Monday, October 25, 2010

Latino AZ Congressman Raul Grijalva Under Racist Attacks by Republicans and unknown ANTI-Immigrant Forces!

Latino Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva has been under attack by Republicans and unknown ANTI-Immigrant forces. Grijalva's Tucson, Ariz., office was evacuated Thursday when a staffer opened an envelope containing a plastic bag of white powder and two pieces of paper with swastikas written on them.

In June, a Phoenix man was indicted for threatening to assault, kidnap and murder Grijalva and his aides. In July, a bullet was fired into Grijalva's Yuma office shortly after he reversed his call for groups to boycott Arizona because of its new immigration law.

Now, Republican (I'm a Maverick/I'm NOT a Maverick) McCain's Senate campaign funded an ad against Grijalva that is running around the clock in the seventh district, an unusual move that drew complaints from Democrats that McCain was violating his own campaign finance reform rules. And McCain is now sharing office space with Grijalva's opponent, subletting a chunk of his Tucson headquarters to the cash-strapped campaign of novice candidate Ruth McClung.

McCain may have general personal and ideological differences with Grijalva, but he also has a quite specific local objection to the congressman. McCain backers have long sought to mine for uranium near the Grand Canyon. Grijalva has stood in the way. He is on the short list to be Interior Secretary and is chair of the House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands. His opposition to the mining included holding a field hearing in Arizona to explore its environmental consequences. Grijalva successfully lobbied the White House to temporarily block the mining. At Grijalva's field hearing, Utah Rep. Rob Bishop, the ranking Republican on the subcommittee, called the Obama move "tyranny."

Shortly after Grijalva's hearing, McCain and Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, the number two Republican in the Senate, sent a letter to Grijalva defending the right to mine in the area. Sam Stone, a McClung spokesman, said that the campaigns are not working in coordination. "We're not working together," he said. "We're simply sharing space that was available on very short notice. Obviously we didn't have a lot of resources or funds until really within the last month." Stone said the campaign had no office until roughly four weeks ago and is paying half the rent.

The McClung campaign, in its first money bomb, used a RACIST doctored image of Grijalva that plays on racial stereotypes, depicting him with a long mustache. (Stone said that no offense is meant by the image and that it was a play on the exaggerated mustache Grijalva uses in his own campaign literature.)
Powder mailed to Grijalva's office wasn't toxic
McCain Waging Grudge Match Against Raul Grijalva; Challenger's Offensive Poster Mocks Dem's Mustache


ultima said...

I think opposition to Grijalva is fully justified by his stand on SB 1070. He like others gives precedence to his illegal alien ethnic brethren instead of his fellow citizens who want the law enforced. He doesn't deserve re-election. When is he and others like him going to begin to act like an Americans rather than a Mexicans?

The uranium deal should be carefully scrutinized for legality and for any adverse impact on the Grand Canyon park. There may be point at which uranium will be important for Obama's plan to wean us from petroleum.

Dee said...

I am disappointed in you. You did not say one word in disapproval to the THUGS who mailed white powder and swastikas to Raul's office. Nor did you cite one word of disapproval to the domestic terrorists who shot bullets into his Yuma office. Nor the Thug who threatened to assault, kidnap and murder Grijalva and his aids. Nor to two forked tongue McCain who violated his own campaign finance reform rules when giving campaign funding to Raul's opponent. You SAY you live by RULE OF LAW, but it appears you ONLY believe in RULE OF LAW when the lawbreakers disagree with your point of view. Those that have your point of view can break the laws all they want and it is OK by you. SHAME ON YOU! But I suppose this is typical behavior of many Republicans.

Bryan said...

Republicans opposing Grivalja is about as surprising as democrats raising taxes. For a creative solution to the immigration question, both parties should consider expanding the eb-5 visa program, which creates 10 American jobs for every immigrant to the US. It's a win win.

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