Sunday, January 9, 2011

Food for Thought: Why are Jared Loughner's Posts on the Internet so Recent? Why None Prior to November Election??

Food for thought: All of the information/comments left on social media sites (YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc.) are recent, AFTER the November election, AFTER Giffords narrow win against her opponent!

Jared Loughner is 22 years old, very savvy in social media.

Could Loughner have cleansed media sites of previous comments? Could he have deleted his contacts/linkages with others to remove their associations with him? Did he purposely slant his month old postings on YouTube and MySpace to make himself look "crazy," therefore preparing his own defense, in advance, for his crimes?

Thank you President Obama, for sending in the FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate these crimes and please investigate all materials this murdering monster may have deleted from his internet files. The FBI has confiscated his PC and cell phones, but please go back a few years and check his history. It is obvious that there is far more to this monster than the month old internet posts he recently published.

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Anonymous said...

Very astute observation. There is something very fishy concerning the shooting. It is possible that Jared Loughner is just a patsy of much more sophisticated interests. The postings, all as you say very recent, seem manufactured to appear purposely neurotic. I wonder if
has his postings prior to November 2010.

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