Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Liberals and Minorities MUST Learn the Scott Brown Lesson: WIN Through Reconciliation!

Liberals and Minorities MUST Learn the Scott Brown Lesson. Only winning counts.

Liberals and Minorities do not vote en masse during non-presidential elections. We stay home. And, our side loses. Republicans and Teabaggers generally go to the polls during ALL election times. History has proven they generally win the non-presidential elections. We only have ourselves to blame. We don't show up.

We Liberals and Minorities must also learn: Bi-partisanship DOES NOT WORK!!!

We should never compromise our principles. We need to stand firm, as the Republicans always do, to our causes.

We allowed the Healthcare Bill to be watered down for the sake of bi-partisanship.

We cannot allow the same for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

There is only one thing that will work: Reconciliation!

We must Remember this throughout 2010!!!


Liquidmicro said...

We allowed the Healthcare Bill to be watered down for the sake of bi-partisanship.

There is nothing bi-partisan about the health care bill, all Republican amendments were voted down, only Democrat amendments went through. All the fighting is between the Democrat factions, i.e. Progressives against Conservatives against Moderates.

As for Reconciliation, you had better do your research on it, as it seems you do not understand how it works. I gave you all the info on it once before, it will not work for CIR.

Anonymous said...

This is only the beginning of the losses for liberals and Democrats. Minority vote doesn't amount to squat anyway. We are taking our country back one election at a time. Better buy yourself a crying towel, especially when and if CIR rears its ugly head again. The traitors to our country are going down in flames. You can take that to the bank! You ain't seen nothin yet.

Vicente Duque said...

The New Dark Ages - The Age of Unreason - An Age of Fear, Paranoia, Hate, Racism - The most absurd things are believed and Science is despised.

I am afraid that we are entering a New Age of Darkness and Fear. In the Middle Ages people were driven by Fear of Hell, Fear of the Devil in every home and every body, demonic possessions, there were succubus and inccubus that could seduce you and have sex with you. Fear of Witches. The World seemed to be ruled more by the Devil than by God.

We are entering a similar age, particularly in politics. For example : the Security of the United States of America, the most powerful Empire depends on airstrikes, bombing and destroying the Poorest and most Illiterate Countries in the World. Even Children and Women are killed in those Drone Airstrikes and there are military analysts and people in the White House that believe that these peasants ( from a Warrior Culture ) are going to surrender to the Cowardice and Terrorism of Airstrikes.

A Health Care reform is proposed, that can be fixed, arranged, ordered or modified at any moment, before or after the U. S. Congress approves the bill, and this sets off a Competition of Incendiary Speeches, Insults, Meetings, Teaparties, Town Halls filled with aggressivity, Demonstrations, etc...

Those that have Health Insurance believe that they are going to be harmed by others that are uninsured and that are helpless and lacking Political Power. Another Case of Fear and Paranoia.

The Government is using "Stimulus Spending", something that all textbooks of Classical Economy explain and approve. And the science of John Maynard Keynes is rejected by the most Ignorant Fools.

And the most Ignorant Preachers of Religion attack Evolution, Zoology, Botany, Biology, etc.... and preach Imbecility to become rich.

Subjacent to all these emotions is Racism and Hatred and a Fear of losing a Golden Age ( that perhaps never existed, or only for a few )

Subjacent is also the Fear of the Other and the Otherness : extreme Fear of all those that are different, stranger or foreign. Extreme Fear of all Foreign Cultures. Some people have been beaten up for speaking in any foreign language, even over a telephone conversation.

The lessons of History are misinterpreted and Twisted. For example : a Liberal and Modern President is equated to Adolf Hitler and the Democrats to the Nazis, when in fact, it is the other way around, and all Racists at heart hate Obama.

When Genetics, Archaeogenetics and Archaeology are despised in favor of the most ridiculous Myths.

When all the Great Advances of the Humanistic Sciences : Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, History, Economic History, Social Psychology, etc ..... are despised in favor of what a drunken idiot said in a bar, in front of other drunken idiots.

