Tuesday, January 11, 2011

After the Tragic Events: Tone Down the Rhetoric! Stop the Violence! Stop the Hate!

Giffords email: Need to 'tone our rhetoric and partisanship down'
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords sent an email the night before she was shot at an event in Tucson calling for a more civil tone in politics. Giffords offered congratulations to Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, a Republican, after he was named Director of Harvard University's Institute of Politics on Friday. "After you get settled, I would love to talk about what we can do to promote centrism and moderation," Giffords wrote in the email, provided to CNN by Grayson. "I am one of only 12 Dems left in a GOP district (the only woman) and think that we need to figure out how to tone our rhetoric and partisanship down."

I hope and pray the Hate Speech and signs END! I hope and pray the Violence ENDS! I hope and pray all of the Rush to Judgements END!

Sarah Palin FINALLY took down her Vicious Crosshairs poster. That is Good News, though Rush Limbaugh is now defending her for her viciousness.

The Ranting Tea Partiers protesting in front of Rep Giffords office FINALLY stopped Ranting! That is Good News! Hopefully they will learn their lesson and Stop the Hate!

What is amazing to me is the Hypocrisy of the Right. They are the 1st to RUSH to JUDGEMENT! Look at what they have done with the unfortunate murder of Rancher Krentz. Even though there is NO suspect, they quickly rushed to judgement and blamed EVERY undocumented immigrant and EVERY AMERICAN that supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform. They did the same with the FAKE SHOOTING of Deputy Louie Puroll! There was NO SUSPECT and Puroll has been FIRED for LYING! Yet they quickly rushed to judgement and blamed EVERY undocumented immigrant and EVERY American that supports comprehensive immigration reform! And there was no crime committed, except for Puroll LYING!

Now, these SAME RANTING VOICES from the right are boo-hooing and saying, "Why are you blaming ME for the Violence! Why are you blaming ME for putting targets on their heads and carrying signs of Hate and Violence!" The difference is, we KNOW the perp's name. The FBI has said he has affiliations to certain Right Wing extremist groups who are denying the perp's affiliation. We will find out more as the case unfolds!

The FACTS are, there are offensive voices out there on the Right! They are the ones with the crosshairs and the "Take a 2nd Ammendment Solution!" or "Water the Tree of Liberty" flags being pushed by Palin, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the right wing talk radio zealots.

I hope and pray the Hate Speech and signs END! I hope and pray the Violence ENDS! I hope and pray all of the Rush to Judgements END!


Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite you are, dee. You talk about the Teapartiers "ranting" in front of Gifford's office which is just freedom of political speech yet you have no problem with illegal foreingers marching in our streets "ranting" and demanding. Or Dreamies protesting outside of policital offices or jamming up traffic in the streets with their little sit-ins.

You talk about the right rushing to judgement when incidents happen and yet isn't that exactly what you did over this incident and many others? You immediately assumed that this kook was a right wing conservative, teapartier. How do you justify your own hypocricies in your own mind?

Do you have the guts to post this and to answer these questions?

Dee said...

Bad Anon,
I decided to post your rant.
Yes. I did post a blog about the hate filled Tea Partier protesters who paraded in front of Congresswoman Giffords' office for OVER a YEAR!

Their signs, as I posted, were filled with HATE and ATTACKS against a very kind and diplomatic American Congresswoman. They are SILENT now, now that their heated political rhetoric caused a demented young man to react when he sought fame while attacking and murdering such a talented group of individuals attending Congresswoman Giffords neighborhood meeting.

You attack ME for merely posting a video (and screen shots of this video) posted by someone from YOUR OWN SIDE???

Yes. The Kook, the Monster who committed these heinous crimes, seeking attention, did seek out the rhetoric from the Right when seeking his claim to fame.

As Palin said, "This is NOT a time to retreat. It is a time to RELOAD." It is absolutely Horrible that this demented young monster listened to all of the hate filled rhetoric!

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "We need him (Obama) to keep America whole." While I wish him and his family no harm, I think it is time to admit that he has been one of the most devisive presidents in recent history so there is little chance that he can keep America whole at least psycically.

ultima said...

Keep psoting all the comments you receive. Makes a better blog. Less one sided.

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