Thursday, January 15, 2009

Open Letter to Janet Napolitano from American Latina: Stop Drug Cartels, Leave Innocent Workers Alone!!

An Open Letter to Janet Napolitano,
I am an American Latina.
We know and understand the history of Immigration into our country over the last 100 years.
I strongly support you protecting our border. However, please target your resources. Please utilize them to:
. stop the drug cartels from bringing drugs into our country
. stop the drug cartel violence in all Border Towns.
. stop allowing 2000 weapons from flowing back into Mexico each day
We are not worried about AgWorkers or grandmothers on sewing machines, so please stop wasting your resources by racial profiling all Latinos as is often done during the ICE Raids in workplaces or by the 287(g) raids by people like Sheriff Arpaio.
Stop wasting money imprisoning children and families in heinous Detention Centers.
In short, please target the felonious criminals and stop chasing the workers.
We also advocate that you clear the current Immigration backlog which has resulted in increasing the rate of illegal immigrants, particularly those in pending status.
Dee Perez Scott
A Concerned Citizen
Napolitano Says Fixing Immigration System a Priority
By Jeff Bliss and Nadine Elsibai
Janet Napolitano, President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for homeland security secretary, told a congressional panel this morning that fixing the “broken” U.S. immigration system would be a priority. As governor of Arizona, a border state, Napolitano called for the National Guard to help secure the Mexican border and she billed the federal government for state services used by illegal immigrants.
“I have walked, flown over, and ridden horseback along our southwest border,” Napolitano told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s hearing on her nomination. “I appreciate its vastness, as well as the grave consequences of our broken system,” she said. Napolitano, 51, would be integral in pushing legislation Obama supports to boost enforcement as well as opportunities for foreign workers.


The Arizonian said...

She won't read it, trust me.....

Anonymous said...

These "workers" are not innocent. They are coming here in violaltion of our immigration laws. You as a supposed loyal citizen should be opposed to that.

boriqua said...

I also am a American Latina and I would like to tell Janet that the current immigration backlog is not the reason that the illegal flow from Mexico has increased. The illegals in the millions cross the border withour ever thinking of attempting to come to the US legally. Besides, the US has certainly has a quota on immigrants from every country and Mexico has certainly met their quota. Yes, fix our system and stop the illegal flow.

The Arizonian said...

Well, the US conducts a lottery for 50 thousand new permanent Visa every year.
However, there are countless other legal ways to enter the US. Tourist visa gets you in, where you can then take an exam (I can't remember which one). Another is temporary Visa, which then you would have to 'prove your worth' to get an extension.

The most popular way seems trivial, but it works: family.
When someone becomes a citizen, or gets a permanent visa, they can bring family here. It use to be only immediate family, but has been extended to cover virtually the entire family, even in-laws' cousins it seems.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

I agree 100% with your ideas about Immigration. And I visit everyday your website. I congratulate you on your letter.

That is why I posted your letter in all its entirity, here :

50,000 Latinos reach the Voting Age of 18 each month, inside the USA.

MILENIALS.COM is my website on Millennials, young people, and Latinos are very young, many of them Children, Kids or Teens. And Young Adults.

I have to study all that happens to Millennials : White, Black, Asian, Native American, Multiracial or Latino Youngsters.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Do you know Janet? Why won't she read it?
Obama listens to our citizens. I think she will too.

Dee said...

Thank you for posting my letter to Janet on your site!

boriqua said...

dee said,

"Obama listens to our citizens. I think she will too."

I hope you are right dee and they listen to all American citizens and their views about illegal immigration.

The Arizonian said...

Because she has been my Governor for quite some time now. She has this tendency not to listen to "fringe groups".

Dee said...

I am not fringe.
I have a chart I keep on scoring people 1 - 10 from ANTI extremists to PRO extremists. I am a 3 - 4. I would place you at a 6 - 7. You are right of center but still more moderate than most on your side.

The Arizonian said...

I never described you as fringe, but many politicians might. Hence, why I used "_____".....

ultima said...

Here's another perspective in a letter to Secretary Napolitano which I mailed today.

ultima said...

Kudos to boriqua for two concise and perceptive comments.

Vicente Duque said...

"Pandora's Box" and the "Insurance Policy" of Mr Obama" :

Is Immigration the "Pandora's Box" that Obama and the Democratic Party should not try to open ????

Pandora's big jar ( it is not a box in Ancient Greek Language ) represents the female womb in Psychoanalytical Sexual Psychology. That the jar releases a myriad evils is our cultural unease with friendly female sexuality and the sexual pleasure felt by Women.

Perhaps opening the "Pandora's Box is our cultural unease with ....... ( blah blah ... .Latinos .... blah blah ).

Sometimes the best option is to do nothing and to stay in First Base without trying to steal the second base. Because a good pitcher has eyes at the end of his back ...

I pray that Mr Obama, Michelle and Sasha and Malia do not open dangerous boxes in the White House, and I suggest that they play basketball instead of baseball.

Vicente Duque

I Travel for JOOLS said...

The Heritage Foundation has just put forth a plan for CIR that should be given serious consideration. It is based on a need based temporary worker program. It is the only logical way to address the mess we have on our hands. The details are:


Dee said...

A number of groups have provided their recommendations on CIR and we have commented on them at length here.

Heritage Foundation is a typical example of the Conservative/ANTI platform. What I find interesting... ok you've convinced me. I will start a new post about their recommendations and we can discuss them on that thread.

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