Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let the Healing Begin: Compean and Ramos Sentences Commuted

I have not written about the Ramos and Compean case for several reasons. Now that their sentences have been commuted, I've decided to write one post about it, just one, then I will not mention it again.
I do not have a problem with the commutation of the sentences of Ramos and Compean. They were charged for a crime they committed. A jury of their peers found them guilty. The judge imposed the mandatory sentence he was required by law to impose. I agree the mandatory sentence was too long. The sentence was commuted by President Bush, not overturned. Justice has been served.
I do believe these 2 Latino Border Patrol agents were USED by the ANTI Immigration Reform zealots, especially Dobbs and Hannity (to build their ratings), the Border Patrol and by the Administration.
I doubt Compean, Ramos and their families know it and blame the PRO Immigration Reformers for their plight, even though most of us have not even mentioned it.
The trial testimony is clear. Both Compean and Ramos abused their power, shot an unarmed suspect, then tried to cover up their crime. Even the more sane of the ANTIs agree (see ANTI Ultima's blog about this story). A jury of their peers found them guilty. Because they would not plea and admit their wrongdoings, most likely due to the cheering-on by the ANTI advocates, the judge was forced to impose the mandatory sentences applicable for this crime. All of the ANTI rhetoric about the suspect being a drug dealer is a moot point since it was not until after the BPs shot at the unarmed suspect and after the coverup, that it was found there were drugs (marijuana) in the car.
What bothers me is, what kind of trained BP agent shoots at an unarmed suspect when they have no probable cause? (the suspect had their hands up and was trying to give up) What kind of trained BP agents are taught they can get away with a coverup? Is this behavior condoned? Are these the type of behaviors that are status quo and covered up? They shouldn't be. This clearly is a training and process issue for the BP and ICE. It reminds me of the Rodney King incident or the crimes in NY where the police used their batons to sexually abuse suspects. Or what happened in Abu Ghraib. It is clear the BP has to change their ways.

What bothers me most of all is the right wing, shock jock media, including and especially Dobbs, Limbaugh and Hannity. They truly exploited the Compean and Ramos families. Were the agents convinced by the shock jocks that they should NOT Accept a plea bargain? This could have been done and over long ago!
I recall seeing on the alipac website, the link to the Compean family's website. They begged that donations go right to the family's bank account because those sent to the MM accounts never reached their account.
I cry for the Campeon and Ramos families and their children. Their families, their children, do not deserve this mess. They were put on the front burners by the Right Wing Shock Jock zealots, by the media and by the BP leaders (Administration)! They made them their cause celibre. Now, I predict, they will abandon them!

I am glad this over over, the sentences commuted and the fathers' at home.
Perhaps now, the healing for their families can begin.


pcorn54 said...

Excellent analysis and article Dee.

But the anti's are not through with their poster chillun.

They plan to trot them before the media and wring every last bit of usefulness out of them.

Already, WND is reporting Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and others want to be there for the release.

They are asking about book deals and when or if they plan to sue the government. How's that for gratitude.

If one takes the time to read Volume 18 of the trial transcripts, the Judge granted defense motions on downward variances on all counts where she had the authority to do so. These two got very fair trials, a fact affirmed by the 5th Circuit.

Now, they are still pursuing this hoping the SCOTUS will take the case and overturn the conviction. Prediction. SCOTUS will refuse to consider the case without comment!

ultima said...

"(the suspect had their hands up and was trying to give up)"

Was there a witness other than the the drug runner to this allegation?

I agree that Dobbs et al used this episode to their own advantage. I do believe the agents could have made a reasonable assumption about the probability of drugs being involved, given the prior radio calls.

pcorn54 said...

The best witness of all other than the smuggler. Compean himself testified to that fact in court.

You see, they lied everywhere but on the stand where the truth came out.

People keep berating Sutton for using the testimony of the smuggler against these guys, but stop and think a minute.

Exactly what was the smugglers testimony.

He was there!
He was running!
He got shot in the ass!

The bullet recovered the testimony.

His profession really has no bearing on the truthfulness of his testimony as that testimony was only one small part of the trial.

