Sunday, October 31, 2010

The TRUE Reconquistas - The Tea Partiers and the Militias

Several new commenters have resurrected the term "Reconquista" again. If one were to define the term, Reconquista = Reconquest. Reconquest = Conquer (again) = Conquer the Goverment. Who is threatening to Conquer or Overthrow the Government? Who is stockpiling weapons? Who talks negatively about our President? Besides the terrorists and alqaeda, the people in the USA doing this are the Teapartiers and Militia members.
Here are pictures of the Teapartiers and the Militias -- the TRUE Reconquistas -- in Action.

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Vicente Duque said...

Mr Obama is not Franklin Roosevelt or Winston Churchill but he is the best of the crop of babies born after the Hippy Boomers. Destroying everything that President Obama does is going to destroy the destroyers and harm the American People

And during his life Franklin Roosevelt was hated by the worst fools, idiots, crackpots, madmen, wackos, clowns, lunatics, etc .... and FDR was also hated and opposed by nice intellectuals that later regretted, recanted and wept in apologies for their bad behavior towards a Great Statesman.

After the Republican Victory in the 1994 Midterm Election, the arrogant Newt Gingrich tried to shut down the Government - He failed miserably in his political objectives and broke the GOP's Momentum.

Two years later the Republicans were great losers. Bill Clinton was reelected and the Democrats were winning Congress again. This is what will happen to Republicans if they want to destroy Mr Obama and his Big Work ( Opus Magnum ) of a Great President.

I love Mr Barack Obama and wife Michelle and hope the best of them, the stones in their long march will make them greater and more beloved by future generations.

There are no roses without thorns.

Vicente Duque

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