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Defunct Minuteman Groups Are Crying for Attention!

As I have previously reported, the National Minutemen Groups are in disarray and close to extinction.
Now, some individual groups are crying out to the media for attention, any attention. Here is an example:
In Washington, Shawna Forde who says she is the "National Director of the Minutemen American Defense" group, claims she was raped and attacked by three young men who neatly wrote a circled 13 on her kitchen linoleum. She says she thinks she was attacked by the MS13 in retaliation of her work with the MMs. Take a look at her pictures and story on her MM website. She did not call the police. She called her local newspaper and pointed them to her website. She says she will file a report with the police next week. She and her husband are going through a divorce. He was shot with a .22 the previous week. He said the perp was a young white male, but no one has been identified as the assailant.
Jim Gilchrist is vouching for Shawndra on his website, tying in her husband's attack somehow and saying "hate crimes against patriots are now more prevalent as the economy weakens."
Now I am not sharing my opinion with you on any of this, but I will share with you Alipac Kingpin William Gheen's (ANTI) opinion from his website:
1) The woman making these reports is considered to be unstable and unreliable by almost all of our Western contacts.
2) The 13 on the kitchen floor looks like it was written by a female.
3) MS-13 has shown no prior patterns of leaving a mark at their crime scenes that I can recall from any of the many reports we have on file.
4) The woman making these claims has a political incentive. She is practically a complete unknown within our movement with the exception of the SPLC hit piece on her. If you read the language with her pics and report you can tell that either she wrote this or someone very close to her did. The write up has contradictory language saying they want this information out Vs. can't share details etc...
5) Most of the wounds are highly superficial, especially the little scratches. They look like the kind of wounds someone would make to claim they were attacked without really hurting themselves. What are these supposed to be anyway and why no explanation of what supposedly made these scratches? Are they supposed to be fingernail or knife scratches? If they were fingernail scratches, they really do not look like it because there would be more skin damage pulled off and these cuts look like they were made with a thin blade. And why would she have fingernail scratches close together on the back of her neck? That makes no sense. It equally makes no sense that any attacker would use a knife or a razor blade to gently make a series of scratches in these locations like this. If these scratches were made by an attacker, they would be deeper and more randomly placed. I think there is a strong case these scratches are self inflicted.
6) There seems to be a lack of swelling associated with this bruising and something about the bruises bother me. The bruises look like makeup. Perhaps the ladies on our boards can answer this for me, but in the pictures of her face does it not appear she is wearing makeup already? Some kind of base and lipstick of some sort? If so, why would she put on makeup to take pictures of injuries on her face? W
This is all very bizarre, or as Alice would say, things are getting curiouser and curiouser. This report closely resembles another cry for attention last December by another MM Leader, that time, in Missouri:
May, 2008 KC Star
SPRINGFIELD The wife of a founder of the Ozarks Minutemen has pleaded guilty to lying about being raped and shot by three Hispanic men.
Angela D. Wilburn, 44, appeared in Greene County Associate Circuit Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to making a false report, a class B misdemeanor. Wilburn is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 3. She could face up to six months in prison and a $500 fine.
Wilburn is the wife of Brian Wilburn, who helped form the Ozarks Minutemen. She was charged with the crime in December, after calling 911 reporting someone had shot her.


Dee said...

Shawndas statement

On Monday night at around 8pm
she was in her kitchen when she
was brutally attacked, she was
cold cocked and beaten with a
bat or some kind of instrument
all over her body; she was also
cut with a blade on several
locations of her body including
her neck. She was raped and
she prefers not to release details
at this time.

Dee said...

Ive written Jim Gilchrist and asked for his feedback re Williams response.

The Arizonian said...

MS13 only raped her in retaliation?
Sounds like they're getting soft, they usually shoot you in the back of the head execution style when they are done with you......

Dee said...

Did you look at the pictures? Gheens website said it was make up the allegations look pretty suspicious.

BJ05 said...

Sometimes they shoot you before they rape you!

Dee said...

As the woman on Gheen's site said, the shinyness on the black on her face and legs suggests this is make up

Dee said...

Shinyness with no green, purple bruising or swelling. Very suspicious. Plus no police report.

BJ05 said...

