Friday, October 29, 2010

Latinos: What Will Happen If Sharron Angle gets Elected -- RACIAL PROFILING, Operation Wet-Back! VOTE FOR HARRY REID!

Latinos in Vegas / Nevada: VOTE FOR HARRY REID
Otherwise -- Expect Operation Wet-Back ALL OVER AGAIN!
Is that what you Want?
Be Very Afraid!
Here she addresses The Latino Student Union (with LIES & Distortions)


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : Hilarious Funny Comedy Spoof : Adolf Hitler surrounded by Generals - German Language, fake translation in captions to English, Hitler furious against Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper ... Hitler, a racist, wants Tom Tancredo as Governor of Colorado and not Democrat "Hick"

Adolf Hitler, being a wicked racist and evil man wants Tom Tancredo to be elected as Governor of Colorado. And he is furious before his generals and Eva Brown, because the people of Denver and Colorado love John Hickenlooper.

This is a fake translation from German to English in the false captions.

If Tom Tancredo wins the Governorship of Colorado, then Latinos will be fried in the cheapest used dark stinking and stenching Palm Oil.

Here it is in :

Hitler Learns about Hickenlooper.m4v

Vicente Duque

Robert Gray said...

Angle's stumbling comments are not surprising in that she is forced to adhere to diversity orthodoxy while at the same time opposing illegal immigration. In any case, I doubt she opposes unlimited legal immigration. In terms of peopling America with Latin Americans, there is little difference between the Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps the only difference is in the rate at which the reconquista takes place.

Dee said...

There is no such thing as Reconquista. All people want to do is achieve the American Dream.
They want to be AMERICANS. That's why they left their old country!

Land of the Free
Home of the Brave

Robert said...

Why then do they often wave the flag of their home country at protests, rallies, etc? In what way do they want to be American? It appears that most of the recent immigrants have little interest in America other than as a source of money. They are economic immigrants: that's it. America is a paycheck. They did not come here because they had some innate interest in learning English or adoption American customs or culture.

Cody Warren said...

Why do you keep lying that there is no reconquista when you know full well there is one albeit on a small scale? Would it be so terrible for you to admit that it does exist? No one is saying that all Mexicans adhere to that agenda or even most of them so why can't you just admit that it does exist at least?

Cody Warren said...

You are aware that to achieve the American Dream that you have to apply to come here legally, don't you? There are no exceptions. No one is above our laws.

Dee said...

No. There are overwhelmingly American flags in the marches I see. There may be one or two other flags, but not many and certainly not the majority. There are no more flags of other countries than you would see Irish flags on St. Patricks day parades.

No one I have ever heard of wants to overthrow the government and reclaim it for a Latin country. Nope.

The only people who have said they want to overthrow the government and "take down" our President are the Teapartiers and Militias.

Dee said...

Nope. No Reconquista.

The only people who want to take over the government and say horrible lies about our government are the teapartiers and the militias. They are the ones carrying the yellow flag and show our Beloved President of the USA as a witch doctor or with a little mustache.

The teapartiers and the militias are the ones stockpiling weapons and are angrily talking about a revolution and overthrow over our government. That is reconquista of the WORST KIND. If that's what you are talking about, the teapartiers and the militias talking about government overthrow, then I agree that they are the TRUE Reconquistas. (BUT NONE ARE LATINO)

Robert Gray said...

Mexica Movement

Brown Berets

There are brown nationalists who seek an actual political entity, Aztlan, or something like it. But I spoke of the Reconquista in more general terms, as the Mexification of the Southwest. That is, these regions will become Mexican in terms of culture, language, ethnic composition. While they may still be American in name, they will resemble Latin American countries. This includes a transformation in terms of economics and the rule of law.

Dee said...


You know, Robert, Teddy Roosevelt said the same thing about the Germans. In his day, he called for the "de-Germanization" of the U.S.

He said of the German Immigrants (as YOU are saying of Latinos), "The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or preventing all possibility of its continuing as a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.
-Theodore Roosevelt

BTW, I found this quote on Stormfront. They were talking about Latinos and referencing ole Teddy's quote about German Immigrants.

