Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clowns, Dunderheads and Neanderthals Making Ludicrous/Racist Statements Including: "I Want My Country Back...From our Black President!"

Since this weekend, there has been a flurry of news reports promoting White Nationalist or Racist causes. They are outrageous. My question: Why now? Is it because these WN, Republican, Teabagger types want to draw attention to themselves over Martin Luther King's birthday? I smell something in the air, and it certainly is NOT birthday cake!

1. The formation of the All-American (All White) Basketball Alliance. It appears the dunderhead sponsors for this new association want to revert to Jim Crow/pre-Civil Rights days excluding all minorities from participating.
2. Scott Baio sending outrageous pictures of Michelle Obama. Not that anyone actually cares about anything this clown, has-been Baio says, but why do these born again republican teabaggers go after Michelle Obama with such disrespect? I do not recall anyone ever doing anything so disrespectful to Laura Bush.
3. Republican Senator Inhofe (OK-R) Believes in Ethnic and Racial Profiling. Inhofe said: "I know it's not politically correct to say it -- I believe in racial and ethnic profiling. I think if you're looking at people getting on an airplane and you have X amount of resources to get into it, you need to get at the targets, not my wife. " Inhofe wants all people of color "profiled" and yes, Inhofe is from Oklahoma, home of the OKC Bombing -- the one perpetrated by blond, blue-eyed Timothy McVeigh.
4. Heard at a Teabag Party or Republican Event Near You: "I want my Country Back!" To me, this is the most racist statement I have ever, ever heard. Every time I hear it, it is like fingernails scratching the blackboard, "Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!" Ugh! I cannot stand the sounds of these words spewed from the lips of some foaming Neanderthal! Where were they during the Bush Administration when he was taking us into a wrongful war, stealing our Civil Liberties, incarcerating innocent children in Detention Centers, de-regulating financial institutions, allowing them to wreck havoc on our financial systems and ruining our Economy to the point we were about to fall off a cliff.

These Clowns are crying, "I want my country back....from our Black President!" These Dunderheads want to go back to the inglorious days of Bush????
These folks need two things:
1. a new jacket
2. a gentle xxx to their backside!
and a reminder of the Bush Years!


Anonymous said...

You just don't get it do you? Your hatred of the white race and all Republicans just blinds you and keeps you from thinking rationally.

Americans who want their country back are from both parties and from all ethnicities. Most of the Republicans who want their country back had no use for Bush or his policies. They do not want to return to Bush policies but they don't like the direction our country is taking today either. This has been going on for decades now and Americans are just fed up with lying politicians who put Americans last and where money and votes are more important.

Again, why do you mention detention centers? That is an illegal immmigration issue and detaining law breakers is what we have always done in this country whether they be legal or illegal. These innocent children you mention are being held with their parents so that the families are kept together. You object to that? I thought your side is always screaming separation of families? Kind of hypocritical, isn't it?

An All white American group. Oh, that's just awful, isn't it? Of course it is ok for Hispanics to have the NCLR or Blacks to have the NAACP, right? More hypocricy.

Palin was demonized by the Democrats but that was ok but not Michelle Obama? More hypocricy.

I think we do need to be careful who boards our airplanes. So far it has only been those from terrorists countries that have tried to take down an airplane to destroy our country. We do need to be more careful in checking those kinds of people out for our national safety. If they happen to have brown skin, so what! What has that to do with it?

I notice you always try to make everything about race as noted in your remarks about Timothy McVeigh for example. You need to get over your apparent hatred of white America and the Republican party to see how irrational you are and find out what ALL Americans mean by taking their country back. "There are none so blind as those who refuse to see".

Dee said...

LOL Anon.
You certainly represent those that title this topic: C, D and N equally.

You are absolutely hilarious!
I absolutely LOVE your response!
Do you see what you do?
You just VALIDATE this ENTIRE post!

You are the C, D and N I wrote about!!!


Now, my audience knows and understands that I DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU UP!!

Dee said...

PS: Did I get your picture right? You know, the one in the bottom half of this picture?


Dee said...

Let me add one more name:


Anonymous said...

On the contrary everything I wrote is the truth and you just can't stand that because it doesn't go along with your far left agenda. Point out one thing that I said that was ludicrous or racist. I challenge you!

