Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Happened to David Hartley on the Mexican Border? Was his wife Involved in his Disappearance?

Wow! This is one of the most disturbing disappearance stories I have ever heard. A man goes missing. The wife says they went jet skying on a lake on the Mexican Border in Texas. She "says" they went jet skying on this particular lake on the border. Yet, for the past several months, the local sheriff has been warning tourists to stay far away from this lake, due to possible violence against tourists by the drug cartels. No one went there. Why would they go?

The wife, a 95 pound blonde waif, is seen coming on shore on her jet ski. No sign of her husband around. She said she was chased by THREE BOATS loaded with Mexican Pirates. (Aaayyy Laddie!) She said the Pirates, in three boats, started chasing her and her husband on jet skis. No one saw any conflict, but Tiffany says she and her husand were attacked by pirates, out of the blue. She is unhurt. Yet she says her husband was shot, point blank, in the back of the head. No. Wait. She later says, the front of the head. She says she tried to rescue her husband, but he was too heavy to lift. She says she was that close, yet she cannot provide a description of any of the so-called attackers.

Her husband is missing. No Body. No Clues. Nothing. Nada. Just Tiffany's word.

Now we have Anderson Cooper's interview with her. Listen very closely to the end of this tape. Cooper asks, "We've been told by your father in law that they didn't think they will find his son's body. If that is the case, what happens?"
Tiffany responds: "If this is the case, then we will start fighting for this border to get this border secure; that's kind of been on the back of our minds; after things get settled down with David. After we get him home."

The interview ends.

Wait. She can't remember what the "pirates" looked like. She claims her husband was shot in the back of the head; wait, no, the front of the head, at point blank range; she claims she tried to lift her husband out of the water but he was too heavy; the so called assailants were THAT CLOSE, yet, she can't describe them; AND they NEVER touched her. She walked away unharmed against fully armed pirates who were so close they shot her husband front/no back at point blank range. And now, she plans on leading a MinuteMan Border crusade to Wall Up the Border?!?!

What is WRONG with this picture? Shades of OJ and Scott Peterson! What is this woman up to? Is her husband really missing or is he hiding? There is much more of this story to come!


ultima said...

I note that the Mexican officer who identified the suspected assailants has now been decapitated. Does this lend some credibility to Mrs. Hartley's story? I wonder how much anyone would remember about the assailants under the circumstances of flying bullets and a husband with a hole in his head. An investigation of the couple's finances should reveal any possible motive for a conspiracy in Mr. Hartley's disappearance.

ultima said...

Drain the lake and build a fence!

ultima said...

See this report on the beheading

Dee said...

No one is denying that there are cartels in Mexico. The local sheriff on the TX side of the border warned everyone to stay away from the Mexico side and the lake on both sides of the border.

The issue is, given all the warnings, why on earth would they go there in the first place? The circumstances are very, very suspicious. Her story is not credible. She has told different stories about the incident on camera. She cannot even describe, not even vaguely, her so called attackers.

All very suspicious.

Vicente Duque said...

Let's think like Mexican Criminals and Murderers of the Drug Traffic.

Is it good business and politics to kill nice and innocent American Tourists in Mexico or Anywhere. ??

That is the greatest stupidity for a Mexican Criminal or Drug Trafficker.

Think of the Tsunami of LatinoPhobia Racism and Hate inside the USA. This of course has increased with the elections. And think of the worries about Mexican Drug Traffickers around the Whole World.

If you want to be a big target for American Power and the Mexican Government then kill Innocent American Tourists.

If you are the Mexican Government then you have to keep friendly relations with the most powerful Nation in the World.

And a nation is doomed if it allows the killing or murder of any human being of any nationality, color, language or culture inside its borders.

And this last law is a rule for all nations on this planet.

Vicente Duque

pcorn54 said...

It all comes down to a plausible and veryconvenient conclusion

It gives a platform for the fruitcakes to call for 10,000 troops to seal the border even though a million troops would not have prevented this couple from illegally entering Mexico where and when they did.

Keep that in mind.

ultima said...

I understand another officer has been killed. That must have some significance. We need some Marine sharpshooters with "wanted dead or alive" warrants for the heads of all of the warring cartels and their American dealers.

I would put the users and weapons dealers to work on the border infrastructure for six months for the first offense.

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