Monday, January 26, 2009

RNC Chairman's Lead Candidate has Racist Past! Limbaugh Ranting over Obama comment! Republicans Don't Want to Change Their Ways!

Even after their huge loss in November, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has no plans for changing their ways or being more inclusive now or in the near future.
Here are the signs:
1. The RNC is selecting a new National Chairman next Friday. Who is their Lead Candidate? Is it a candidate known for extending their hand across the aisle? Or known for welcoming minorities? No. Their Lead Candidate is Katon Dawson. Dawson is the chairman of the very strictly conservative South Carolina Republican Party. How does he score on diversity? For the last 12 years, he was a member of a "White's Only" Country Club. So much for respecting diversity.
2. Last week, Rush Limbaugh said he wanted Obama to Fail. Leading Conservatives chastised Limbaugh for his remarks. Even Bill Bennett said he was wrong. The President met with Republican Senators calling for unity, "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done. There are big things that unify Republicans and Democrats, we shouldn't let partisan politics derail what are very important things that need to get done." Now Limbaugh and his minions are on the attack on several websites across the net. He is calling for the Republicans to take a stand now against our President. He is using disrespectful language in his attack. Some Republicans are listening.

It appears many from the core republican base are not on the road to Unity. Many are saying they will go back to pandering to their core conservative/right agenda and distancing themselves from minorities, women's rights and human rights. Apparently they have learned nothing from the American people in the last election. We want change. We want diplomacy. We want an improved economy. We want Unity. We want all people to be treated equally and respectfully.


Dee said...

Obama is looking to drive prositive change. He said: "The days of Washington dragging its feet are over!"

Limbaugh and the RNC want politics as usual! To their demise!

Vicente Duque said...

In Real Clear Politics
and Horse Race Blog we read this :

Obama Versus Limbaugh

"George Bush never attacked Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, or other voices of the rabid Left by name. If he ever went on the attack against the left-wing media, he kept the attack general and broad, rather than specific. Bush may not have been the most media-savvy of our modern presidents -- in fact, he may have been the worst at it since Nixon -- but he knew enough about his office to understand that part of its strength would keep him somewhat above the partisan-pundit fray. Obama hasn't figured that much out yet."

"If your stature is greater than your opponent's, it's never a good strategy to mention him by name. This is why incumbents call challengers "my opponent," and challengers mention incumbents by name. It's not in the President's interest to single out a radio host/pundit for criticism like this. I'd wager that this is a lesson learned for Obama and his administration."

In PROPHESIZING.COM ... I am collecting the best Prophecies and Advice for Mr Obama.

Of course I do not limit myself to copy the Prophecies of Others, but sometimes I enter the Altered State of Prophetic Rapture and Ecstasy.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Please stick to topic.
If you care to respond to the topic, please do without copying and pasting a 3 page long letter.
Katon Dawson was a member of a very racist CLUB for 12 years and it was NOT until he decided to run for National Chairman that he decided to resign from the racist club.
Regarding Glenn McCall. He is a token. Hardly representative of SC politics.

Dee said...

What is ridiculous about McCall's letter of support is, while Dawson was a member of a racist, anti minority KKK club, he sought out McCall to serve as a token in his state's RNC.
McCall states the only accomplishment was recruiting him to be a member. He did not resign from his own personal family membership from a racist club. He did not promote any legislation or activities supporting minorities. The ONLY THING he did was ask McCall and a few like him to join to serve as a tokens.
This is Reprehensible!!

Anonymous said...

Just click on dee's link and read the entire story. she tends to leave out some facts and then deletes the posts pointing this out.

Dee said...

Bush had FoxNews in his pocket the last 8 years. Roger Ailes, a lead Republican strategist, ran Fox News.
Bush didn't have to attack the Mainstream Media. He had Fox, OReilly and Hannity do it for him. Limbaugh was a part of the mix.

Limbaugh disrespects President Obama and uses very partisan, hateful terms. Limbaugh thinks he is Newt Gingrich ala 1993.

The American People are WISE to what is happening. I predict Limbaugh's demise due to his own need for attention, drug addictions and abusive personality.

Vicente said...
Obama Versus Limbaugh
"George Bush never attacked Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, or other voices of the rabid Left by name. If he ever went on the attack against the left-wing media, he kept the attack general and broad, rather than specific. Bush may not have been the most media-savvy of our modern presidents -- in fact, he may have been the worst at it since Nixon -- but he knew enough about his office to understand that part of its strength would keep him somewhat above the partisan-pundit fray. Obama hasn't figured that much out yet."

Dee said...


Dee said...

I am curious about you too.
You do not have your own blog.
You are AFRAID to sign your own name.
You spew HATE and Intolerance.

