Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shades of Watergate! Friend of Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart, ACORN Scammer James O'Keefe is ARRESTED for Bugging Democratic Senator's Office!!

BREAKING NEWS: Andrew O'Keefe, friend of Glenn Beck/Andrew Breitbart, famed for his accusations and undercover activities at ACORN (ACORN--no charges ever convicted), has been ARRESTED for aiding and abetting two others, Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan, who dressed up as employees of a telephone company and attempted to interfere with the office's of a Democratic U.S. Senator Mary Lander's telephone system. A fourth person, Stan Dai, was accused of aiding and abetting Basel and Flanagan. All four were charged with entering Federal Property under FALSE PRETENSES with the intent of committing a FELONY. These perpetrators are now out on $10,000 Bail.
Shades of Watergate!! Illegally bugging a Senator's office! They were Bugging and Wiretapping the phones of a U.S. Senator in her home office in New Orleans. Update: Apparently early news reports have been ammended. O'Keefe has been charged with entering a Federal Building under False Pretenses with the intent of committing a felony. O'Keefe gained notoriety last year for his secretly filming of ACORN videos, which caused a firestorm of media intrigue surrounding ACORN after O'Keefe posted them on the Andrew-Brietbart-owned blog Big Government. O'Keefe and his gal-pal dressed as a Pimp and a Whore to commit their SCAM against ACORN. Now, for this NEW ILLEGAL SCHEME, WHO ELSE KNEW ABOUT THESE CRIMES? WHO PUT THEM UP TO THESE ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES? Was it Glenn Beck??? Was it Andrew Breitbart??? Both Beck and Breitbart quickly backed O'Keefe's very questionable tactics against ACORN.

According to FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes, O'Keefe and another man, Stan Dai, have admitted to federal agents they planned, coordinated, and prepared for the attempted infiltration and wiretapping of the U.S. Senator's office, and the two men who allegedly posed as telephone company workers have admitted to entering Landrieu's office under false pretenses.

O'Keefe entered Landrieu's office and told a staffer there that he was waiting for someone to arrive, according to the affidavit. Special Agent Rayes states that two men, Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan, then entered the office wearing blue denim work pants, blue work shirts, flourescent vests, tool belts, and carrying hard hats, and claimed to be workers for a telephone company. O'Keefe then recorded them with his cell phone (which the staffer noticed) as Basel asked to see the office phone, "manipulated" the handset, and tried to call it with his cell phone, Rayes states. Basel and Flanagan said they needed access to the phone system, at which point the staffer directed them to the GSA office in the building, according to the affidavit. They went there, were asked for credentials, and said they had left their credentials in their vehicle; neither of them actually work for a phone company, according to the affidavit.

I commit to following this story until these perpetrators are fully charged and face their day in court. I suspected, from the very beginning of O'Keefe's ACORN scam, that his activities were very questionable and perhaps criminal. This clown O'Keefe did this for his 15 minutes of fame. Now he has it.
I am also interested in finding out who knew about these activities before he committed them. I am sure it was probably Beck and Breitbart, O'Keefe's previous backers. I also will be checking to see how much coverage both of these right wing extremists will be giving this story. Will FOX Cover this? I suspect NOT!
I hope this gives Beck's supporters some insight into how sick this man really is!
FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes


Dee said...

Can you even begin to imagine the outrage from the right IF someone from the left had committed O'Keefe's felonious outrage???

The whole RIGHT Senate would be calling on organizations, individuals and anyone else associated to be CONVICTED, FINED, ADMONISHED, etc. (as ACORN was).

I want ALL of my readers to look at on RIGHT WING's site's "oh my's" of the O'Keefe situation. READ the comments.

So typical of the RIGHT!!


Vicente Duque said...

TV Series "Law and Order - Special Victims Unit" furiously attacks the TV/Radio Promoters of Hate and Racial Murder : Beck, Limbaugh, Dobbs, etc ...

There is a Fictional Hate Merchant "Gordon Garrison" that has a TV Program "Flashpoint", this guy is modelled after Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc .... and preaches the same garbage and incitation to violence. "Gordon Garrison" quotes the First Amendment as his right to ask for "Immigrants to be sent in wooden boxes to their original countries".

Some of these Real Hate Peddlers and Racists are even mentioned in the "Special Victims Unit" episode. They are mentioned by name : Limbaugh, Beck, Dobbs, etc ...

