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Day 3 & 3 1/2 - Shawna Forde Murder Trial

Guest Voz - Porter Corn - Immigration Clearinghouse:
Day Three – Shawna Forde Murder Trial – Laine Lawless defies judges order, tries to sneak into courtroom!
The circus is in town apparently today as Roberta Dills aka Laine Lawless blatantly defied Judge John Leonardo’s order banishing all potential witnesses from the trial until after they had testified. That wasn’t enough to stop the border loon from donning a black wig, black trenchcoat and marching into the courtroom as if she owned the place.
Lawless, always one fry shy of a Happy Meal, and who has also blatantly violated Judge Leonardo’s gag order by posting as “Shawna Forde” on the Facebook page she established. She sat behind two detective who immediately recognized her and notified prosecutor Deputy County Attorney Rick Unklesbay who asked the court to stop proceedings. He informed the Judge that “Ms. Lawless is standing here in some sort of disguise.”
According to Dave Ricker, who is covering the trial daily.

Leonardo questioned Lawless as to why she was in apparent violation of his earlier order regarding witnesses. “I am a citizen reporter and have First Amendment rights to be here as any other reporter here,” Lawless said….

Johnson informed Leonardo that she had received an email from Lawless asserting her right to be present in the courtroom during trial. “Despite what she may believe we have not made any decisions as to whether she would be called as a witness,” she said.

Unklesbay told the court that the previous witness had mentioned to him that Lawless had been discussing the case in the hallway outside the courtroom with another individual prior to her summons to the courtroom to testify. He asked Leonardo to order Lawless to not come to the courthouse unless she was summoned to testify in the case. Larsen added that she be ordered from blogging about the case or doing radio interviews as well. “She has had conversations with my client at the jail about daily court events,” he said.
We’ll watch and see what stunt she pulls next and if Judge Leonardo will sanction her as he should.

Other witnesses called included Melanie Aranda, Forde’s younger sister who briefly testified talking with Forde in April 2009. Forde talked to her about robbing people to fund her little Minuteman group.

But, Aranda said, “I didn’t take it seriously, mainly because she has a habit of exaggerating. She likes to talk big”

Chuck Stonex, Shawna Forde New Mexico “director” and the person called to bandage Bush’s bullet wound testified about the event and concluded with telling the prosecutor that he believed Forde was in charge of whatever mission they were on the night Bush got shot.
As usual, we’ll be updating as things happen.

Day 3 1/2 – Shawna Forde Murder Trial – Witness ties Forde to shooter Jason Bush
Minuteman Shawna Forde’s “New Mexico Director of M.A.D.”, Chuck Stonex, took the stand yesterday and under oath, ties accused Minuteman child killer Shawna Forde to her number two in the gang, Jason “Gunny” Bush, the suspected triggerman.
‘You should have seen how scary he looked last night with his face all blacked out,” Stonex, told the jurors referring to comments Shawna Forde made directly to him the night he and Laine Lawless were called to a home in Arivaca Arizona to tend to a bullet wound Bush had received.

More on this witnesses testimony can be
read here.

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