And yet, you cannot keep yourself away from commenting on my website.

Actually I do understand you. I almost feel sorry for you.

John said...

Sorry, I meant Katon Dawson in the article, not Kanton.

Dee said...

I love when you use fake names like John.
Why dont you just name yourself. Dont be afraid.

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

I assume that Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity are Catholics, because they sound very Irish to me.

So there is a possibility that they believe in Hell and the Great Devil Satan will enjoy torturing them.

I thought that Satan was preparing the Kitchen Oil to boil these two guys.

But I changed my mind : I am beginning to believe that they may reach the door of Heaven and persuade Saint Peter to let them in.

Because Sean Hannity was very kind and noble protecting a Black Guy that was beaten and kicked by 8 white supremacists in a McDonalds Restaurant at Oceanside, Long Island, New York.

This is the first time that I like Sean Hannity and I am praying for his soul to avoid the boiling oil of Hell.

I hope that someone tells me a Good Deed or Noble Act of Bill O'Reilly, so that I overcome my aversion to that guy and start praying for him.

Up to now, I can not find anything good about Bill.

Thanks for any help in saving the poor dirty soul of Bill.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Shawn Hannity saves an African American at McDonald's? I have not read the story. Will you provide the link?

ultima said...

"Republicans don't want to change their ways??"

Where's the fun in that? They would just be tax and spend democrats if they changed their ways. They do need to appeal to minorities but hopefully without buying them off with welfare or political favors or pandering like the neolibs.

Obama has put his foot in his mouth a couple of times since he has been inaugurated as he did on the campaign trail and I expect more. Don't expect anyone to let him off the hook just because he is the president. They sure didn't for poor W. He even took well-deserved abuse from Limbaugh and others. They didn't treat him like a fallible human being. Why should Obama expect better?

Everyone knows he won the election and they know why and it had little to do with minorities except for the racist black vote that gave him the primaries. As I wrote before, I don't doubt that Hillary would also have won had she been the nominee due the reasons previously cited: the economy, the wars, and the bungling of W.

John said...

Why did you delete my "factual" post, Dee? Trying to hide the evidence again? Its ok, I suggest that everyone in this blog read the entire article and see where Dee has formed her own biased opinnion and totally disregards the postitive things said about this man and the fact that he tried to get that country club to take minorities and when they didn't, he resigned. Are you going to delete this evidence also, Dee?

John said...

By the way, I haven't seen anything posted by this anon person that indicates hate or intolerance. Why do you care if he/she has a blog or not? Not everyone has time for them. It doesn't make one a coward not to use their own name. In many cases it probably is a made up one anyway and there are no last names used usually anway. What is the difference if someone posts under Mary, Pete, Jack, Anonymous or whatever? You still don't know who they are anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Yum!

Dee said...

I provide the links for people to READ them. Obviously you did not. He was a member of the racist club for 12 years. Then, just 2 months before he starts his campaign to run for RNC Chair, he resigns from the club saying he wanted them to stop their whites only policy.
TWO Months/60 days!

If he was actually non-racist, he would never have joined 12 years ago or stayed a member of the club for One Hundred and Forty Four Months!!

The TRUTH is he relinquished membership because he did not want his RACISM to tarnish his bid for office.

It is as CLEAR as the Nose on you Face Anon/John.

Dee said...

Yes. Both Hannity and OReilly are Catholic.

I saw your video of the Hannity and Colmes show where they interview the Black man attacked by 8 white nationalists. It was a fair and honest interview.

I dont know why racist gangs and hate crimes are becoming so prevalent. They have to be stopped.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee, here is the link to Sean Hannity being nice to Blacks and fighting for Racial Justice.

8 white teens attack a Black Very Young Man inside a McDonalds. Next : Beatings and Kickings.

The Black man is charged and detained in jail --- The thugs are free and not bothered by the Long Island, New York City Police.

Everything is clearly seen in the videos and there are many witnesses.

Nothing strange, given the racism and bias of New York Police and Authorities. That is what has occasioned multiple attacks and murders.

8 white teens attack and beat black man - New York Police charges the victim

Also there is a lot of Violence, against Women and Children, against the Old, Sick or crippled :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

And what about Obama sitting in a racist church for 20 years? It is the same thing!

Dee said...

Obamas church did not bar Whites or other ethnicities from joining. The country club is WHITES ONLY.

sylvia said...

What white person would feel welcome in that church though? No different than disallowing a black person from a country club. If you are made to feel unwelcome it is the same thing as being excluded.

Dee said...

No. The group excluded anyone but whites from entering.

Exclude: to prevent from entering. To expel.

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