Sunday, October 31, 2010

Violent TeaParty Leader Charged with 4th Degree Assault for Head Stomping Waifish Liberal

Tea Party Candidate Rand Paul's Top Campaigner in Kentucky, Tim Proffitt, is being charged with fourth degree assault after his violent "Kick In the Head" --- "Foot Stomping" attack against a waifish woman.

May Justice be Served!


Anonymous said...

On Tuesday, Profitt confirmed he is the man shown putting his foot on Valle, but he said he did not stomp or kick her, and did not intend to hurt her.

Profitt said Valle moved in an “aggressive” manner as she tried to get close to Paul, but Paul supporters held her back and called for police.

Then, Profitt said, Valle got loose and ran toward Paul a second time. Paul supporters again held her, but she went down on her own to make it look like she was being pushed down, Profitt said.

When she was on the ground, Profitt put his foot on her. “I said, ‘Now you stay down,’” he said.

Profitt said he and others were only trying to subdue Valle because of the potential threat to Paul.

Again, please post a link to where Profitt was charged with "a kick to the head". We'll all be waiting, dee.

Dee said...

LOL Bad Anon. We ALL saw the "Kick to the Head" Video.

You and your ilk NEVER want us to Believe Our Lying Eyes!

Here are the links. Try WATCHING THEM!

Next time, JUST GOOGLE!!

Carol S. said...

I watched all of the videos of this incident and never saw a kick to the head. I did see a stomp to the back however. Are you sure you watched the videos yourself? You couldn't have if you are claiming there was a kick to the head.

Would you please provide me with a link to the assault charges as I would like to know exactly what he confessed to and the details of the assault charge. I searched the internet and couldn't find the details of what was in the assault charge.

Cody Warren said...

From the Daily Kos a liberal website. There was no charge for a kick in the head because it never happened. Even the videos prove that out. Are you ready to retract your statement?

Former Rand Paul volunteer scheduled to appear in court Nov. 18

The Paris man accused of stepping on a liberal activist at a U.S. Senate candidate debate in Lexington on Monday will go before a district court judge next month.

Timothy Mark Profitt, 53, is charged with fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor, for stepping on the shoulder and neck of Lauren Valle, a activist who was trying to get close to Republican candidate Rand Paul to present him with a mock award. Profitt will be arraigned Nov. 18, according to court records.

Cody Warren said...

Here is the link to the Daily Kos about the charges filed against Profitt. There was no kick to the head charge because there wasn't one. Anyone watching the videos can see that. Retraction, please!

Cody Warren said...

Just to clear something up. I am opposed to assault in any form but I also think that news should be reported accurately about them rather than trumped up charges that never happened. I am sure as a rational person you understand that. When someone posts a video themself and then reports something that wasn't even on the video, knowing full well that others will view it also, all I have to say hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I very much am grateful what you're creating here!

Dee said...

Anon, Carol, Cody, et al,
Of course Proffitt and his cohort threw this waifish woman to the ground and stomped on her. Are you refusing to believe your own eyes?

My gosh, even Republicans are chastising Proffitt for his abuse of the poor waifish woman. What kind of a man does that????

He has been CHARGED with 4th Degree Assault. He will probably go to PRISON for his crimes. The Jury will SEE the same Videos WE saw.

How on earth can ANY rational person defend him?


Dee said...

I almost feel sorry for the Brute Proffitt. I feel sorry for any woman connected to him. Apparently his Daddy never taught him NOT to hurt or abuse women!!

Very Sad!

Dee said...

New Anon,

Thank you.
I always report the Truth. The Facts. It is time we as a Nation all step forward to end Violence and Support our President.

God Bless America!
God Bless President Obama!

Dee said...

One last note. He was not charged with "stepping on a woman." He was charged with 4th Degree Assault! READ the Charges.

Cody Warren said...

Anon, Carol, Cody, et al,
"Of course Proffitt and his cohort threw this waifish woman to the ground and stomped on her. Are you refusing to believe your own eyes"?

I don't see any denials by the posters in here of what you said above so why are you saying we are refusing to believe our own eyes?

The issue was that you claimed the woman was kicked in the head and she wasn't. So I don't understand your statement above. It didn't address the "kick in the head" claims you made. Are you wiling to do that now?

Dee said...

Actually Cody,
It is your refusal and denial to admit the violent tactics of the Teapartiers.

Until you are willing to acknowledge the TRUTH and the FACTS you do not have a leg to stand on.

NO use posting any more of your rhetoric and denials. You may want to start your own blog. There are lots like your view, full of denials of the TeaParty violence and fingers pointing at others. Very Sad.

Admit it. The tea partiers are VIOLENT. Admit the truth.

(I know you won't. You tea party supporters live in SO MUCH DENIAL. It is Very, Very Sad! I feel sorry for you all! You should ALL Try PEACE for a Change! And try supporting our own Government and our own President. Al Quaeda enjoys your attacks on our President and your advocating violece! So Sad!)

God Bless America!
God Bless Our President Obama!

Cody Warren said...

Are you willing to admit there was no kick to the head to that woman now?

Cody Warren said...

I don't understand your last reply. I said that I admit that there are "some" teaparty extremists. If you are trying to force me to say that they all are I would be lying.

