Saturday, April 26, 2008

Arpaio´s Dirty Tricks Training is Costing Taxpayers Big Bucks!

I came across the weirdest news story about Sheriff Arpaio today. It is unbelievable. The country of New Zealand is asking the Sheriff for his advise about his Tent Cities and the inhumane way he treats prisoners. In case you are not aware, New Zealand is having numerous problems with their prison system and the way they treat the Native Maoris and Asian Immigrants. I just cannot imagine why anyone would want to mirror the tactics of the sheriff unless they want to instill fear, pain and injury to their inmates. The sheriff is well known for his poor treatment of prisoners. He has lost $41Million in court cases for wrongful deaths and abuses. As I read through this case, I reminded myself of some investigations underway regarding the misuse of county funds by the sheriff and his deputies for their trips to Central America. I´ve listed these articles (with links) below.

Maori Party Avoids Debate On Maori In Prison
Policy makers are destroying Maori and the Maori Party are underwriting the failure by refusing to front a Television debate on this important issue – says the Sensible Sentencing Trust. Trust Spokesman Garth McVicar was commenting after Maori Party co-leader, Dr. Pita Sharples declined an invitation to appear on a TVNZ Marae program looking at whether the New Zealand Justice system would benefit by adopting the Arizona Tent City prisons and chain gangs. Mr. McVicar said by avoiding the debate the Maori Party were failing to debate an extremely serious issue, “Maori are currently overrepresented in our Courts and Prisons, if any one race has been failed by the current system it is the Maori people.” The Marae program included a live interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been labeled the toughest Sheriff in America after implementing Tent Prisons and chain gangs. Ron Mark from NZ First, Garth McVicar from Sensible Sentencing Trust and Dr. Pita Sharples had been invited to participate in a debate following on from the interview with the Sheriff. Dr. Sharples declined and was replaced on the program by the Director of Prison Fellowship, Kim Workman who immediately accused the Sheriff of misrepresenting the re-offending rates and proceeded to call the Sheriff a liar.
Mr. McVicar said for someone who professes to be a Christian to blatantly call a Law enforcement officer of Sheriff Joes standing a liar was astounding.
“We may all have varying opinions, but to call someone a liar in my opinion brings into question the credibility of the Director of Prison Fellowship and whether it is appropriate for Kim Workman to be in charge of the newly established Rethinking Crime and Punishment organization.” The Sensible Sentencing Trust are promoting a return to compulsory Military training combined with the Tent City prisons and chain-gangs as a means of combating a rising violent crime rate and escalating prison population.

Article 2:
Sheriff Joe Arpaio pays for the training of Honduran cops with RICO funds to the tune of around $32K, and counting
After obtaining 108 documents of MCSO expense reports through a public records request, it's now obvious from the notations on the reports themselves that the training of Honduran cops is being paid for by the MCSO through tens of thousands of dollars in RICO funds -- monies obtained through asset forfeiture proceedings under the state laws mirroring the Federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, the law which allows law enforcement agencies to seize assets and property from those involved in offenses such as money laundering, extortion or the drug trade. According to Arizona law, there are two revolving funds: one overseen by the Attorney General's office; and one handled by the County Attorney. The statutes involved also state that "Monies in any fund may be used for the funding of gang prevention programs, substance abuse prevention programs, substance abuse education programs and witness protection...or for any purpose permitted by federal law relating to the disposition of any property that is transferred to a law enforcement agency." I don't know how the training of foreign cops fits into that definition, but throughout the paperwork I received, expenses such as plane travel, luggage handling, hotel stays, dry cleaning, meals and in one case the flight of Honduran cops to Phoenix, are noted as being paid for by state RICO funds, and are approved by MCSO Chief of Business Operations Loretta Barkell and by Chief Deputy Hendershott.
At least nine members of the MCSO traveled to Honduras for weeks at a time, costing a total of $31,777.82 in expenses reimbursed by RICO funds. The cost to the taxpayer is likely higher. The official nature and detail of the expense reports suggests that these deputies were on official duty and on-salary during their extensive stays in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa, or in the Caribbean paradise of Honduras' Bay Islands. I'll be looking further into whether or not overtime was paid to the officers during their stays, though this seems likely as their junkets to Central America often included weekends.


patriot said...

Here we go again! Talk about a broken record.

Dee said...

What you are not understanding Pat is, that as long as we let this Sheriff continue, the more publicity he receives and the more other locations (other states, countries, etc) will believe his tactics are ok and repeatable.
This is like encouraging the Persecution Age all over again!

Are his tactics what we Americans want to be known for around the world? I certainly hope not!

patriot said...

The Sheriff should continue doing everything he is doing because it is legal.

Who is being persecuted? Criminals and illegal aliens? They should be!

Yes, we want the world to know that we will not tolerate either of the above. It gains their respect not their disdain.

You are so un-American dee, that it really makes me sick!

Liquidmicro said...

It seems there are quite a few Police Departments nationwide using the same tactics as sheriff Joe, Yet he gets all the attention, strange!!

Sheriff's immigration crackdown catches more minor offenders than violent criminals

"Nashville's program is modeled on one in Mecklenburg County, N.C., where Charlotte is the county seat. Davidson County is now among the model programs in the country, said Jim Pendergraph, the former Mecklenburg County sheriff who now oversees local immigration efforts for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Washington, D.C.