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that you respect the opinions of those who post on your blog and don't make smart cracks to belittle them...NOT! I am a guest and wish to be treated that way. Rudeness does not become you. Grown women with any sense of decency don't behave that way to a guest or anyone else. Shows just how wrong you know you are deep down inside.

Proletariat Defender said...

Let's see..... where was I when Bush was in office?

Doing the same complaining, same protesting, and same letter writing I am now.

Better question: Why did the media stop covering Cindy Sheehan once Obama was elected?

She is still protesting the war, as she always has..... Now she is going to Washington.

I contend that most were really anti-Bush supporters as opposed to the anti-war folks they made themselves out to be......

Vicente Duque said...

Dee, Thanks for your excellent blog - Thanks for your defense of Kindness and Humanity

I saw the movie "Holocaust" and the scene that most impressed me was the Christmas Party of the Nazi Bastard in Auschwitz, while killing Jewish Children, Women, the Old, etc .... he was celebrating Christmas : Carols sung with a piano, gifts, his own children, toys, Xmas Tree, etc ... and all the paraphernalia of Xmas.

Sometimes I feel like the same things are happening right now in our days, and things have not changed a bit.

This may be a little exaggerated, but I don't repent of having written it in :

The New Dark Ages - Another Age of Unreason - An Age of Fear, Paranoia, Hate, Racism - The most absurd things are believed and Science is despised

And I forgot to include the Most Despicable Racist Justice System. I don't know why I forgot to include that.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

It's racist to want our country back from the lying politicians we have had for the last couple of decades who have gotten us into debt way over our heads among other things? What has race to do with it? Bush was white and he was one of the biggest loser presidents we have ever had.

Don't you want your country back also?

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Dee's anger is palpable and I know why. No, Dee, CIR will not be on Obama's plate this year. After Massachusetts, he's going to devote himself to jobs and the economy. He cannot afford to have yet another hugely divisive issue at the forefront. And most certainly the democrats running for reelection cannot afford to risk having to explain why American jobs should go to illegal immigrants before the 2010 election.

And, gee, I said all that without calling anyone a name. It can be done, Dee.

Dee said...

Your White Nationalist views come shining through. Your hatred of our President and his wife is very obvious. How dare you disrespect them as you do!

How dare you condone children going to Detention Centers.

How dare you call Humanitarian Groups like NCLR and NAACP and compare them to HATE groups like KKK or White Nationalists or Neo-Nazis.

You support racial profiling and only want Brown people checked at airports yet you defend one of the biggest domestic terrorists of our time, Timothy McVeigh. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself!

Dee said...

Your problem Anon is you do not even recognize your own racism or hatefilled responses.

Go back and read your 1st comment. Read all you said about demonizing our 1st Lady, children in Detention Centers, supporting racial profiling and defending Timothy McVeigh. Shameful!!

Dee said...

When the neantherthals say "I want my country back..." what they are really saying is:

"I want my country back from our our Black President."

Go back and LOOK at the ole boys who are making these remarks.

The TRUTH will set you FREE!!

Dee said...

Did you READ this post?

ALL the examples I gave are REAL.
So you say you support:
1. All whtie Basketball alliance
2. Baio ridiculing our 1st lady
3. Senator (OK-R) supporting racial and ethic profiling
4. Ole Boys WISHING: "I want my country back from our Black President"

You condone and support that?

LMJ said...

You know what makes me sick about you Teah-Baaagers, the 8 dark years, you voted in the worst President (TWICE!!!) in the history of presidents but all of a sudden you don't claim him. Suck it up, you voted for him, back it up, claim Bush, the whole county is in the crapper because of YOUR RED STATE VOTE.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

1. No, I do not support the All American white basketball team. Nor, do I support the Congressional Black Caucus. Read this fact check article. Admitted they are a racially exclusive group. And, these are our lawmakers !
2. I didn't bother to read the statement about Biao but no, I would not support anybody sending outrageous pictures of the first lady.
3. Yes, I support profiling if it is in the interests of saving the lives of innocent people.
4. Taking our country back is not the same as taking our country back "from a black president". You added the quoted statement. What people want is stability, peace, and not to have their whole world turned upside down by invasive laws that could hurt them financially, that could damage their health care, laws that are shoved down their throat. By the way, I have a biracial granddaughter who I would lay down my life for.

Dee said...

You are right.
If they thought gov't were really a problem, they would have taken the presidency away from Bush!That is when they should have proclaimed "i want my country back!"

