Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hate Crimes: Caucasian Crew Charged with Year Long "Beaner Stompings" Rampage!

The Patchogue Caucasian Crew has finally been Charged with their Year Long"Beaner Stompings" Rampage. The crew took delight in beating, kicking, robbing, stomping, harassing and murdering Latinos in the town of Patchogue, NY.
As I previously reported, many in their school and in their neighborhood knew about the "Beaner Stompings" but viewed these attacks as "Sport" or "Fun" and said, "Well they only did this every now and then, perhaps once a week."
What is curious is why these crimes were allowed to go on for so long. Their classmates and some parents knew about the assaults. Many of these assaults were previously reported to the police. We can only hope that now, with the Crew being charged for all the crimes they committed, these types of crimes will be viewed as unacceptable and will never be happen again!
The seven Patchogue (NY)-Medford High School students (Caucasian Crew) accused of taking part in a racially motivated, fatal attack on an Ecuadorean immigrant, attacked (Beaner Stomping) eight other Hispanics in a pattern going on for over a year before the death of Marcelo Lucero, according to an indictment unsealed in Riverhead Wednesday.
The two new indictments unsealed by State Supreme Court Justice Robert W. Doyle contained charges of assault, attempted gang assault, attempted robberies and hate crimes committed against eight victims, whom prosecutors said were singled out because of their race.
"All of the defendants participated in what we consider to be a violent and racially-driven pastime," Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota said outside court. "Some of theses victims were attacked by these individuals multiple times and on different dates."
The seven teens were initially charged for what prosecutors described as making a sport of singling out Hispanics for beatings. On Nov. 8, prosecutors said, they surrounded and pummeled Lucero, 37, a dry cleaner's employee on his way home in Patchogue, before one of the students -- Jeffrey Conroy, 17, of Medford -- stabbed him fatally.
The attacks listed in the new indictment begin Sept. 23, 2007, when prosecutors said Kevin Shea, 17, of Medford, and other unnamed attackers hit Luis Pina Tigre in the head, kicked him and taunted him with racial slurs. The next attack came Dec. 2, 2007, when prosecutors said Jordan Dasch, 17, of Medford, and Jose Pacheco, 17, of East Patchogue surrounded a man named Jose Hernandez, pushed him off his bike and attempted to rob him.
One week later, Pacheco -- along with Conroy and Anthony Hartford, 17, of Medford -- attacked Hernandez again, pushing him from his bicycle, attempting to rob him and later confronting him at a laundromat, yelling racial slurs, prosecutors said.
On March 17, 2008, prosecutors said Hartford and other unnamed attackers hit a man named Javier Monrov in the head and stole his wallet.
Three months later, on June 24, 2008, prosecutors said Conroy and other unidentified attackers kicked Robert Zumba off his bike, pinning the man's arms behind his back and pummeling him. Prosecutors said Conroy lunged at the man with a knife, cutting his belt, pants and skin.
On July 14, 2008, prosecutors said Pacheco, Conroy and other unnamed attackers accosted Carlos Orellana, punching him in the face until he blacked out, then stole the man's money and shoes.
On Oct. 8, 2008, prosecutors said Conroy and Christopher Overton, 16, of East Patchogue, punched a man named Joaquin Gutierrez until he fell to the ground, then kicked him while taunting him with racial slurs.
On Nov. 3, 2008, prosecutors said Conroy, Pacheco, Shea and Hartford attacked a man named Octavio Cordovo in a park in Medford.
The final attack charged in the new indictment came on the day Lucero was killed, Nov. 8.
At some point that same night, prosecutors said Hartford, Hausch and Dasch chased down Petronila Fuentes Diaz as he rode his bicycle along Route 112 in Medford, following him into a parking lot and assaulting him there.
"During each of the alleged crimes in this indictment," Spota said, "the defendants called their victims such things as beaners and wetbacks."


Dee said...

more on the carlos orellana attack:

"PATCHOGUE, N.Y. — Carlos Orellana, a construction worker from Ecuador, was walking home from work in this small Long Island town on July 14, he said, when about a dozen teenage boys on bicycles knocked him to the ground and kicked and beat him, shouting, “Go back to Mexico.”

Mr. Orellana, 39, said he lost consciousness, and when he came to, his shoes and $20 were missing. He called the police. He said he recognized some of the boys, who often hung around Main Street. But the mug shots the police showed him were no help. The police classified the case as a second-degree robbery, he said, and no one was arrested."

Dee said...

Mr. Orellana is one of many Latino residents who believe that Mr. Lucero would be alive today if the police had taken crimes against them more seriously and recognized them as symptoms of a larger problem. While some Latino immigrants say they are reluctant to report crimes because they are in the country illegally or fear the police will assume they are, they and their advocates believe the police did not see a pattern because they did not want to see one.

“I told people, here the authorities are waiting for a white to kill a Hispanic or a Hispanic to kill a white,” Mr. Orellana said. “They keep attacking and robbing, and nothing changes. There had to be a death, and the death was Lucero.”

Vicente Duque said...

Dee, thanks for Information and Forums.

I have gotten the most gruesome photos and videos of Racial Attacks and other events that we ignore under the Trillions of Garbage of the Internet.

See how Wilter Sanchez was brutally beaten these last days, with baseball bats in North Plainfield, New Jersey, a town where 3 latinos have been killed recently and many have been injured in Racial Attacks. Look at the horrible videos and photos of Wilter totatlly destroyed in Skull and Face.

I als study Demographic Statistics and Evolution of Minorities in States and Regions, Electoral Data, etc ...