Why did you ignore my remarks about the kick in the head? Please admit that there was no kick in the head as you claimed. Why won't you do that?

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul county coordinator stomps young woman’s head

Dee said...

New Anon,
Thank you for posting the link to the Head Stomping video. We all know the extremist teapartiers are trying to suppress it, but it is good it is recorded and posted on this link.

Great Job!

Dee said...

Cody, Cody, Cody.
Why all the name calling comments?? I won't post any uncivil or name calling comments so just stop it. At least you finally admitted there is tea party violence. Perhaps now, with New Anon's video, you will finally admit the truth about the Foot Stomping to the Head.

I saw these earlier released videos.

But you will probably say your eyes are lying to you. Very Sad.

Anonymous said...

Cody Warren
Are you man enough to apologise to Dee now that you have seen how wrong you are?

Cody Warren said...

NONE of the videos posted in here of that incident shows a "kick to the head". It shows the man pressing down on her upper back near her shoulders. There was no kick in the head on the video. How can you continue to say that when it clearly isn't there? I have 20/20 vision.

Please show what uncivil remarks I made or any name calling that I did in here. I went back through all of my posts under this topic and I didn't find a single one. Perhaps you could point them out with exact quotes by me?

I never did say there weren't ANY extremists in the Tea Party. So why are you saying that I am finally admitting it? Perhaps you could point out my post where I said there weren't ANY? All I am saying is that the majority aren't that way.

Dee said...

My gosh Cody.

Maybe this will help.
Envision your Mom on the ground being stomped on, in the head, as this poor waifish woman was done by this brute. Would it be ok for this brute to do this to your mom? Your grandma? Think about it. Just for one moment.

Regarding your rude comments to me, the worst ones, I didn't post them so of course you won't see them here. Need I remind you of your name calling (e.g.: angry, uncivil, making insinuations, insults, huge grudge..
.etc.etc.etc.) My question to you, How on earth can you Forget your own words?

I am always civil. Look back at my own comments. I write the truth. I provide my urls. I provide youtube videos to prove the FACTS.

I find your behavior common among the teaparty supporters. They refuse to believe their own eyes and continue to refute their own violent acts. It is very sad and very UnAmerican. We should support our own government and our own President. It is unfortunate that they don't. I am absolutely positive al qaeda is LOVING their tactics.

God Bless America!
God Bless President Obama!

ultima said...

I have viewed the video several times and see no head kicking or head stomping. The gent involved clearly put his foot on the back of her shoulder and merely put pressure on her there with his foot. That behavior was inappropriate and another person present told the gent to back off immediately.

The incident has been blown up out of all proportions here and elsewhere. Erroneously describing this as a "head stomping of a 'waifish liberal" is just hyperbole designed to incite folks against the TEA party in general for the one brief act of one of those present. We should all know by now that agents provocateurs to provoke incidents like this. Yet, these agents will profess innocence when they are revealed.

ultima said...

Assault in the 4th Degree is sometimes referred to as “simple assault.” A person can (and often is) charged with assault 4th degree even if the alleged “assault” is very minor and there are no marks or injuries.

It is a misdemeanor like illegal presence in the U.S. which so often goes unpunished.

Dee said...

My only response is, Put Your Mother or your Wife or your Daughter under that 300 pound stomp, and then let's talk about it.

You Teapartier supporters are UNBELIEVABLE!

ultima said...

My daughter has been involved in demonstrations for animal rights and drove all the way to Louisiana to help rescue pets in the aftermath of Katrina. I always advise her to be rational and nonconfrontational, citing how she may be treated if she behaves otherwise. I don't think any of my family or relatives would serve as agents provocateurs for Move On or any other such organization on the right or the left. When you choose that role, you better be prepared for the results. The whole idea of sending in a woman is create an incident like this one where this "helpless female" is manhandled by "brutes". That is exactly what she wanted.

LMJ said...

"NONE of the videos posted in here of that incident shows a "kick to the head". It shows the man pressing down on her upper back near her shoulders. There was no kick in the head on the video. How can you continue to say that when it clearly isn't there? I have 20/20 vision."

you know what is hilarious, how you and many like you make it sound harmless. Oh "It shows the man pressing down on her upper back." Then he proceeded to give her a massage and as a favor gently pressed her to prevent more harm come to her. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE. I'm like Dee on this one, put YOUR mom or any relative down there being "pressed" and let me hear your tune then

Bob Q. said...

Head stomping? I was just reading the quote from the Daily Kos posted in here and it said this:

"Timothy Mark Profitt, 53, is charged with fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor, for stepping on the shoulder and neck of Lauren Valle"

Where was the charge of head stomping?

I also viewed the videos and the picture you provided and you can clearly see that Profitt had his foot on Valle's back and not on her head. What's up with that?

Bob Q. from Hispanic Business Forum

Dee said...

Thank you LMJ.

You are absolutely right.

None of the NEGATIVE Commenters will even respond about how they would feel if they put their own Mom or Wife other Proffitt's Foot Stomping!


Anonymous said...

They can't see the stomp on the ladies head because everyone knows Fox Lies tells them what to think and say, and also tells them what to see. Sheeple. They look up to Beck for the answer when someone asks them a question. They drink the koolaid. They are gullible, spineless and incapable of thinking for themselves, that's why they vote against their own best interests.

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