And when the Greatest "Welfare Queens" that have grabbed the Electromagnetic Spectrum ( or Hertzian Waves ) spit their venom of Hate, Fear and Paranoia constantly using TV, Radio, Newspapers and even the Internet.

And so we enter an era of Great Stupidity and Imbecility, the Inner Barbarian has triumphed and Technology is now at the Service of the Modern Idiot Barbarian. Technologized Brutes.

Remember that many despots in the World of the Past and Present grabbed power using the tools of Democracy and a Free Press.

Hitler used the tools of Democracy to grab power. And there are many other cases afterwards.


Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

LOL! Bet fat teddy is rolling in his grave now!! The Dems are on their way out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention and no Latino vote is going to save them either.

Christa said...

Jeepers, Vicente, don't you think comparing the election of Scott Brown to entering the "Dark Ages" is a little dramatic and harsh? After all, the guy was elected in one of the most liberal states in the nation. I think the people there know what they are doing.

Nobody is saying that reform of our healthcare system is not needed and neither did Scott Brown and most Republicans. However, we want a system which is transparent, one in which deals are not cut in closed-door sessions, in which individual senators are offered bribes in exchange for their vote. Also, we need real reform which will bring down costs which is the real problem. None of the Republican suggestions such as torte reform (runs afoul of trial lawyers) or opening up competition across state lines were accepted. There is a lot we can do to get real reform that wasn't tried.

You shouldn't demonize people and equate them with the ignorance of the "Dark Ages" because they don't agree with your particular political views; that is truly not open minded. We are not a far left nation, never were and never will be. Our Founders wanted freedom from Statism and big government control. That's why they left England and ultimately fought for independence from them. I think you've got things a little backwards sometimes. Going to Statism is going backwards, not forwards.

As as for "bombing the poorest"--did you hear about the Yemenis bombing al Qaeda targets in their own nation? It's happened in Pakistan also. See, those extremists are a huge threat to the peaceful non-violent people in their own nations. It's not as though the U.S. just woke up one day and decided to "bomb poor people" in another nation! First of all, don't assume they are all "poor." Many of the leaders of this movement and some of their adherents are from the upper and middle classes. Bin Laden was very wealthy and the latest "underwear bomber" was from an affluent and educated family. There is a reason we are targeting Islamists and al Qaeda. Geez. You don't seem to be thinking clearly sometimes. These terrorists will target even their own people who stand in the way of their political agenda.

Sure we can have an honest debate over whether our policy in Afghanistan is working or not. Personally, I think it leaves a lot to be desired and would like to see our troops come home. There are many facets to consider. But to make a statement as though we are the bad guys here is just beyond the pale, and like I said, is not clear-thinking IMO.

In the same vein, there is much debate amongst economists on whether Keynesian economic policies work or not--was it Keynesian economic policies that brought us out of the depression in the 30s, or was it WW2? But you know for certain, even though there is debate amongst PhD economists, that Keynes is 100% the way to go for our economy?

Maybe instead of being on MSNBC overload you should actually sit down and talk to people who have participated in the tea parties and try to understand their point of view instead of calling them names and demonizing them. You would be very surprised at the cross-section of people you will find there and why they are there. I personally have not attended any of the rallies, but I have spoken to a few people who have and it's not what you and other far leftists/Progressives seem to believe. They are exercising their rights as citizens. The right to rally and demonstrate does not only extend to the far left/Progressives, you know.

Dee said...

I doubt those that support single payer agree with you.

Re: Reconciliation, wiki says:
"Reconciliation is a legislative process of the United States Senate intended to allow a contentious BUDGET bill to be considered without being subject to filibuster. Because reconciliation limits debate and amendment, the process empowers the majority party."

So I will agree with you that under this definition, this would not apply to CIR.

Dee said...

I think it is absolutely crazy to use the term "Take our country back."

We all know that "Take your country back from a black man as President" is what you mean. You teabaggers are full of it to use such racist terms!!

Dee said...

