Monday, January 18, 2010

Shocking Breaking News: Neanderthal Republican Mass. Senatorial Candidate Brown Calls for Rape of his Opponent Martha Coakley!

Neanderthal Republican Mass. Senatorial Candidate Brown Calls for Rape of his Opponent Martha Coakley! Caught on Video. Hear Brown approve RAPING His Opponent, Martha Coakley, comment made by a member of his cheering mob:
"Shove a curling iron up her butt!"
Brown nods, laughs and responds: "We can do this!"

Reference: Brown: Curling Iron Comment


Dee said...

MEDFORD, Mass.- Edward Kennedy’s widow has formally endorsed Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley in the race for her late husband’s U.S. Senate seat.

Vicki Kennedy threw her support behind Coakley on Thursday at a Kennedy-esque event: A brass band entertained a crowd of senior citizens with “Hello Dolly” and other show tunes.

Kennedy says Coakley would continue the “world-class” representation provided by her late husband.

She was joined at the event by interim Massachusetts Sen. Paul Kirk and the late senator’s nephew, former Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II.

Coakley faces Republican Scott Brown and independent candidate Joseph L. Kennedy - no relation to the famed political family - in the Jan. 19 election.

Vicki Kennedy had issued a statement of support for Coakley after the primary.

pcorn54 said...

Kinky little bastard this Scott Brown.

The darling of all the rabid whackos.

John Kerry made a comment today that the majority of the support and comments for Brown are coming from out of state interests, with no connection to the Bay State and certainly no right to interfere in it's Democratic process.

But it falls on deaf ears

Vicente Duque said...

Republicans are more interested in showing flags and strength. Republicans are Extroverts and Pushy - Democrats are introverts, shy, timid and bashful - Massachusetts Election

Please correct your Massachusetts polls by the Democrat bashuful effect

Nowadays : Democats are self-conscious, and awkward in the political presence of others. After so much Teabagger Noise, ruckus, disturbances, commotions and the gross and vulgar behaviour of Joe Wilson, Democrats are hiding under the rocks.

Let's assume that Brown wins, Coakley loses :

But Obama wins, because he showed strength, youth, strong oratory, cleverness, compromise, obligation, stamina, vigor, he showed that he is still alive.

Rumors of Obama ( Political ) Death are greatly exaggerated !

The behaviour that Obama avoided was : Lazyness, Indifference, Negligence, Indolence, Passivity, Egotism, Egoism, Narcissism, Egolatry, Weakness, lethargic inactivity, slothfulness, slowness.

Obama is a winner, Obama wins.

And I am a Great Critic of Obama's Foreign Policy, but I am not so mean or debassed as not to acknowledge Obama's Greatness, ...... Yes, Obama is a Great President, and I pray for him, and that he corrects his course in certain matters.

But they guy is certainly great and good for America. I take off my hat before Obama !

Youth, Minorities, Politics :

Vicente Duque

I Travel for JOOLS said...

You have got to be kidding. What you've said is terrible and NOT confirmed by your video. You and Keith Olberman have lost your sense of decency.

Dee said...

This is not my video. It's on youtube.

Read the heading. Yes. A supporter shouted out for Coakley to be raped by a curling iron. Murphy laughed and concurred saying "we can do this."

MMPete said...

That remark was made in retaliation to Coakley's late action on some rape case. Not that it was right but it isn't rape for God's sake. Show us a video where Brown called for rape of his opponent. He didn't.

Dee said...

No. It was NOT right.

Anyone.. ANYONE who laughs and condones RAPE should NOT be elected to political office.

Dee said...

The IDIOTS who elected this rapist condoner in Mass. will teach us ALL a lesson!



Additionally, bi=partisanship will NEVER WORK!!

Only reconciliation will.

We need to take the Mass. vote and make it as a rallying cry.

plus VOTES are POWER!!


MMPete said...

It won't help your side to lie about an opponent either. Keep that in mind. By the way, look up the word rape. You apparently don't know it means. Brown said nothing about condoning rape. Get a grip, will you?

Anonymous said...

Brown did not condone rape. You are really stretching the truth now and should be ashamed of yourself.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Ask yourself this: Would you say to Scott Brown, his wife, his daughters or President Obama what you said in your headline? Would you look any of them in the eye and say that?

Dee said...

No Jools. I would only replay his own video with his own laughter at the recommendations for rape of his opponent. Let his OWN WORDS show them what he did.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the video 6 times (short as it was) and most of what was said was inaudible and I never heard him condoning rape. Huffington Post? Yeah, right there's a far left liberal site for you. Unless you can give us something clear and audible to listen to then you are doing nothing but repeating far left liberal propaganda.

Proletariat Defender said...

Send a real message in November: Vote Third-party.

It will drive the Republocrats and Demicans crazy......

Dee said...

I cannot believe all the teabaggers posting horrible pix of our 1st Lady Michelle Obama and not saying a word about the XXX rated videos made (and received payment) by the likes of newly voted Brown's wife.


Dee said...

And then for that xxx Brown to exploit his bikini clad daughters:

What KIND of father is this Brown????


Dee said...

My gosh!
Even his own daughters exotically exploit themselves on myspace and facebook! Shameful!!

Dee said...

the daughter exploits herself on the hotpurple website! Shameful!!

Anonymous said...

And how about that pig Clinton having sex in the white house with an intern? Oh he's a Democrat so that's ok. How about Evans and his scandal? Oops, another Democrat. How about Ted Kennedy and the bridge at.....oops, another Democrat so it's ok.

ultima said...

Yeah, and how about your friend John Edwards whose exploits become more sordid each day. Let's have a little reportage on that democrat to balance your remarks about Brown.

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