I think we'll see in the days and weeks ahead, that she had something to do with her estranged husbands shooting and perhaps this is an attempt to divert suspicion from herself.

It would seem to me, after somebody "allegedly" invaded the home amd shot the husband, she would be more security conscious. Notice the screen was neatly cut. Someone coming in to commit rape and mayhem isn't going to take the time to neatly cut the screen like that.

Already her forums have been shut down by the host due to server overload.

The nativist's are already on the attack on the website challenging anyone who dares to disagree with them.

And Shawna is someone basking in the attention, probably counting the donations pouring into her coffers and being the star of a pity party amongst her supporters.

go figure!

Dave said...

When were the pictures taken? The first thing I noticed was the lack of sweeling.

I'm not an expert, and it makes me uncomfortable to doubt a woman claiming she was attacked, but if someone was beaten with a bat, there would be broken skin, blood, the bruises would be more uneven, with some darker, and some in different colors, and most importantly, there would be swelling.

Dave said...

"swelling" not "sweeling"

lack of swelling.

admin said...

My points also Dave.

This happened on the what 28th of December? The story broke on Saturday Jan 3?

The damage she claims would not have healed in that amount of time and seriously, you would expect she would still be hospitalized.

Perhaps we should all write, email or call the Snohomish County DA's office and ask for an investigation. Not of this bogus attack against her, but of her habitual reporting of crimes that apparently did not occur!

What a feather in our cap to be able to take down one of these hate groups!

Dee said...

I just read this comment on Free Republic. Sounds like the commenter knew her:

There are many reasons why this story is false and faked. The so called bruises are fake. These pictures were taken 2 days after the attack allegedly happened. If someone had beaten you with a bat then there would be swelling Her black eye would be red and a knife would have done more than an already healed scratch.
She is a cosmetologist and make up artists
Last year she faked a story about her daughter being kidnapped by illegal alien gang members. It was not true but she was asking for money for a search and yet she never had a Amber alert The daughter was at a friends house posting on her my space page the whole time. When she was called on this , bingo daughter reappears.
She is going through a very contentious divorce with her third husband.

She is not and has not done border ops in AZ, she was having an affair there with a guy

She is a known drug user, pain meds

For all we know she hired someone to shoot her husband and that didn't work so she made this whole thing up. Her husband was her only source of money and he has cut her off and she is now using money people send to her website to live on. Oh she has guns in her house but really doesn't know how to use them.

She called the paper to see if they were running a story on her attack not the other way around

She is giving a statement to police sometime next week ???? I know if I had been attacked I would have given a statement right then and there. Also it states when she returned from the hospital Her husband is in the hospital she wasn't

doesn't leave survivors either nor are they white. In the past she has left threatening messages on the phone to one of my friends when they called her to the rug on her daughters fake story. This women is nuts just as much as Gilchrist

33 posted on Monday, January 05, 2009 6:29:07 AM by tx2ca

Dee said...

Here's the Free Republic url.

comment 33.

The Arizonian said...


The shot of her right thigh shows "bruising". However, you can clearly see her, this is embarrassing, stretch marks.

Also, one pic shows her with a black eye, but no redness(small busted veins) of the eye, as one would expect to see when hit hard enough to cause that much "bruising" under her eye:
Also, the cuts and bruises on one arm don't really match up, and no explanation was given for the cuts in the first place.

Interestingly, form the SPLC:
Forde has made two failed forays into local politics. In 2006, she started a MAD spin-off group to gather signatures in an unsuccessful bid for a ballot initiative that would cut off any state aid to undocumented immigrants. Then, in the fall of 2007, she ran for Everett City Council on an anti-immigration platform. She received nearly 5,900 votes but lost.

Her candidacy was tarnished by a well-publicized August 2007 shoplifting conviction for stealing $3.18 worth of chocolate milk from a grocery store. Forde claimed she walked into an adjacent Starbucks to meet a friend and simply forgot about paying. She nonetheless pleaded guilty, claiming she could not attend the trial while filming along the Mexican border. "The only reason I settled is because I'm shooting a documentary for my country," Forde told reporters. "I don't care [about the charges]. I am way too busy nationally to worry about this."

pcorn54 said...

Not that I ever expected credit for breaking this in the pro-sphere or bringing my suspicions to the public, but Willy G could at least give credit where credit is due!

