Thursday, January 20, 2011

Conservatives Already Clammering to Take Gabrielle Giffords Seat!!

I've been listening to Right Wing Talk Radio lately, just to see what they are up to.
One of their Hot Topics is, How Soon Can WE Take Over Rep. Giffords' seat!
Some Tea Party Bloggers are even DEMANDING Gabby give up her seatNOW! (They are delusional!) Americans will NEVER stand for it!
Think Progress Reports on the unbelievable tactics of the Right:
Think Progress reports: Conservative Blogger Calls For Giffords To Resign, Says Holding Seat Akin To ‘Political Brett Favre’
In an article published on, John Wilson, a “regular contributor to Hip Hop Republican,” mused that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) should resign her seat as she recuperates from her gunshot wounds. Citing media reports about Gifford’s medical condition, Wilson compared Giffords to the late Rep. Gladys Spellman (D-MD), who went into a coma while in office. He then asked, “Should constituents allow members to hold onto their seats like political Brett Favres with no concept of when it is time to go?” FrumForum, the conservative news site managed by former Bush administration official David Frum, promoted the article on its website this afternoon.
Wilson says he is calling for Gifford’s resignation in deference to her constituents who need active representation. However, it seems quite early to make that call. Giffords could be released from the hospital and enter rehab as soon as this week. Since the tragic shooting in Arizona, she only missed one substantive vote. Furthermore, Wilson never voiced a demand for resignation last year when former Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) missed over one hundred votes while campaigning for governor or when former Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) missed a crucial vote on unemployment extension.

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Dee said...

I agree with Wilson's perspective that we NOT allow Brewer to name a replacement in 3 months.
I agree with Wilson that we allow the President/his administration continue to talk to Gabby and her family about her progress.

Every reasonable person agrees to this!

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