Thursday, January 6, 2011

Republican Teaparty Conspiracy: Republicans Read the Constitution Today: "Abide by the Amendments I Like!!"

On the floor of Congress, the Republican members of Congress took to the podium and read the Constitution today and asked the American People to abide by the Amendments they Like and told them to disregard the Amendments they don't like!

Newly sworn Republicans read aloud the country's founding document today, reading all the amendments they agreed with, however, they DID NOT recite every verse and article of the document because these Republicans decided that the obsolete parts AND the parts they don't LIKE can be skipped. For instance, lawmakers did not read the 18th Amendment, which imposed prohibition on liquor in 1919. However, they did read the 21st Amendment, which repealed prohibition in 1933 and is still in force.

Republicans also left out the part of the Constitution about counting slaves and Native Americans as three-fifths of a person. However, according to the RULES, portions of the U.S. Constitution are never deleted. They can ONLY be amended!!

Two Republicans did NOT even show up! Instead they went to a PARTY! When reporters asked them about it, they said they were "OK" because they swore in on TV!!Does that work? If you watched the ceremony on TV, are YOU now a Congressman?

And get this, a Republican BIRTHER interrupted them through the reading! LOL!

And I did NOT even mention the 14th Amendment! They read the Constitution on the floor DEMANDING everyone ABIDE by the Constitution -- This while racist/extremist Rep Steve King proposes to Change the 14th Amendment - Birthright Citizenship!

What is it with these wackos???
They read the portions of the Constitution they LIKE!
They didn't read the portions they didn't like!
They are attempting to change these portions, YET they say ABIDE BY IT!!
Republicans! They truly are a disgrace to America and to our Founding Fathers!!


Jim Malmberg said...

I think you need to do a little historical research. I regularly hear people complain about the three fifth's of a person counting mechanism in the constitution. Most people don't understand that this was included in the document as a means to end slavery. It was not to show disrespect for slaves.

The southern states had actually wanted to count slaves the same way that free men were counted. This would have given them disproportionate representation in congress and would have prevented an end to slavery at any time. By the time Lincoln became president, most of the southern states had more slaves than they did free men. Without the 3/5ths rule, those states would have controlled the Electoral College, Lincoln never would have been elected, and who knows if slavery would ever have ended.

It should also be pointed out every single major piece of civil rights legislation ever passed in this country was originally proposed by the Republican Party. In fact, you will find that not a single Democrat voted for either the 13th or 14th Amendments - that includes Northern Democrats. Look it up. And while the Civil Rights Act of the 1960's was actually signed into law during the Johnson administration, it was first proposed by President Eisenhower. It was Democrats in Congress that managed to hold it up for nearly a decade.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Southern Democrats who voted against The Civil Rights bill migrate to the Rupublicas after the act was passed?

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