Dee said...

Did you READ your links you referenced? While I don't believe in their cause and I have no affililation, it is very clear, there is no VIOLENCE or Overthrow talk in their cause. They are talking PEACE and Freedom for the indigenous people of this land.

On the other hand, the Teapartiers and the Militias are talking about overthrowing the government of the USA, finding 2nd ammendment solutions if they lose elections, seceding from the Union, Watering the Tree of Liberty and the Violent Overthrow of our Country and taking down our President of the USA.

Why aren't YOU alarmed by THAT? Why aren't YOU even speaking to it?
WHAT are YOU Afraid of? Afraid of Offending the Teapartiers? or Militias?

I suggest WE ALL Oppose Violence or Overthrow of ANY NATURE by ANY GROUP Advocating Violence!

Dee said...

Re: Brown Berets
Again, you should try READing your own links or wiki it.
The Brown Berets advocate Peaceful demonstration against Violence, Hate Crimes and Racism. The march to end Gang Violence. The promote Free Clinics for the Poor and Education.

Stop reading your Hate Sites.

If you want to truly do something positive, then ask the Teapartiers and the Militias to STOP the violent overthrow of the country talk. Stop talking negatively about our President. Stop the secession talk. Stop hoarding guns and stop this "2nd Ammendment Solutions" talk by their leaders.

Robert said...

You really see things through the filter of your brown nationalism. The Tea Party thing has no "overthrow-the-government" agenda. Show me. Give me the links. In general they are liberals with a slightly right-leaning point of view. Their "radical" agenda is merely adhering more closely to the Constitution. They are "Constitutional" and Christian conservatives, nothing more. And don't worry: they bend over backwards to avoid being called racist; they do not, in principle, oppose the complete ethnic transformation of the US.

Robert said...

1. We reject all European divisions of our continent. We reject the artificial border divisions of our people.

2. We say, "No to occupation!" We say, "This is still our continent!" We say, "Europeans are the illegals---since 1492!"

Obviously, the Mexica Movement is rejecting the existence of the United States, Canada, etc. Your original statement was that the immigrants were keen on being American. Clearly, these guys are not. They want nothing to do with being American. They obviously oppose Europeans even being in North America.

Robert said...


It's easy to argue with you because you are so extreme. You are very pure and simple in your brown nationalism. I don't fault you for seeking more for your people. That's only natural and right. You should, though, extend the same privilege to white people. If you can do it, but white people cannot, then what does that imply? That Hispanics are a superior ethnic group?

"...tangle of squabbling nationalities."

What Roosevelt said is true. But the Europeans can assimilate. The non-whites cannot. They will always think of themselves as different, separate (as you do) and seek to both maintain their ethnic identity and acquire more political influence for their people. Your posts clearly show that immigration has brought on the very ethnic squabbling and vying for power that Roosevelt predicted. Look how Obama has to "pay back" the Hispanics for voting for him. There is no longer a one America where everyone votes according to the common good. Blacks and Hispanics vote according to what is good for their people.

Vicente Duque said...

Super consolation pills : Look at the bright side of things : How I avoid Suicide and Depression after the Great Republican Victory in the Elections - How I control my emotions and become fully operative after Great Fools win in the elections

Trick 1 :

Look at the INTRADE.COM prices for bets : you observe the "Last Price", the "Ask" and "Bid" prices for several candidates ( to win a bet of $100 ), this tells me that Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Tom Tancredo, Carl Paladino and other repulsive and repellent figures are going to lose on November 2.

Also Christine O'Donnell and Joe Miller are going to lose .... In the case of Miller, he is defeated by a less dangerous Republican.

Trick 2 :

Read History, particularly the books about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal ..... Great Men have been disrespected by the populace and the rabble ..... ( like Mr Barack Obama ) ..... Greatness is not recognized and acknowledged during the life of a Great Statestman.

Even the Great Winston Churchill was despised by the British after the Second World War and he lost the elections.

Trick 3 :

History and Politics is a pendulum : If Republicans take over then this is like when the Ayatollah Komeini took over in Iran, a Great Leap backwards .... History is filled with these regressions that are very similar to the regressions of the planets, when they seem to stop and advance backwards.