Remember John Gotti? Whose testimony got him put away for his natural life? The testimony of a hitman for Gotti who went into the Witness Protection Program as a reward. "Sammy" something or the other was his name.

Further testimony in that trial from the DEA and Border Patrol showed that only 1 out of, I believe 1000 apprehensions, involved a gun. It was also shown that smugglers know the enhanced penalties for being caught with drugs and weapons and do not carry them.

There is just so much that has been spun and mangled in order for the rabid right to make these two heroes.

And by the way, the trial judge admonished Joe Loya about this same subject. It is all in the transcripts

Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Dee for Excellent Information and Opinion.

Of course the deaths of Latinos murdered by Racial Hatred, or of innocent people that are attacked by Gangs of Thugs filled with Racial Hatred are always surrounded by lies. The complicit complacency of the authorities and police.

The Terrorist Cowards that killed Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah Pennsylvania in July 2008 have been presented as heroes and Luis as a criminal.

The sadistic cowardice of a Gang of many attacking a single defenseless man has not been acknowledged, or the kicking of an unconscious man on the floor to kill him.

And his American Wife has been harassed by the most Coward Thugs in Shenandoah who organize rallies and bastardy.

Here you read how Judge Andrew Napolitano condemns a murder totally forgiven by a prosecutor.

So you can kill Black People or Immigrants in Pasadena Texas ( Joe Horn ) or anywhere in Texas. Shoot them on the back as in this case. And outside your home with no self defense and no threat from the victims. And after police has warned many times the killer not to shoot, the whole talk and sound being recorded.

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

BTW, their "victim" aka smuggler, has in custody for none other than smuggling while they were being tried.

They were tried for a paperwork violation and "tampering with evidence' (they picked up their shell-casings), not for shooting the smuggler in the butt.

And, the one that shot the smuggler did so after he came over a ridge and saw another agent on the ground- presumably assaulted by the smuggler.....

What would you do?

It's a common occurrence along the border, and was an average day for them. They were made example of, and still are, no more or less.

Dee said...

You are right.
Dobbs and Beck are deplorable. They care nothing about the individuals or their families. All they want to do is increase their ratings. In the meantime, the families, especially their children, suffer.

Dee said...

I suggest you read Ultima's post or the trial transcripts.
No one is defending the person shot.
An unarmed man who had his hands up was shot at 14 times by Compean, a poor shot. Then Ramos, a good shot, shot the unarmed man, now running away, once and hit him in the behind. Then they left him for dead in the desert.
Then they tried to cover it up by picking up the bullet casings.
This was all testified to in court.
We should all let this go but the likes of Dobbs and Beck want to increase their ratings so they will continue to use and abuse these poor families.

Such a shame!

Anonymous said...

How vile and stupid you all are. This tragic farce was orchestrated by none other than the treacherous and corrupt Mexican government to intimidate our BP from securing our souther border. Pure and simple. These agents did not deserve what they got but at least the piece of sh*t Davila is now where he belongs. KARMA!!

pcorn54 said...

The only stupid person posting on this thread is you "Anon" if you actually believe that garbage you are spouting!

You, like other's like you are so damned obsessed with Mexico, it is unbelievable.

So let me get this right. The government of Mexico has no right to intercede when it involves it's citizens, yet the US is allowed to stick it's nose in Mexico's affairs at will?

So in that manner of thinking, the father and son (88 % 42) from Washington state who are currently incarcerated in Mexicali for asking a mother if they could take nude photos of her 13 and 15 daughters, should be abandoned by the US government and consulate in Mexicali?

You can't have it both ways kupkake!

Anonymous said...

Kind of hard not to be obsessed with Mexico with millions of their citizens in our country illegally.

Dee said...

We need to let the Healing Begin on this issue.

pcorn54 said...

Ok Dee, but only for you mija

The healing has begun

And it continues, as Joe Friday would say with "Only the facts ma'm" with the words of a columnist I admire greatly, and who is on every 'anti's" hate list.

Have a wonderful weekend

Dee said...

Here is my favorite sentence from the link to your blog you provided. I agree.

"George W. Bush has proven one thing — When he initiated the immigration debate three years ago, it was not a heartfelt gesture, rather, it was a despicable political maneuver that ended up falling flat on its face."

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