Dee said...

I do give you total credit for Breaking the Story, especially in the Pro Blogosphere!!

Dee said...

Good eye!
What got me was her brazen pose on her bed, half naked, displaying her dark make up just above her who who. I could NOT believe that pix. This is a slap in the face to women who have actually been assaulted! Shame on her!

I am embarrassed for the ANTI side. The worst part is those on the extremist fringe are using this as a rallying cry to start their "revolution." Sad!!

The Arizonian said...

The shot of her right thigh shows "bruising". However, you can clearly see her, this is embarrassing, stretch marks.

Dee said...

Guess What!!
Jim Gilchrist just pulled this article from his website.


Jim, If you are reading this, you are free to post your response.

Dee said...

Vdare just came out with an article titled Bloody Doings in Everett, Washington.
It looks like they are siding with Shawna yet, at the same time they are saying that "Things are looking interesting in Everett, WA."

Dave said...

Looks like she just pulled her own pictures from the minutemen website! How pathetic.

Dee said...

You are right. She took down her pictures and here is what she posted instead.

Response: to the allegations from a few other groups.

1. I have high resolution photos; but I am not an expert on the subject of bruising. I do believe anything digital could
be faked; I.D., birth certificate, green card, etc.
2. No one said MS13 was responsible; for all I know it could be some local’s trying to imitate them. At the time they
found her naked on the kitchen floor; the police took their own photos of the circle with a 13 in the middle. The small cuts
don’t make sense; but what about rape does?
3. I met her in Yakima Washington in 2006 where I started a chapter of MCDC. She has been very active and in the
public eye. Chris Simcox of MCDC was going to make her the State Director; but she rescinded the offer to avoid internal
conflict in MCDC. I was with her in 2007 at Operation Allied Minutemen, Phoenix AZ, Three Points AZ, Deming NM, etc.
She has done several documentaries; with reporters from Germany, Australia, France, and local as well; check the facts.
The movies will be released in theaters this year.
4. When are the people in this movement going to stop shooting their wounded and fight the true enemies of
5. If MS13 has such a strict code they follow; as to always do everything exactly the same. That would make them
very stupid and easy to identify.
6. The Detective on the case is on vacation and will not be back until wed 01/07/2009. This is when she was told to
make a statement and they will do a police sketch at that time. She is trying to preserve evidence the local police are
letting go cold.
7. Shawna Forde told no one that her child was kidnapped by gangs. Her daughter did run away from home and was
finally found after she escaped from a father and son holding her in Seattle. My wife was at her home in Everett the week
they were looking for her daughter.

The Arizonian said...

Oh, that's rich.....
Couldn't stand up for the truth I guess, had to collapse under pressure.

If I may perform rebuttal, point for point:

1. Of course you're:
A: Not going to release Hi-res photos- it would draw more speculation
B: Not an expert on bruising, but those who are (or medics like me) pointed out inconsistencies in the photos, you folded.

2. Um, you guys implied MS13 was involved, so I wonder why some would think that....
I like the shifting of sympothy there 'The small cuts (and misaligned bruises)
don’t make sense; but what about rape does?'

Classic shifting of viewpoint...

3. What operation in Phoenix? Do you mean Operation: Sit-on-ass-in-front-of-building-complaining?
She made many movies, but releasing them all at once? In 'Theaters' no doubt....

4. That's just funny. Maybe because some in the movement hate liars and gloryhounds- hence the splitting of the movement in the first place.....

5. And yet they have a very consistent MO. MS13 usually doesn't let people live. They wouldn't go thru trouble to "scare" someone. If they did have a problem with her, she would be dead, guaranteed.

6. Then it must not be that serious if the head detective went on vacation.....
And BS, they would have done a sketch right away, not weeks later when her memory has had time to 'sort facts out'.

7. Again, someone there implied it, it became the gospel. I thought you guys would have figured out your members by now.

Sorry if I have my doubts...

The Arizonian said...

Besides, screw the police report:
Release the medical report.....

Dee said...

You are tough! Great assessment!

pcorn54 said...

Arizonan, Post that comment over on my site if you would.

Seems like the bitch is consider suing me, although I doubt if she has standing in a Mexican District Court.

