Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To All My Latino Friends in Nevada: Do NOT Listen to Robert De Posada! PLEASE VOTE!

My Dad was the most Honest Man I Ever Knew!
I remember, as a little girl, Dad used to say, "There are so many politicians, even among the Latino people, that are corrupt. Don't Listen to Them. Do NOT Listen to the Corrupt Politicians. You can always, ALWAYS tell who they are. How? They do NOT care about the poor. They do NOT care about the workers. They do NOT care about the Church!" My Dad was adamant. "They just care about the Money!"

What was Dad saying? He was talking about people like Robert de Posada. This guy is a member of the Republican Racist group "Latinos for Reform." WHAT A LIAR!!! This guy is despicable, a racist and hates his own skin!

Group urges Nevada Hispanics not to vote
Posted by Steve Tetreault
Monday, Oct. 18, 2010 at 06:11 PM
Latinos for Reform, a group with Republican links, is paying for a Spanish-language commercial to air in Nevada urging people not to vote. "Don't vote this November. This is the only way to send them a clear message," a narrator says. "You can no longer take us for granted." "Them" refers to President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats whose images are flashed during the 60-second spot, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. The commercial is generating a quick response in Nevada, where Reid is counting on a heavy Hispanic turnout to help him when. Democrats have scheduled a press conference at the Latin Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas at 7 p.m. tonight to talk about it. The chamber is at 300 N. 13th Street

Latinos for Reform is headed by Robert Deposada, a political consultant and former director of Hispanic affairs for the Republican National Committee (one of those CORRUPT EVIL MEN with DEEP Pockets that my Dad talked about). The group posted an English-language version of the commercial on its website. Deposada told Politico the ad was born from frustration with the Democrats' failure to deliver immigration reform. The ad will air in targeted states that Deposada said includes Nevada.

Deposada told Politico he could not ask Hispanics to vote for Republican Sharron Angle, either. He said her position on immigration is "completely irresponsible." The "don't vote" ad would not be the first provocative message delivered by Latinos for Reform. In 2008 it aired ads charging that Obama would put African Americans before Latinos (Deposada IS AN IDIOT!! and one of THOSE GUYS My Dad Talked About! LATINO CITIZENS OF NEVADA, PLEASE VOTE AND DON'T VOTE FOR THE HORRIBLE ANGLE!! PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN!! PROTECT ALL LATINOS!!! VOTE FOR HARRY REED!!!!)


Robert said...

"This guy is despicable, a racist and hates his own skin!"

Exactly how is he a "racist"? I was under the impression that a racist is supposed to be someone who has too high a regard for his own skin.

The Arizonian said...

I've generally disregarded all this D Vs. R crap, but I do have one question:
How is "Latinos for Reform" a racist group?

ultima said...

Does this mean, as usual, that if someone disagrees with your point of view like Posada, that always means you are right and he is wrong, and that only you are entitled to express an opinion or give advice?

Dee said...

You are obviously NOT familiar with Coconuts!

Dee said...

Obviously one Coconut tends to sympathize with another.

But to help you understand, Posada is NOT one of US Latinos who are fighting for CIR, but instead a Coconut Republican paid flunkie. He hates his own skin. So when he receives the FUNDS from the Repugs to form this group and attempts to go on Univision with an ad that says "WE".. who is he talking to? Other coconuts like himself who have NEVER fought for CIR? He HAS NOT fought for CIR. Never. Nope. Never! So how on earth can he say "WE" should NOT VOTE?!?!

No wonder Univision wouldn't publicize the Coconut's idiotic, Republican paid Ad!


Dee said...

More on the EVIL dePosada:

The Latinos for Reform website lists its address as a P.O. Box operated by Susan Arceneaux, who was a big player in the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth operation.

Dee said...


Obviously you've never heard of the term "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing."

DePosada is Despicable!

To DePosada: Take off your Sheeps Clothing Bad Guy!

Dee said...

more re: dePosada:

De Posada gets points for Machiavellian thinking. It takes both creativity and chutzpah to encourage Latinos to give a boost to candidates who actually oppose the reform they seek. Here's Reid on immigration: "We must not forget that we are a nation founded on and built by immigrants. Our grandparents and great-grandparents came here to pursue the American dream, and we should honor that proud heritage as we work to reform our immigration laws." Here's Angle on immigration: "Every state should have a sheriff like Joe Arpaio. Go, Arizona, go."

Robert Gray said...

"You are obviously NOT familiar with Coconuts!"

That's good, I've never heard that one. Sort of like calling an Asian person a "banana" or a black person an "Oreo". I guess whites don't have any suitable metaphors from the grocery store. We make due with "race traitor".

Dee said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog.
I'm glad you "read" me.

Coconuts...Oreos... are terms we minorities use frequently. I'm surprised that you, who appears to be familiar with the dialogue of the grass roots, are not familiar with these terms. Hmmmm.

Please write me. Maybe we can discuss this issue -- one on one and have some interesting discussions chatting about this subject. Or --- please continue to join my blog.


Robert Gray said...

I've heard Oreo and banana, but not coconut. -- re: idiom slip, "make do" -- was distracted by excess mirth.

ultima said...

Indeed do vote Republican. A Republican congress will get the economy rolling again and jobs will be available in Nevada. Vote Republican.

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