Today, what they are really saying is they "want their country back from a Black President."
They may as well admit it!!

Vicente Duque said...

Two little observations :

1) It would be Political Hara-Kiri for Obama/Democrats to attempt ANYTHING in Immigration. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc ... are surfing in a Big Tsunami of Hate, Racism, Fear, Paranoia and Stupidity/Imbecility.

And that Gigantic Wave could drown Mr Obama/Democrats. Immigration Reform in 2010 is Sepuku.

2)International Politics and Foreign Policy and infinitely more dangerous, explosive and conductive to decline than Domestic Policies.

If Democrats pass the Wrong Health Care, then they themselves or the Republicans later can fix it, and change the absurdities or harmful articles or provisions.

But the Big Mistakes of Bush and Obama won't be pardoned by enemies and allies in one hundred years.

They will make History and History is unforgiving.

And Mr Obama will be so harassed by Foreign Policy after the 2010 Census and Elections that Immigration Reform would be more difficult.

This is very sad but REALISTIC. It does not matter if you are extreme Right or Left.

The Solution of the Riddle is in FOREIGN POLICY. That is what the History Books are going to talk about in one thousand years.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

More from the All White BB Commissioner:

An all-white basketball league was proposed earlier in the week by a group calling itself the All-American Basketball Alliance. The league's commissioner, Don "Moose" Lewis, said that in "the culture today" you have to "worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch." Therefore, he said, he wanted to create a league that focuses on "fundamental basketball" instead of "street-ball" played by "people of color."

Proletariat Defender said...

"I do not recall anyone ever doing anything so disrespectful to Laura Bush."

Like Bill Maher's joke of Laura sleeping with Bill Clinton?

Or how about the picture of Laur's "Scared straight Christmas Pageant"?

ultima said...

I would agree provided La Razs and other such Latino Supremicist organizations receive the same treatment.

Vicente Duque said...

Foreign Policy Magazine : Replacing Blacks with Whites - Creation of a "Big White Nation" in Africa, "Bigger than Australia", UN Creation

This article does not surprise me, because I have been researching for years the History of Racism. The first 40 years of the 20 century were an era of Racism, Racial Brutality, Colonialism, Imperialism, etc.... and not only Europe, Russia or Japan, but the United States played a big role in these events or Imperialism, Racism, Eugenesics, Racist Myths, .... etc...

Foreign Policy Magazine
Was the U.N. really founded on a lofty democratic ideal?
By Colum Lynch
Mr Lynch is one of the Main Editors of "Foreign Policy" Magazine
January 25, 2010

Was the U.N. really founded on a lofty democratic ideal?

Some excerpts :

Mazower examines the darker side of the U.N.'s creation, highlighting a handful of influential figures who participated in drafting the U.N. Charter, principally Jan Smuts, the late South African prime minister, who wrote the key section of the lofty preamble to the charter, which promotes equal rights for individuals and states and commits U.N. members to "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war."

Smuts, who had played a role in the ill-fated League of Nations, saw the United Nations as a means of cementing Britain's relationship between the United States, and preserving the British-led Commonwealth. His ultimate goal was to ensure white rule in South Africa and beyond. In June, 1945, immediately after the U.N. was created at a conference in San Francisco, Smuts returned to South Africa to push for the annexation of the former Germany colony, South-West Africa, now known as Namibia.

"He was convinced of white racial superiority and believed international organizations should ensure that white leadership of the world continued," Mazower writes. "South Africa," he adds later in the book, "had expansionism hardwired into its constitution."

"The whole area of East Africa," Smuts wrote in the 1920s, could "be made into a great European state or system of states during the next three or four generations." In 1929 he called for "one great African dominion stretching unbroken throughout Africa." What was needed was " a resolute white policy" so that there would emerge "a white state in time more important than Australia ... a chain of white states which will in the end become one from the [South African] Union to Kenya."

The turning point came in 1946, when Smuts tried and failed to secure support in the U.N. General Assembly for its plans to annex South-West Africa. Later that year, Jawaharlal Nehru, the leader of an Indian transitional government that had not yet gained independence, went to the 54-member U.N. General Assembly to complain that a new South Africa law restricting voting and residence rights for Indian laborers was incompatible with the U.N. Charter. Despite resistance from the U.S., Britain, and South Africa, the measure passed.

Vicente Duque

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