Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jury selection in Marcelo Lucero murder trial set for March 1; Beaner Stompers to Face Justice!

Readers: Please put this date on your calendars! March 1, 2010 ---
Jury selection for the highly anticipated trial of Jeffrey Conroy, the leader of the Caucasian Crew and charged in the hate killing of an Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue, will begin March 1, according to his defense attorney, William Keahon of Islandia. Conroy, 18, of Medford, is the first of the seven teenagers charged with first-degree gang assault and fourth-degree conspiracy in the Nov. 8, 2008, killing of Marcelo Lucero.

As you may recall, the Caucasian Crew stalked Latinos weekly in the streets of Patchogue, NY. For "fun", high school students roamed the streets of Patchogue to "Beaner Stomp." On November 9, 2008, Jeff Conroy led his crew in Beaner Stomping Marcelo Lucero and stabbing him to death in the streets.

Jury selection begins March 1, 2010. I will be reporting on this story until the jury makes its decision and Justice is served.


Vicente Duque said...

The Media is very extremely biased. It keeps us enthralled and totally captivated 24 hours seven days with the would be terrorists : the Shoe Terrorist and the Underwear Terrorist, in a great promotion of Fear and Paranoia.

But they keep a total silence on the Coward Scoundrels that kill a hard working man. They had as a hobby and sport to harass latinos in the most coward imaginable form, after many beatings and stabbings of many people they finally killed a good man.

They are perfect 100% Terrorists, no doubt about that. And there is a Great Very High Probability that they receive less than the sentence for killing a dog.

That is why the TV Series "Law and Order - Special Victims Unit" had the killer totally acquitted of the Terrorist Murder of Three "colored" children ( Black, Asiatic and Latino ).

The Series was VERY REALISTIC and I liked that, they did not lie to the public. The Coward scoundrel was full of tears and wept and cried that he had been influenced by Television Hate Merchants.

You could see in the face of Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot her disappointment.

Detective Fin Tutuola was also very discomposed and angry at such Imbecile Decision of a Jury. But he understood that this is a Despicable Racist Justice System.

The Funny Thing is that millions of Children in America and around the world are watching "Law and Order" and learning.

My greetings and embrace to Fictional District Attorney of New York "Jack McCoy" that also is fighting against Racial Injustice and is also frustrated with the absurd Racist Trial Decisions.

They will never admire and love the Preachers of Hate, Fear and Paranoia on the TV Screens. They are also the promoters of War and Racial Violence.

Finally and Concluding : There are many cases like this against Minorities, but the Media keeps a "Conspiracy of Silence", they portray only the Criminal Cases that are useful to promote Racial Hatred.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

Google Florencia 13 and Varrio Hawaiian Gardens and see what you come up with.


Dee said...

I did not post your comment because it was not related to this Hate Crime.

Yes. The crime you referenced was committed by a despicable person. It was a horrendous crime. But you cannot blame the perps ethnicity and blame every person of the same ethnicity for that crime.

The judge was absolutely correct in sending the perp to prison for life. That's how it should be.

Regarding Marcelo Lucero's murder: The Caucasian Crew went out looking for "Beaners" to Stomp. They did it weekly. That night they murdered Marcelo. Just because of his ethnicity.

THAT is the difference.

Anonymous said...

it's a shame what happened to this man. The truth in the matter is that whites , blacks and Hispanics in that area need to staighten up. I went to a street fair in town and was taken back by all the scumbags who inhabit this area. Begging us for money and harassing my 14 year old daughter. Clean up the town and problems like this might not occur.

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