Monday, January 5, 2009

Boycott the TV Show "Smile ... You're Under Arrest! "

The TV Program "Smile ... You're Under Arrest! " starts this week. ALL TRUE AMERICANS SHOULD BOYCOTT THIS PROGRAM! All Racists and Xenophobes should put it on their speed dial. So should the KKK, Nazis and Skinheads. This is your show. Be sure to stay alert!
For all the rest of us True Blue Americans, WE SHOULD STAY AWAY! Do NOT PUNCH THAT DIAL!! Unless you are the type that would have loved "Nazi Concentration Camps, Watch the Fun!" Or perhaps you may enjoy "Japanese Internment Camps! Fun for All!" or even "Trail of Tears! It is like Camps Night Out!"
Fox must be absolutely desperate for ratings. Worse yet, they are tied to the hip by their corporate sponsors. The NY Times is not much better. They promoted this program today! The show stars the heinous, racial profiling sheriff of Maricopa County. Ask any Latino American citizen in that county what they think of the heinous sheriff! They live in FEAR that the heinous sheriff will arrest their Citizen children for not having passport and ss card in hand.
The New York Times is promoting this Television show. As the NY Times portrays it, "the Fox Reality Channel has broadcast "Smile ...You’re Under Arrest," a prank-fueled effort to bring nonviolent offenders with outstanding warrants in or near Phoenix to justice." "It’s ‘Punk’d’ meets ‘Cops’."
FUEL PRANKED?? PUNK'd? So what is next: "Gaza Strip Bombings Live? A Fuel Pranked effort to bring the naughty Hamas under control." OR Lets turn back the clock. Shall we all root for the Nazi Ovens? What shall we call it? Fun in the Blitzkrieg?
What is happening in America? Arpaio is GUILTY for keeping Latino Americans in Maricopa County in CHAINS! IN CHAINS!!! The Mayors of several towns have provided documentation that Arpaio has racial profiled Latinos in the area and are holding them hostage, afraid to come out of their homes, unless they have passport, social security, driver’s license and other documentation in hand, just so the heinous sheriff will not arrest them. The Evil Sheriff who has lost over $44M in lawsuits due to HIS ABUSE OF PRISONERS!! (look it up!)
Now Fox is hosting a TV show to make him popular?
Is the New York Times affiliated with Arpaio? Why are they promoting this racist, xenophobic, hate filled Racial Profiler with this article?
I do not understand why the NY Times is promoting this show!
Perhaps the most telling statement in the NY Times article is, "But the Tasers and pepper spray that are very much a part of the toolbelt of "America’s toughest sheriff" don’t get a lot of airtime on "Smile."
ALL LOYAL AMERICANS SHOULD BOYCOT THIS SHOW! DO NOT VIEW IT!! I am so disgusted by this article and the fact that the NY TIMES did not provide for comments! It makes me suspicious that they are somehow affiliated to this program! IF SO, SHAME ON THEM!!!
BOYCOTT THIS HEINOUS PROGRAM!!! "Smile ...You’re Under Arrest," Otherwise, we may all be forced to live under Arpaio’s RACIAL PROFILING REGIME!

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Motto said...

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DREAM Activist Representative and Editor

Anonymous said...

Aren't you off topic? This topic is about a TV show. The blog owner doesn't like it when you get off topic. Well maybe for you it will be ok but not others.

Anonymous said...

confused here. are there two shows? ABC and FOX?

Dee said...

It is on Fox. There are two shows, this one and Dept of Homeland Security. The 2nd doesn't feature Arpaio but from what I understand, it does sugarcoat their activities.

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