Monday, October 4, 2010

It Came to Me Today! Remembering the American Dream!

I have been very contemplative today. I have a routine, you know.

Generally, I have a host of family/work activities that begin my day. Then, at the end of my usual day, I visit my wonderful, lovely blog that keeps me involved, studious, knowledgable and a humanitarian. My blog that consumes me as I read the days events, think about my posts, and wonder about my viewers' responses. Then I review the comments, compare the comments vs the spam; decide where I will or will not respond, then decide if I will comment - what when and how.

Today is different. I've been very contemplative. I started my day out the same. But then, after family/work, I started thinking about me. Where am I in life right now? How do my blog, my viewer comments and I fit in to the big picture.

Why is today different? This weekend, I spent time with grandchildren. One of my grandson's birthday was yesterday. He is so handsome, nice, and has such a wonderful future ahead of him. He is a talented football player at 9. He is captain of his team. His mom and his Dad (my handsome and wonderful son) are so caring and supportive of both their sons.

I also had a long talk with my youngest son. He is a delight. He is 25 years old. He is in the prime of his life, yet he often takes time to sit and talk with his mom. Today, we talked about life in general. We talked about discipline vs non discipline. We talked about being a teenager. We talked about the temptations of life. We talked about people we know, who did not have discipline in their young lives. Now today, some in their 30's, others in their 40's, others in their 50's, are struggling, struggling so much in life right now.

I am so amazed by both of my sons and my grandsons. They have so much life ahead of them to experience, yet their eyes are so wide open, so young, so naive, so open to a myraid of possibilities. And I am sitting back, listening to the news shows, the internet, the wearies and woes of the outside world, wondering what "sign" will take our country, our world, to the next stage of all of our lives.

I look into the eyes of my handsome, muscle bound, brilliant sons and grandsons and I see the world ahead of them, captured in their palms, awaiting their presence to decide where our world will turn next.

And I look into my own eyes, bifocals in place, looking, wondering, investigating the medicare plans of the future. Hoping I have enough time to set in place a stable and reliable life for my future generations. Then I realize, they will not need my pittance nor advice. They have the world in their palms, the rainbows ahead and the possibilities of the unimaginary at their doorsteps. The world is waiting them..their hard work and future thoughts and dreams, just as happened when my Dad passed the baton on to me and my brothers and sisters.

We live in such a beautiful country. The American Dream for all. Sometimes we forget the reality of it all. I remembered it today!
God Bless America!
God Bless Our President Obama!
God Bless Us All!!


PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Thanks that is a wonderful post. It is true we are so lucky, I even think the economy is getting better.

ultima said...

It's wonderful that you have such perfect children.

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