And as far as "you ain't seen nothing yet" we will see what you say when all of the Hate Crime indictments come down, when Arpaio gets indicted! When your friends "the Caucasian Crew" who murdered Marcelo Lucero get indicted, when you Minuteman Leader friend Shawna Forde gets indicted for murder.

You ain't seen NOTHING yet til your violent friends get INDICTED!

Dee said...

You are one sick puppy. The only country YOU will get back is your planet Pluto!

Anonymous said...
LOL! Bet fat teddy is rolling in his grave now!! The Dems are on their way out.

Dee said...

Yeah right. Chris Brown's election only meant we did not get enough Liberals and minorities out to vote.

For him to condone and laugh at "rape by curling iron" is reprehensible! Shame on him. He won't last until the next real election.

Dee said...

You are proud of being a Fox (faux) news watcher? You love that nutcase Beck? You belongs in a mental institution, not TV...but then those on FoxNews all do, like many of their audience. I would NOT brag about it if I were you!
Go drink some more kool-aid!

Anonymous said...

Wrong! Taking our country back has nothing to do with Obama per se. It has to do with taking our country back from anarchist citizens.

Anonymous said...

I am not a friend of the Caucasian Crew nor the Minutemen so stop your false accusations now! I don't condone violence nor am I a violent person. We can take our country back without violence and we shall do so.

Proletariat Defender said...

"The only country YOU will get back is your planet Pluto!"

Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore...

We'll miss you Pluto.....


Proletariat Defender said...

I always figured the term "Take our country back" was more a reference to regain control away from corporate power and corrupt government officials. I would extend that to archaic and unconstitutional laws that further restrict, on a daily basis, what I'm allowed to do.

Many of us have been trying to "Take our country back" for some time, crossing many Presidents.

An extension of policies and power-grabbing by the Fed from one administration to the next is all that has been going on for close to 40years now.

I read today that the health care bill has virtually stalled in the Democratically controlled House, having nothing to do with the election of Scott Brown.

Proletariat Defender said...

"We Liberals and Minorities must also learn: Bi-partisanship DOES NOT WORK!!!"

So otherwise, ram it down the throats of the American people? Disregard what the minority has to say?

Tit for tat I suppose.

Liquidmicro said...

Dee, becoming angry does nothing for you. Look up what Reconciliation does, read what the Democrat Senators are saying about it, it will only allow portions of the bill which effect the budget or taxes to be able to be passed, and still they have to have 60 votes for each item to invoke cloture in order to advance it to Reconciliation.

Dee said...

I admit Brown winning and his supporters saying "Sen. Kennedy was rolling in grave" did get me agitated.

I also see that President Obama's efforts at bipartisanship are NOT working.

For the past 8 years, we have had a War, the loss of Civil Liberties, various detention centers, the loss of regulations for financial institutions, the increase in terror, hatred for our country, ALL RAMMED DOWN our THROATS by the Republican administration and their supporters. You can call your TIT for Tat but that is one big TIIIITTTT!!! and comparitively small, nubbie Tat for Healthcare Reform which will HELP ALL OF US!!

Proletariat Defender said...

"For the past 8 years, we have had a War, the loss of Civil Liberties, various detention centers, the loss of regulations for financial institutions, the increase in terror, hatred for our country, ALL RAMMED DOWN our THROATS by the Republican administration and their supporters."

And yet I saw very few Dems in the House and the Senate vote against these things.

Would that make them supporters of the administration?

Only ONE (1) person voted against the Patriot act, and it was a Republican (I contend a Libertarian) to boot.
The latest re-authorization took place December 31st, 2009.

Proletariat Defender said...

"It has to do with taking our country back from anarchist citizens."

I'm guessing you have no idea what an anarchist really is.

You probably believe they are some black-clad violent extremists....

most famous anarchist? Gandhi.

ultima said...

El Duque's rant epitomizes what he is railing against. He must not be taking his meds.

ultima said...