After reading lots of Data of Early Voting, state by state and other websites, then I find it very difficult for the Republicans to recover soon. It will take some time for them to recover many voters, specially Minorities.

"Let the dogs bark while you gallop", because they have a big task before them, and they do not seem to recover their senses.

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

"A decade after CU senior Susannah Chase was murdered in the early hours of Dec. 21, 1997, Boulder police arrested a suspect at the end of January 2008. Chicano Diego-Olmos Alcalde, 38, was arrested at his mother's house in Aurora after his DNA matched that found on Chase. His DNA had been submitted to the FBI data base after he served a sentence in Wyoming for an unrelated crime.

Chase, the Stamford, Conn., resident was brutally raped and beaten a block away from her home."

Possibly due in part to the repeated stories and blogs about "hate" crimes? Get even with the anglos for their hate crimes against illegals?

Dee said...

Didnt your crime happen in 1997 and they just now id'd the DNA?

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

I think that we should never forget Marcelo Lucero, Jose Sucuzhanay, Luis Ramirez and all the victims of Recent Racial Hatred. The Old Victims and those "just beaten", "just kicked" should also be honored.

I am receiving a lot of Hate Mail in RACIALITY.COM and unfortunately if this persists, then I will have to go on "Comment Moderation" and inspection of comments before publishing.

I am just erasing a lot of false information sent by the "Minutemen" Project. And I erase their comments and replace them by protests against this Racist Organization of Vigilantism.

For them, all Latino Organizations are Racists, and they and their Weapons are "Pure Angels" and the "Best Americans". What Hypocresy !!!

I posted about Matthew Sheppard, his cruel death and "The Laramie Project", a very beautiful movie documentary, I posted in RACIALITY.COM

Immediately a "Reverend Pastor", wrote a commentary saying that Matthew and me and all homosexuals deserved death for corrupting children. Matthew according to the "Reverend Pastor" should be in hell paying for many sins against God.

This guy assumed a lot of unproven things about me like Homosexuality and Pederasty. And he sent me to Hell with many Bible Quotations.

I just told the guy that he was laughable and ridiculous in his bigotry and that I was not going to erase his letter because it was a great Monument to Imbecility.

"The Devil is the Best Quoter of the Bible."

But if I receive a deluge of Hate Mail I will have to devise another tactic. The deluge is starting with the Postracists. "Comment Moderation" will be the only way. Unfortunately !!

A world of Bigots equals Idiots and Racists.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

I have to report several more murders against Hispanics in 2009, in this case Cape Verdeans that speak Portuguese, so we can call them Iberians, and the language that they speak comes from Latin, almost the same as Spanish, so we can call them Latinos or Hispanics from Hispania ( Roman Province ).

Cape Verdean community mourns several People killed by Racial Hatred. Brutal Racial Murders in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Loving Father, Husband and Friend. See the Victim's Photos. "Always a Happy Man, 72 years, Always a Lover of Music".

A Racial Murder Spree - Murderer also killed a Creole Woman. Determined to kill as many non Whites as Possible.

More than 50 mourners were at St. Edith Stein Church in Brockton this morning for the funeral Mass for Arlindo Goncalves, a 72-year-old cit...

Cape Verdean Musician Killed, 72 years old - Loved to Play Trumpet and Piano Keyboard on the Street - Brockton Massachusetts - Two Racial Murders

There are more Creole People killed in Brockton, Massachusetts in 2008. And it seems that other Black People were shot in 2008. But this needs more research.

So New York City, North Plainfied New Jersey, and New Brockton are in Competition of Racial Murder. Every City shows at least 3 Racial Murders in recent months.

And do not forget our friend Wilter Sanchez, almost killed 15 days ago in Plainfield. ( with baseball bats and a car attempted to run over him ).

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

I'm very concerned about the anti immigrant groups like FAIR, numbersUSA etc etc spreading hate thru public forums, I saw one for example at msnbc link

she has a thread of 3535 pages with nothing bur hispanic bashing, it's a shame that this kind of racism is allowed

Vicente Duque said...

The Killing of Minorities and Immigrants should be of concern to every one with a Human Heart.

I wonder if Hate TV and Hate Radio are a University of Hate.

Bill O'Reilly seems like a madman ranting and railing against the New York Times, Arianna Huffington and all rational people that give a sound opinion on Immigrant Minorities.

Non Minority Immigrants are no problem.

The Greatest Terminator of Non Whites and Jews :

See the Most Sadistic Murderer, Keith Luke, Killer of two and Sadistic Rapist - To kill as many non Whites and Jews as possible.
In Brockton, assachusetts :
Keith Luke, Killer of two People and Sadistic Rapist
Keith is alive and awaiting Trial
Avowed Racist and Terminator of Non Whites

See the Photos of the Most Sadistic Racist Murderer ans his victims in my Blog

To kill as many non Whites and Jews as possible

See Videos of Neighbors giving opinions about the Serial killer.

See the Prosecutors and Defense attorneys allegations and discussions in court.

The 22-year-old man accused of killing two people and wounding a third told police he planned to kill as many black people as possible and he had been planning to kill all "non-white" people and wa...

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to Patchogue beating. I have a mexican friend who is married & has a daughter, born here in Riverhead. She is a permanent resident, who's expiration is within 2 yrs. They also have (2) boys they left in Mexico 5 yrs ago, (ages 5 & 8). They would like very much to stay here in USA, but miss their sons very much. ANY IDEAS how they can bring their children here, legally ? Any advice you can provide will be appreciated. THANK YOU !

Dee said...

I suggest they contact an Immigration attorney. There are plenty that offer free advice that may help them. Send me an email and I will give you a couple of names.

Dee said...

my email id is:

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