Saturday, January 16, 2010

10,000 Protest Against Arpaio and his Masked Goons in Maricopa County

Over ten thousand immigrant rights advocates marched in front of a county jail in Pheonix on Saturday to protest the tactics of Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio and his masked goons. The protest showed showed officials in Washington that Arpaio shouldn't handle immigration enforcement and Congress. The Obama administration needs to come up with a way for immigrant workers to come to the country legally.

Demonstrators came from from all walks of life.

"We really just wanted to say you can't judge people based on the color of their skin," a protester, painted in blue, said just before a march protesting Arpaio started. "Arpaio needs to be ousted,” another protestor said while she marched.

This time advocates for human rights had a little star power to help.
"When Arpaio applies the law in this way, he alienates an entire section of people who will never trust law enforcement and will grow to hate it," world-famous singer Linda Ronstadt said.

Child, 2, Hit By Pepper Spray
People poured water onto the faces of several protesters whose eyes were irritated by the pepper spray thwon by police. A 2-year-old child was hit by some of the pepper spray. The Phoenix Fire Department was called to treat the child, who was expected to be OK. Though the scene of the disturbance was cleared within minutes, the aftermath of the incident was chaotic. Protesters yelled obscenities at police officers in riot gear. One officer shook his pepper spray canister as he ordered people to keep moving. One protester wore goggles, and several others wrapped bandanas around their mouths.


Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Thanks for opportune information and your fight for Kindness and Humanity.


In Defense of Reverend Wright of Chicago, My Defense of "Reverse Racism" and an analysis of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

A friend in a Forum said said to me :

"If Wright wasn't so bad I wonder why Obama eventually condemned and disowned him."

My Explanation and answer :
Because Obama is an opportunist, a calculating Politician, A Chicago School Pol, a cool pragmatic man of expediency rather than morals or ethics. For the same reasons that he continues a war that he knows very well that is totally lost, to pamper, pacify or lure misguided ignorant or foolish voters.

Obama is not an idiot, he is very intelligent, smart and shrewd, he knows that the troops won't be returned in year 2011 or 2012 or during his presidency ( 4 or 8 years ).

If Obama drives cars like his conscience then he can make the most dangerous U Turns in a dime and at high speed.


What Reverend Wright has said should be understood in the Context of Slavery, Segregation, Ku Klux Klan, Terrorism against Blacks, Separation against Blacks ( that still exists ), despising Blacks by Fools in the Media ( everyday ! ), by policemen in every highway or road, etc ...

Black People should be admired for forgiving others ! --- This speaks of a Moral Superiority, whereas others harassing the "Lower Races" are just ridiculous idiots.

And "Reverse Racism" is an invention of Tom Tancredo, Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanam and other fossils and antediluvian prehistoric monsters that still infest the swamps of American Politics and are laughingstock better than "The Three Stooges" of Black and White Movies.

And with respect to Reverend Wright, his detractors like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, are one million times more mean, wicked and evil, and one trillion times more Racist.

If there is a Hell then Satan should be gathering the worst stenching putrid pig fat that has been used one thousand times in cooking, and a Big Cauldron to fry the above mentioned bad guys ( all minus my dear Reverend Reverend ! )

And Saint Peter may have Beautiful Black Wings for Reverend Wright, a halo and a harp for this guy. But he may have to pay one hundred years in purgatory for becoming rich with Religion.

Otherwise, I am praying to the Virgin Mary and some Black Saints like Saint Martin of Porres and others that Pope John Paul II beatified. So that the prison term and long sentence for Reverend Wright is commuted to just one year in Community Work with Obama.

This is an Inverted Mirror World !! and birds shoot to Guns !

Ha Ha Ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA !

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just a nice peaceful rally by the pro-illegal advocates, right? WRONG!

Dee said...

Yes. It was a nice peaceful rally!

Linda Ronstadt, Zack de la Rocha, and Little Joe Blast Joe Arpaio

Dee said...

Here is what Linda Ronstadt said, "Sheriff Arpaio is bad for Arizona. He's making Arizona look bad because he's profiling and he's applying the law in an uneven and unjust way, and that weakens the law for all of us."

Dee said...

10,000 people peacefully marched, however police attempted to instigate violence.

Arizona Indymedia: (also on video)

"Unprovoked, a female officer on horseback (who later covered her name on her uniform) charged her horse headlong into the march, colliding with several people and in the process almost running over at least one child in a stroller. After attacking families and protesters, she then whipped out her pepper spray and let loose on the whole crowd, who fled the noxious spew. In the process, children were blasted with pepper spray. After that, other Phoenix PD officers stormed the crowd, violently attacking marchers, dragging several to the ground and further deploying their chemical weapons from all directions in an attempt to justify their their aggression by nabbing a few people. Dozens were so affected that they were soaked in chemicals, having to strip off clothes to stop the burning."

video at end of page:

Dee said...

Here's another video of the 5 year old boy the whacked out crazy lady cop squirted in the babies eyes.

Dee said...

Phoenix march protests immigration policy

PHOENIX, Jan. 17 (UPI) -- About 10,000 people marched through Phoenix in a peaceful protest Saturday against Sheriff Joe Arpaio's efforts to sweep up illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

This is a great article as they all are. I bring into the world been wondering about this looking for some beat now. Its gigantic to receive this info. You are fair and balanced.

MMPete said...

For the real truth of the story -

The demonstration was peaceful up until police say protesters near the end of the procession started throwing water bottles at officers. Lt. Pat Hofmann of the Phoenix Police Department said officers used pepper spray as they tried to separate protesters from an officer who was trying to take the bottles away.

Four people were detained, and Hofmann said one protester is expected to be charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

Dee said...

Sorry Pete. You are wrong. The spray was sprayed at innocent children by one rogue female cop on a horse. It's all on the video. Look at it.

Scroll to the video at the bottom of the page:

MMPete said...

So the new's article was lying? By the way, your link didn't work.

Dee said...

The link works. you have to copy both lines for the link to work.

But for you, here is the shortcut.

scroll down to see the video.
you will see the newspaper DID LIE!


MMPete said...

I finally found the video on my own. There is nothing in it that indicates that the police did anything wrong. It only starts where the police get involved. It shows nothing about how or why they got involved but the article I provided did. Some of the protesters got out of line. Of course you would never admit that with your biasness. You'd choose to even slam our law enforcement to protect illegal aliens and their apologists.

pcorn54 said...

Yeah, all of those arrested has good WASP names. Makes you wonder.

And over at ALIPAC there was a discussion on the best places to buy designer balck ski masks and clothing.

Anybody see a connection here?

MMPete said...

pcorn, why should it make you wonder why those arrested were not those with non-hispanic names? What ethnic group do you think represented most of these protestors? You only get one guess.

Jose Alvarado said...

Health Insurance - Immigration:

* Illegal immigrants will not be allowed to buy health insurance in the exchanges -- even if they pay completely with their own money.

That is Very dumb, and the Raza
got to stand up for them selves and the Latino got to stand up for the Origin of the Raza.

Sí, se puede

Any Mexican, would recognize that Mexico was abused, undervalued and downgraded in international circles, most of all by the United States.
- Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

We cannot pretend that reality is different from what it is.
- Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something.
-Pancho Villa

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