Bigot "Gordon Garrison" preaches that he is a Great Patriot, that America is becoming Third Word and needs to be saved, that "anchor babies" and "affirmative action" or "reverse discrimination" are sending America to Hell, and that poverty and misery of Whites are due to the "colored" immigrants ( not the European Immigrants )

Enter poor failed fool "Joe Thagard", the perfect loser, who was in the Military ( dishonorable discharged ) and has been unemployed or in poor menial jobs, he hates the "lower races", and is strongly influenced by bigot Gordon Garrison. He goes on an errand to a school or place for immigrant children and decides to kill some of the Children in order to save America.

Joe Thagard murders three children : Black American Girl Ruby, American born from immigrants Magda ( latina ), and Scotty Wu ( of Chinese Parents ).

He is "saving America" like many killers declared ( Keith Luke in Brockton Mass. and Danny Baker in Florida ) .... They kill people for the crime of not being "White" .....

Like in many real cases that we have reviewed in our sites, this Racial Murderer is totally 100% acquitted after weeping rivers and lakes of repentance and childish behaviour. All these racial murderers in Real Life are "little rosy angels of Heaven" and the "good grandson of grandma" after commiting Sadism, Brutality and Murder.

A great hero of this episode is "colored" ( Caribbean ? ) detective Fin Tutuola, that is loved by kids in America and around the world. Tutuola has many Temper Tantrums against everybody because he sees the Real Racial Injustice, and has mean episodes against his girlfriend and against detective Olivia Benson that appears for a few seconds and helps to solve the case. Great Hero Tutuola also has anger against his Chief ( of Police ) that doesn't realize that the murders are racist and racial.

Detective John Munch is also very supportive of his best Friend Fin Tutuola and helps him a lot. When Tutuola asks Munch to see a Garbage TV Show of a Hatemonger, Munch says : "I don't like to see the decadence of Western Civilization".

And the Second Great Hero is a Great Heroine, the Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot. She is spectacular in this episode. A Great Beautiful Actress in a Great Role that becomes her talents. You have to remember "Atticus Finch" that is Gregory Peck in "To kill a Mockingbird".. .. This is the episode in which I have seen the best in acting from Alexandra, and she is intellectual, the opposite of the Haters and Bigots.

Alexandra is an extraordinary beauty and she pronounces the greatest condemnation of the "Entertaining Clowns" that promt people to kill for Racial and Ethnic Reasons. She tells us about the Bigots Hypocrisy of making money with lies.

The Good Thing is that this program is seen by millions of kids in America and the World at large. These kids won't like fools like Dobbs, Beck and Limbaugh in the Future, when they are grownups and in full Political Life.


Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Detective Fin Tutuola says "If these kids were White like ( blonde blue eyed ) Elizabeth and JonBenet then this would be news in all newspapers". Remember the killing of little Brisenia Flores, 9 years old, in Arizona in May of 2008, the Media News ignored this Racist Murder.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Breitbart ADMITS PAYING O'Keefe!!

More to come!

Dee said...

This is soooooo very hilarious. Breitbart, Beck and Malkin, the champions of BAD Journalism, stalking, dirt digging, and exposing nothing pretending its something, as they did with uncharged ACORN.

He should GO TO PRISON.
I hope he does.

I hope this teaches these very SPOILED RICH KIDS that they cannot BREAK THE LAW and LIE about those these disagree with, as they did with ACORN.

They should be CHARGED and NOT be let off easy. This is a crime with a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. They should go to PRISON for at least 5 years!!! and NOT be let off easy!!

Anonymous said...

The Democrats and other left wingers have never beeen guilty of any dirt digging, right dee?

Dee said...

Granted, both sides dirt-dig, but the Right has done it so much more. The Left has always been slow to catch up when it comes to dirty tricks.

Now they have, and many follow the tactics that O'Keefe himself taught at the Pelican Institute.

Anonymous said...

Unless you can prove your assertions with a viable link that states that right wingers are worse than left wing Democrats at playing dirty tricks then you are just blowing smoke.

Dee said...

You must be kidding. All one needs to remember is Watergate. Republicans invented Dirty Tricks.
Karl Rove is O'Keefe's mentor/predecessor. Remember Dukakis and all the dirty tricks Rove used in the campaign (e.g. Willie Horton) ?

We all know this!!

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