Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tea Party VIOLENCE!! Rand Paul's Kick in the Head Foot Stomper Campaign Coordinator ADMITS VIOLENT ACT!

Tea Party Champion - Rand Paul's Head Campaign Coordinator in Kentucky, Tim Profitt, admitted he stomped on victim Lauren Valle's head after his thugs threw her to the ground. Profitt, a 280 pound oaf of a teapartier, stomped on Lauren's head as she lay helpless after being thrown to the ground by another of Teaparty Paul's campaign supporters.

The violence happened in Lexington before Paul debated his Democratic rival, Jack Conway, Monday night.

Lexington police said this afternoon that Profitt was indeed their man. "Detectives identified the suspect involved in the assault as Tim Profitt. Profitt is currently being served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear before a Fayette County District Court judge," police said in a statement.

Coward Rand Paul has so far refused to acknowledge Profitt's connection to his campaign nor has he condemned the vicious act of violence by these 200+ pound teaparty THUGS against a waifish woman. Police reports indicate that though the victim is a liberal and a member of "Move-On.org", she was merely attempting to pose with Paul carrying her poster.

Lexington Police Lt. Edward Hart said there were about 300 protesters outside the debate and only a few officers because they were not "anticipating any issues. She had been attending multiple rallies with the same purpose," Hart said. "She stated that she was wearing a wig and as she was running up to Rand Paul she was either "tripped on purpose" or "pushed to the ground." Hart said Valle filed a fourth-degree assault report with the Police Department.

The man who threw Valle to the ground is Mike Pezzano, says blogger Lisa Graas. An anonymous "tea party" activist alleges that Pezzano was the brute in the checkered shirt assaulting the wigged woman.
Rand Paul coordinator Tim Profitt admits to stepping on woman from MoveOn.org before Kentucky debate
Rand Paul supporter who stomped MoveOn activist's head is not just volunteer but a campaign donor

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FreeUlysses said...

Story says she wore a wig and was 'running at' rand paul, and had done the same at other rallies. I would think someone doing that looks like an assassin. You don't run at a candidate or congressman. Citizens seeing such a thing should tackle that person till they know what is going on.

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