit Morpheus, not everyone believes what you believe!"

"My beliefs do not require them to."

So I support you having your own beliefs and you should respect that I have my own.

Anonymous said...

If someone enters the country illegally, or overstays a visa, then that person has violated our immigration laws. Removing that person is NOT wrong; allowing that person to stay is...sorry about using logic to shoot down the arguement, but that's the whole of the question. Arpaio is a law enforcement officer and he is sworn to uphold the laws of the US and the state of Az.

Anonymous said...

I guess the latino community, which is, by the way, more racist than anyone save the chinese, should be glad that the US doesn't treat illegal immigrants like their own governments.

Arpaio is a hero and if there was a god, there would be morel ike him.

Anonymous said...

THE USA needs many more just like sheriff Joe. You go guy.

Anonymous said...

The child born in the United States to two alien parents who are in the United States illegally is not an American citizen. Such a child is subject to the foreign country or countries that his parents are subjects of. If you are born in the United States you must also be "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" to be an American citizen.

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