Trick 4 :

If everything fails and you are still depressed and suicidal then try some Good Magic, Astrology a Crystall Ball, a Tarot, some Divinations, etc ...

What to avoid :

Avoid Priests and Pastors, they are Great Exploiters and may lead you to the Tea Party or Republican Party in General. These priests and pastors are very dangerous for the good health of your wallet.

Avoid pacts with the Devil, changing History is not worth the loss of your soul.

Vicente Duque

Cody Warren said...

FYI, the Mexican reconquista movement isn't about overthrowing our government. It is about taking back so-called stolen land by populating it with Mexicans both American born and foreign born so that they outnumber other racial groups in those areas and set up a self-governing individual country for Mestizo Mexicans must like our states govern themselves now. Illegal immigration is helping to acheive that goal. Now aren't you glad that you know what the Mexican reconquista movement is in this country and now you won't have to deny it anymore based on a false notion of overthrowing our government?

This was taught by Mecha on our college campuses but they had to tone it down because it was considered treason. The movement is alive and well. Enjoy the videos.

Dee said...


You are blinded by your anti Latino sentiment.

Why are you REFUSING To Read or See all of the angry "Overthrow" Rhetoric by the Teapartiers and the Militia movement?

Why are you REFUSING to face reality??

Have you read NOTHING About the VIOLENCE by the teapartiers and the militia? DO YOU REFUSE TO SEE THE PICTURES? Watering the Tree of Liberty? Carrying GUNS at Rallies? The ANGER against our own President? ARE YOU SO BLIND YOU CANNOT SEE? Why are you refusing to FACE THE TRUTH? Or, like Jack Nicholson said, YOU Can't Handle the Truth??

or the Secession Talk:

Or the Revolution Talk by the Militias wanting to Violently Domestically Terrorize our own Police?



Dee said...

You are so silly.
You are brainwashed by your own silly extreme right wing websites who have weaved these phony youtubes together on a mulititude of old speeches from the 1960s during the Civil Rights movement when the Ole Jim Crow laws were in force and people were fighting for Equal Rights.

You have NOTHING current. NO ONE Advocates violence. No One. I CHALLENGE you to come up with a current and actual YouTube of someone today, in this Millenium, that supports what you say is "reconquista." You CANNOT!! Because there is NO SUCH THING.

However, I can produce a multitude of Videos and You Tubes of your own Teaparty candidates and leaders who spout deplorable racist comments and people like Rick Perry advocating secession; or Sharron Angle who spouts racist anti Latino rhetoric (you all look Chinese to me) or Violence (2nd ammendment solution) or video violence by teapartiers (kick in the head to a small waifish woman) or Militia violence (Hutaree militia). I can go on and on and on with actual facts!!


Cody Warren said...

You are using extremists in the Tea Party movement to make your entire case against the majority and that is just plain wrong! Most Tea Patiers are not like the extremists. I have read their mission statement and there is nothing extreme, racist or violent about it. Should we use the reconquista movement as an example of the entire pro-amnesty movement? You see how ridiculous that would be?

I have plenty of current videos where these reconquistas are saying the very same thing that Robert is stating in here. They carry signs saying "whitey go back to Europe" and that we are illegal in our own country. Why aren't you outraged about that? I know of incidents where they became violent also. I could also post those news stories for you. Here are a couple more for you and they are fairly recent.

Robert said...


The videos Cody links don't look particularly old or spliced together to create a false impression. But why do you assume that this sort of thing only happened in the past? Did all these people just wake up one morning and cast aside their previous commitments to brown nationalism?

As for your links: sure, there are probably jackasses in the Tea Party crowd. The militia thing is irrelevant. In any case, I don't follow the Tea Party thing or what the Tea Party candidates think or believe. In my eyes, they are just run-of-the-mill politicians. When they get into office they will probably turn out to be just as corrupt and spendthrift as the current lot.

But the Tea Party movement has nothing to do with advocating for white ethnic interests. Whereas, the organizations I linked to are specifically ethnic advocates. The Mexica Movement refers explicitly to ancestry (i.e. race) as a criterion for political rule in North America. There is nothing remotely like this in Tea Party scene.

