Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LIAR RACIST Sharron Angle Ticks Off Canada! (Nevada Latino Voters, Please VOTE AGAINST Sharron Angle! She is Insane and Racist!)

Politico.com reports: Sharron Angle annoys Canada
Canada's ambassador to the U.S. has called on (Crackpot) Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle to take back her claim that terrorists have come into the country over the Northern border. "Our Northern border is where the terrorists came through," Angle told a group of Hispanic students last week. "That's the most porous border that we have." (My question is, IF Republicans don't believe this, then WHY are they supporting Crackpot Racist Sharron Angle??)

The Ambassador continued, "None of the 9/11 hijackers entered the United States from or through Canada."
Other U.S. politicians, including Newt Gingrich, former Sen. Conrad Burns and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, have repeated the Canada terrorism canard. Early media reports in the days after 9/11 that a Canadian border crossing was being investigated were soon disproved, but nearly a decade later, the idea apparently persists.

Angle brought up Canada in an attempt to fend off charges that her tough ads attacking illegal immigration were a race-based attack on Hispanics. In trying to make a case that illegal immigration is a problem no matter who the migrants are or which border they cross, she told the Hispanic Student Union at Las Vegas's Rancho High School that appearances aren't everything: "I don't know that all of you are Latino. Some of you look a little more Asian to me."

The dust-up with Canada isn't the first time Angle has repeated a debunked urban myth and angered faraway local officials. In September, she claimed Islamic law had been imposed in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn. Dearborn's mayor wrote to Angle to set her straight. Asked where she had gotten that idea, Angle later told conservative radio host Lars Larson, "That's what I had read."


ultima said...

Did anyone canvass the audience to see if some of those present resembled Asians or had some Asian blood in them? After all there are a lot of Asians in this country and there has been a lot of intermarriage.

ultima said...

Since she won the primary Angle is entitled to the support of the GOP. She may have been a poor choice but as Roosevelt once said about the Mayor of Chicago, "He's our SOB." Moreover, when you consider the alternative, Harry Reid, then the choice is clear. We can hope that the office will make her better just as they say the office of the president "makes the man".

I think the most clearly stated reason Tea Party members give for their efforts is something we have all known for a long time: politicians say once thing and then when they get to Washington they do another. People, in general, and the TEA Party in particular are fed up with that behavior and they are acting out their anger in the only way they know how.

Incidentially, both of the U.S. senatorial candidates in Colorado agreed that all of the TEA party members they met in traveling around the state were eminently reasonable and do not deserve all the harsh criticism from the left wing nuts.

ultima said...

If you asked a random selection of Americans where the 9/11 terrorists entered the U.S., you would probably find that a majority of them would say Canada. In other words, the first information is often more lasting than any subsequent correction. I offer this not as an excuse for a senatorial candidate who has an obligation to know fact from fiction, but to show that this impression may be very pervasive in the U.S. among those who think they know. Obviously, Angle's handlers are not doing a good job in making the facts available to her in her briefing books and insisting that she study them at every opportunity.

I still hope Angle wins just to get rid of Reid, but I am disappointed in her for some of her idiotic remarks -- totally inconsistent with what we should expect from a seasoned politician and a candidate for the U.S. senate. She is much closer to winning that O'Donnell is in Delaware. She has also been an embarassment. Nobody bothered to teach her the ABCs of campaigning and debating. Certain subjects are taboo and will always lose votes rather than gain them. Certain personal opinions are best kept to ones self. I would have been happy to stand in for her at the meeting with students.

I have strongly advised Ken Buck, GOP U.S. senatorial candidate in Colorado to curb his extremist statements if he wishes to win.

Among the sins of GOP candidates before the campaign or during the campaign are:
1. Advocacy of anything that allows the opposition to capture a sound bite that makes it seem like they want to do away with social security. Ken Buck said the thing he most regretted about the negative ads put out by the Dem was the claim that he wanted to do away with social security. He had to reassure a little old lady who came up to him saying, "I want to vote for you but all I have is social security!"
2. That the constitution does not prescribe separation of church and state even though that is not the exact language in the document.
3. Suggesting that creationism should be taught in schools.

etc. Getting into those deep waters is not the sign of a successful politician.

Dee said...



Angle and Brewer:
"What does an "illeegal" look like?"

"Uuuuhhhh...I dunno. Brown. Latinos. Asian. Not like me."

ultima said...

An illegal looks like everyone else except they can't produce evidence of their legal presence in this country. In Arizona, they otherwise look like many legal residents or citizens. That's why identity papers or biometric ID is necessary and why the law should permit officers who stop people to ask for evidence of their legal presence. LOL

ultima said...

As somone pointed out, eskimos and native Americans originally arrived via the land bridge from Asia. A close scrutiny of many Indians and therefore Hispanics reveal clear Asian features.

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