Liquid has it right. There was no attempt to make the bill bi-partisan beyond some shallow efforts at bribery to seduce a couple of GOP senators and some of the moderates in the Dem party. It turns out the Dems have forgotten the meaning of bi-partisanship. Most GOP amendments were not even allowed to come to a vote. Typical of Pelosi's definition of democracy at work.

Anonymous said...

What does having detention centers for illegal aliens have to do with all of your other valid concerns? We have always incarcerated illegal aliens and other lawbreakers no matter who was president. You wish to change that? That subject just jumped out at me because it wasn't even related to the rest of your valid concerns.

Bad policies haven't just happened under Republican control. They are happening now under Democrat control and have also in past Democrat administrations. I agree with liquidmicro this has been going on for 40 years now under both parties.

ultima said...

Christa, your post was outstanding. That is much like what I have been trying to convey to El Duque for some time. But he has this huge chip on his shoulder and is unable to comprehend that most people are fair and reasonable and I suspect far more intelligent than he gives them credit for.

ultima said...

It would be interesting to know about Obama's efforts at bi-partisanship. The bottom line was his remark, "I won!"

Bi-partisansip, as a minimum, required that all proposed amendments be thoroughly debated and then voted up or down. One could expect that a substantial number of those amendments had considerable merit. It's hardly democratic to not even allow a vote.

I don't recall Obama ever going the GOP and asking what reforms they would support. After all the GOP was on record as being in favor of some degree of reform. Obama wanted the whole enchilada and, through his inexperience on such matters of compromise and bi-partisanship, may get nothing. The fault will be his.

LMJ said...

Hey, whats up with the tea-kkk-baggers voting in a play girl poser?


Anonymous said...

Oh so the citizens of Massachusetts are KKKers now? Tea baggers aren't either but then anything to demonize the other side, right?

Who cares what a politician did 20 years ago as long as it wasn't illegal. Sounds like sore loser talk to me. wah, wah.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone saying that Scott Brown's win is a rejection of health care reform? The people of Massachussetts have a government mandated universal health care system, and they did not elect Brown to get rid of it. Whatever the people of Massachussets were voting for, they were not voting on the health care issue, which in their State has been resolved. It's more the case that Brown was elected because he looks hot naked.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

Here's a recent poll from Connecticut. Connecticut ! Another blue state. Totally opposed to the health care bill the Dems had. 1500 people is a good representation.


Vicente Duque said...

Six Football Players kill a small man in Shenandoah Pennsylvania :

Luis Ramirez, a small man, was killed by Six Football Players, in Shenandoah Pennsylvania in July 2008.

"While the men yelled racial epithets at Ramirez, they punched and kicked his head and body so severely that he lay foaming at the mouth with two skull fractures.

Once Ramirez was on the ground he was continually kicked until brain matter leaked from his skull."

All These Six Coward Scoundrels are as Free as Birds.

If this is a Wonderful, Just, Fair Justice System ??

Is this not the Dark Ages ??, The Dark Ages of Sadism, Brutality, Cowardice and Terrorism ??

Is this not Hyperdistilled Bastardy ( The Quality of being Bastards ) ???


Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Maybe they should learn through the example of John Edwards, lie a lot, and have intimate relations with your campaign staff. Why isn't his admission mentioned here?

ultima said...

El Duque left out his favorite word: bastardy. In view of John Edwards admission recently perhaps he missed a real opportunity here to use that word.

ultima said...

El Duque wrote "...all Racists at heart hate Obama." Perhaps so but not vice versa. In fact, most of those who oppose Obama are neither racists nor hate him. Surely, that is patently obvious from the results of the vote of the good people of Massachusetts.

ultima said...

Dee wrote,"Bi-partisanship DOES NOT WORK!!!"

Actually it hasn't been tried since the days of Senator Vandenberg of Michigan when it was very successful.

An unwillingness to compromise is the basic problem. At least I believe much could be accomplished in healthcare and immigration reform if there were more compromises and a willingness to accept half a loaf. Also if we were to put the best interests of America first instead of somewhere behind all the illegal aliens and prospective legal immgrants. How long can America last given those priorities.

Anonymous said...

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