Wednesday, October 20, 2010

AZ Latinos Beware: Russell Pearce and Kris Kobach are working together again, this time to remove Citizenship from Citizen Latino Children in Arizona!

AZ Latinos Beware!
If you thought AZ's STATE senate bill1070 was bad, wait until you hear this. Nativist AZ senator and friend of White Supremists - Russell Pearce is partnering again with extremist (Hate Group FAIR Member) Kris Kobach with a new STATE bill...this time to deny Citizenship to the CITIZEN CHILDREN of Latino Undocumented Immigrants in the STATE of Arizona.

Kobach this week confirmed that he is working with Pearce to write a STATE bill that would develop a STATE law to change the way children born in ARIZONA to illegal immigrants are granted citizenship. Kobach helped Pearce write STATE senate bill 1070. Pearce has said he will propose the STATE bill when the legislative session starts in January. Kobach would not say what that STATE bill might look like but we can only expect the worst.

Pearce and Kobach, both Teaparty members, who SAY they are supporters of the Constitution, SHOULD try to remember the first bullet from the 14th ammendment of the Constitution:
"No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States"

Citizen Latinos, these zealots are relentless! They will NOT stop these INSANE, RACIST bills. The only way to STOP them is to VOTE THEM and ALL REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

Register to VOTE and then VOTE!!!!


ultima said...

No need to paint with such a broad brush. Pearce and Kobach will be wasting their time on this and the courts will derail the law as soon as it is challenged.

There is an argument that supports the Pearce/Kobach initiative but I believe it is flimsy in the face of the 14th Amendment. What is needed here is a law which assumes that the 14th does not apply to the children of illegals, tourists, or foreign students. That would enable the high court to decide once and for all whether casual or illegal visitors to the U.S. can claim birthright citizenship for their children.

Dee said...

No broad brush, ulty.

Just speaking the TRUTH, as always!

ultima said...

Dee wrote, " The only way to STOP them is to VOTE THEM and ALL REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!"

That's a broad brush in any language!

ultima said...

I have a general philosophy of politics that says that all associations among human beings naturally involve trade offs among irreconcilable principles, each on its own a self-evident good to be maximized to the utmost extent, except that each one detracts from others. Follow any one of these principles to their logical conclusion and you get an unworkable society. Society only exists because most of us are wise enough not to take any of our political beliefs to their natural conclusion.

Political speech is necessarily like this. The only way for us to truly have equal speech is if no one opens their mouth. The best we can do is to try to do something about the largest inequities while admitting that nothing human can reach perfection. We're always going to have illogical irregularities in how we legislate these things, it's a matter of weighing the trade-offs made for each. Reality is imperfect, personally I like it that way.


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