"The intention of the program, from my perspective, is to identify people in your community who are breaking the law, committing crimes, who are a danger to the community," he said."
"State law dictates that a physical arrest isn't mandatory on many minor crimes, such as license offenses or trespassing. But Metro policy leaves it to the officer to determine if the offender is likely to show up for court. With identification, a legitimate address and a clean history of appearing in court, the chances are much better that a citation would be issued and the person would not have to go to jail for booking."

Liquidmicro said...

Look to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, same as Arpaio, yet you hear nothing from the PRO squawkers about it.

What about the Sherriff of Nashville?

Sheriff Daron Hall describes known, unknown impact of local immigrant detainment and deportation system

What of the many others? Your own neck of the woods Dee, just got OK'ed for Carrolton and Farmers Branch.

Anon 1 said...

patriot said...
"Here we go again! Talk about a broken record."

Your right parrot (oops I mean pat) Sheriff Joe breaks another record with his dirty tricks, racial profiling in AZ

patriot said...

For a real parrot, look to your friend dee who talks about the same things over and over.

There is no racial profiling or dirty tricks in regards to Sheriff Joe. You and dee are just pissed off because illegal aliens are being captured in his net. Kind of puts a kink in your reconquista agenda, doesn't it?

Dee said...

Pat, There is no such thing as Reconquista. Those that come here are seeking the American Dream.

I believe in a thriving multi cultural USA!

patriot said...

Don't start with the reconquista denial, dee. It has been proven over and over in here to you in the past. Got that Alheimers thing kicking in again. Here I will help you out and there are plenty more of these. Why are you such a liar? Here we go with the parroting again to, "I believe in a thriving multi-cultural USA. Give it a rest will you. We have a traditional society with minority cultures living in it. Deal with it!

anon 1 said...

sorry Pat, she has the common sense thing going on, she just doesn't speak racist, or hate, or seperate but equal, but your side knows those terms all to well, as well as the lying

Liquidmicro said...

And Anon1 gets the reward for being "ORIGINAL!!" At least come up with an argument, facts, anything that might make a point, instead of dipping your nose deeper in the "BROWN STUFF".

patriot said...

anon1, you mean like dee denying that there is a reconquista movement going on in this country? You mean like dee not admitting to her ethnocentric agenda? You mean like you pro-illegals pulling the race card at every turn? You mean like you and your ilk thinking your ethnic kind are above the laws of this country?

I don't speak racist or hate either. I stand up for the rule of law and expect our immigration laws to be respected. I think all CITIZENS are equal and should be treated as such. But do go on with your race and victim card and false accusations. We anti's expect it from you pro's anymore.

Dee said...

Sorry Pat.
There is no viable reconquista movement. People dont come here to claim the USA for MX. There may be some minor rhetoric stirred up as a response to all the bullying and arpaio type attacks that occur, but the reality is, no legitimate group is saying name a city or a state in the US as MX. Just not happening Pat and you know it. People come here to become Americans and to achieve the American Dream, plain and simple.

Additionally your use of the term ethnocentric does not apply to me. I advocate and I have always advocated a multi cultural society. You know this to be a fact as to all my readers. I do not advocate everyone become Latino. I advocate that we all be accepting and appreciate of one another. I am even willing to accept you for all of your differences. We are a diverse, welcoming society. Love America. Be in Peace.

patriot said...

dee, try all the chapters of Mecha on our campuses just for starters. One reconquista is one reconquista too many anyway. Go ahead and stay in denial though, you always do.

Reconquista will occur naturally anyway if illegal immigration is allowed to continue from south of the border and amnesty is granted to the millions already here and they bring in their families. Reconquista doesn't have to be an organization to be what it is. However, it is also organized as in Mecha, etal.

The White majority population will be replaced by high breeding Latinos and illegal aliens if this is allowed to continue. No more muti-cultural hogwash then it will just be a Hispanic nation. You don't fool anyone dee, we know that is what you want as the end result.

patriot said...

Here is a video for you about Mecha, dee. But don't let the facts sway you from your reconquista denials.

Dee said...

Your silly 1996 video is NOT about anyone labeling any part of our USA as Mexico. You know this!

Dee said...

I did find this pretty good video of you though Pat.

Pat Dance

Very Cute!
Wait for all your friends at the end!!

patriot said...

dee, I never said that Mecha was about labeling part of the U.S. as Mexico. Liquid is right, you do have severe reading comprehension problems. Atzlan is about setting up a seperate Chicano nation within the U.S. This is the agenda of Mecha and others who are of the reconquista mindset.

Dee said...

Pat, We were talking about reconquista. now who is talking reading comprehension issues? Gosh Pat, I am going to have to get you a reading helper, like they have for my grandbabies.
Poor Pat. Age does have its impacts! LOL!

patriot said...

And I am STILL talking about reconquista! Did you just drift off into la la land or something? Mecha members want to reconquer (reconquista) parts of the southwest that either formerly belonged to Mexico or the Native Indians and make a brand new country out of them called Aztlan. Is that clear enough for you? You are the one that must be having age catch up with. You can't comprehend anything anymore.

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