I don't know if she is offended by the generic term "publicity whore" or me breaking the story or what.

I'm trembling!

Is this where I set up a "donations" page for my legal defense fund? Or does that come later?

She was on a silly little internet radio show last night. I listened to a few minutes of it on my cell but lost the signal out in west Texas. What I heard begged more questions than they answered.

What caught my ear was her explanation why she wsn't going to make a statement until today.

"The Detective was going on vacation and would take the statement when he returned"

Yeah, right! Even the most incompetent PD in the country would not let the trail get cold by waiting for one of eight detectives to return from vacation!

Dee said...

I like your style but I ask that you refrain from using the Bxxxx word in comments here. Thank you!

Dee said...

Congratulations on being the website she linked to when explaining why she took down the pictures from her site!

pcorn54 said...

Sorry about that Dee. Feel free to edit if you want.

Stayed tuned! More breaking news coming in about an hour.

And Jim Gilchrist seems to be ass deep in this mess.

Intrepid said...

Your vicious slander and lies are being forwarded all across the U.S. as we speak. Expect a lawsuit. You are truly a person without a soul Dee.

The Arizonian said...

I would, but I have no idea what blog is yours..... sorry....

I'm not trying to be tough, just 'fair'. I want proof....
In these days you unfortunately cannot cannot take people for their word, or even trust low res pictures as 'proof'. I wish you could, but that seems impossible.
I want to know what the hospital, full of experts on injuries and rape, had to say about her visit.

But you never know, she may have actually been raped and beaten....
And publicizing it makes her worse than a liar in my opinion......

The Arizonian said...

Wow, even the mention of the attack was removed from the site.....

pcorn54 said...

Yep, removed and I imagine no police report was made yesterday either.

The Arizonian said...

Now, this is funny:

Allied leaders and activists,

This e-mail is to notify you that ALIPAC has decided to put a hold on the Shawna Forde story and we will not be distributing it to our network or placing it on our homepage at this time.

There are many highly unusual aspects to this report and we want more information from official police sources before notifying the public.

While we take any threats or harm to any leader in this movement very seriously, the following concerns are why we are holding the story at this time.

1. The photos provided by Shawna Forde showing supposed bruises look like greasy makeup to many of our activists and they feel she is wearing other cosmetics on her skin and lips in the photos. Shawna is reported to be a cosmetologist.

2. The small scratches she reports via photos on her arms and neck look far to light for any knife attack, much less the work of MS-13.

3. Why would Shawna be attacked, since most of the other groups and leaders in our movement have never heard of her?

4. Jim Gilchrist is quickly sticking his face into this story and Shawna is part of Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project, which is an immediate credibility dive for those of us familiar with his antics.

5. Why would MS-13 switch from brutal murder and decapitations to bruises and light scratches that look like they were made with a paper clip?

6. Why did Shawna contact the newspaper asking for a story and then tell the reporter she would conduct a longer interview with police next week, when physical evidence has gone cold and the scratches and bruises are healed?

7. We want to know more about the reports from SoCal activists, about a story floated in the Summer of 2008, that Shawna's daughter had been kidnapped by gangs and the story turned out to be false.

It is true that her soon to be ex-husband was shot a few days before in his own house several blocks away. They are going through a divorce.

If this story is real, then we want to do all we can to warn people and seek full justice under the law.

If this story is a hoax and some sort of attention grab, then it could prove highly embarrassing to our movement and cause.

We are not running with the story, until more conclusive evidence is provided. Doubts are being expressed and analysis conducted both at ALIPAC and Free Republic. Here are the links of the collected information for you to review and decide on your own, if you want to run with this story or not.

I've already heard from several of you confidentially and if any of you would like to share any opinions or information in confidence about this woman or incident, please email me.

Kind Regards,

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
Director, National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition (NIIBC)

Dee said...

You are right.
Alipac/William Gheen are disavowing Forde.

I find this all very, very interesting (and telling) !

pcorn54 said...

Shawna reappeared and once again, raises more questions than are answered.

Check the time stamps on the documents. And if you listened to her "interview" on Blogtalkradio, you'll see what I mean

pcorn54 said...

Laura said...

Shawna is a fraud, thief, con and liar.


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