Also, I'm not anti-Latino. I have a lot of non-white acquaintances, people I work with. I'm not hostile to them in any way. I don't advocate for Mexicans becoming minorities in their own country. Unfortunately, that is what is happening to my ethnic group in the U.S.

Cody Warren said...

Another point comes to mind. I am sure you, like most supporters of illegal immigrants don't like that entire group stereotyped as violent or serious criminals just because some are, so why would you do that very same thing to the Tea Party Organization?

I never stereotype an entire group based on the actions of a few. No one should do that. I have asked you a valid question above. Would you please reply to it?

Dee said...

How on earth can you say "extremists in the Tea Party" are creating the violence when it is abundantly clear for anyone watching (with a nonpartisan eye) that the VAST MAJORITY of the VIOLENCE being perpetrated at political rallies, town meetings, or across America are being conducted by those who support Tea Party politics?

I will ask you:
NAME ONE non-tea party supporter (dem/liberal) who perpetrated violence against a Tea Party candidate/person? Name one.

I can name several Tea Pary supporters:
. Rand Paul supporters Tim Proffitt and his friend in the checked shirt throwing down and stomping on a waifish woman.
. Joe Miller goons arresting a reporter attempting to ask Joe Miller questions.
. Sharron Angle pushing "2nd Ammendment Solutions" if she loses the election.
. Violent attacks against Congressman Grayson supporters in Florida.

The insanity pushed by:
. Sharron Angle
. Christine O'Donnell
. Rand Paul
. Joe Miller
. Tom Tancredo
all supported by Tea Partiers

Then the Violent Militias ... like the Hutaree Militia who were Tea Party Advocates and other violent mmilitias in Ohio and Indiana charged with crimes.

Look at the signs at the rallies. I've posted several blogs about them, with pictures.

Then look at all of the true extremists who have perpetrated violence and MURDER who listened to Glenn Beck.. people like Dannie Baker or Richard Poplawski and so many more. All Republicans. All Tea Party Advocates.

Ask yourself: When the numbers raise to such a crescendo, how can you deny the facts before your eyes.

Not Extremists.
Just those following the agenda set by those like Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity and others.

As Jack Nicholson said, "You can't handle the TRUTH!" the truth before your very eyes.

Dee said...

Robert, Robert, Robert,
Study. On your blog you say you study, so I ask you to do the same with this subject.

Study the videos. Do you KNOW what YEAR Jose Angel Gutierrez made his speech provided in the 2006 you tube video produced by the Racist HATE Group 1967, in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, when Jim Crow was alive and well and victimizing ALL minorities.

Did you know that?
Obviously you didn't. Otherwise you would not be supporting Cody's very LAME Argument.

Research, Robert! Research.
Google is Very Easy! (just google his name!)

Otherwise you come across as very bias and just like those with a very anti-immigrant agenda.

Robert, it is very easy to interact with you. I won't call it arguing because obviously YOU have NOT studied the FACTS and therefore YOU are in a much WEAKER position. Sad!

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Reading all these things,

I AM A TEA PARTIER although I just voted Republican right down the line. I wouldn't vote for a democrat as dog catcher. There is no such thing as a conservative democrat.

Dee knows I am not violent and would not participate in anything violent.

I have been to three events, not one violent act by anybody..not one racist sign.

Yet, Dee uses this rhetoric. She would say I am naive...but believe me I am far from it.

Citizenship is not the right of somebody to stomps across our borders and demands it. This generous country has given much to illegal immigrants. They get health care. They get an education for their children. They live in taxpayer provided housing. They get food stamps.

Don't demand citizenship of me ..don't demand my tax dollars support you, I don't give a damn where you are from. If you want citizenship, earn it and swear SOLE allegiance to this country. Otherwise. GO BACK.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

And, God bless Marco Rubio !!

Dee said...

I've read that Angle LOST the race because her demonization of Latinos in Nevada. The Latino voters were out in Force.

Perhaps NOW she has learned her lesson!!

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