Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you President Obama! The Stimulus IS Working!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Whether keeping people employed or creating new jobs, it is clear, the stimulus is working. And, this is just the beginning...additional jobs are being created for multi-cultural Americans!

CNN Reports on six Americans across the country who say: "The Stimulus Got Me My Job!"
Bobby Jones, 55 Aiken, S.C. Administrative General Foreman U.S. Department of Energy's Savannah River Site I'm working on the DUO project [depleted uranium oxide], I was in D&D [deactivation and decommissioning] and I moved over here in October. They needed someone to run the night shift so I came over. It's still stimulus funded and it's keeping me employed. The night is cold, but I'm still close to home. Even the night shift at home is better than the day shift [in another city, away from my family]. I go to work in the evening and get to go home in the morning. This part of the project will probably be over in another month. I don't know what will be next but I'm pretty sure there will be something else.

Wellington Hall, 26 Providence, R.I. Traffic engineer Rhode Island Department of Transportation I just got assigned as a project manager of a highway safety improvement project -- the goal is to identify intersections with high crash rates and work with consultants to mitigate accidents and make them safer. It feels good to know that these are some of the roads I drive on and that my coworkers and friends drive on. It feels good to know I'm making an impact. Right now I'm working on other things too, like using renewable energy to save on electrical costs.There are always things to keep me busy. This job has definitely helped me. I bought a house in August with my fiancé, got engaged in November and graduated last week. None of this would be possible without the stimulus and I'm very grateful for that. We're planning on getting married some time in 2011.

Patricia Dunn, 43 Mount Kisco, N.Y.Nurse practitioner Open Door Family Medical Centers I had wanted to work for this organization six months prior to being offered my current position. They had a part-time opening but I needed full-time. When the [stimulus] funding came through, they offered me a position. Without a doubt, the funding made it possible for me to have this job. We've also, through stimulus, been able to hire more employees and that's great. The organization has hired several new physicians who started a few months ago. If nothing else, I have job security and few people can say that. In this environment, where I have a lot of friends that are now unemployed, it's a very good feeling. I am very happy and very busy here. I handle everything from the cradle to the grave. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Sonya Liadis, 47 Prescott Valley, Ariz. Personnel coordinator Humboldt Unified School District I had a six-month position through Northern Arizona Council of Government, but I didn't get hired full time because they were on a hiring freeze. I found a new job on my own but my experience with the town definitely landed me the job. I had told my old boss that I had a second interview with the school district and the mayor wrote me a letter of recommendation. It probably didn't hurt. I was hired in December. Before, with the city, I was involved in recruiting new hires, which is my responsibility here as well. I'm verifying education and certification, employment contracts and doing administrative work like I did with the mayor. It's pretty interesting. I know I haven't been here that long but so far I like it.

Esmeralda Pineda, 34 Chicago, Ill. Accountant Serious Materials I am in the same role in accounting and I also do HR. We are making windows for low-income housing and homeowners who want to save money on their energy bills. We've been putting a ton of work into retooling our factory for all kinds of glass and window products. We're seeing more and more interest in energy efficiency retrofits and in better windows that save money and cost the same as regular windows. Homeowners get a tax credit for energy efficient windows -- and all our windows qualify. I am extremely happy working here and see myself having many opportunities to climb up the corporate ladder with Serious Materials. My husband is still working too. He's been getting a lot more business for his residential construction company, which is great.
Ronald Walker, 44 Cedar Park, Tex. Software architectIBM
I used to work on a product for IBM, which is used for analyzing large quantities of data to find trends and forecasts. I'm working on the same project but it's more focused on aerospace right now -- that's been my focus for the last eight months. The technology project I'm working on now is not a part of the stimulus project but it's more of a tool that can be applied to that realm. I see this as a long-term project for me. IBM has tremendous opportunities available so I'm not worried about what`s coming next. I'm quite happy with where I am right now. I still work out of my house and the telecommuting aspects are wonderful.


Dee said...

It is clear the last administration put us on the edge of the cliff.

Thankfully, President Obama and his administration are doing all they can to save us from falling into the deep precipice of an economic depression.

The good news: People are finding jobs; they are getting back on their feet again!

I predict by this summer, the unemployment rate will be at 9.5 or less and the stock market will continue to rise and people will buy houses and cars again.

ultima said...

Okay, now let's see a piece on the millions who are still waiting for a job as amnesty is being considered along with other so-called immigration reforms.

ultima said...

Yes, we have only 10%-17% unemployed and he continues to dazzle us with his oratory as in his state of the union message. But there is another side his administration that is not<a Href="><all sweetness and light</a>.

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