Monday, January 24, 2011

Guest Voz - Russell Simmons: The Night the Lights Went Out at NBC

Guest Voz - Russell Simmons: The Night the Lights Went Out at NBC
NBC is a great institution based in the landmark Rockefeller Plaza, where TV and radio began in this country. On Friday night, a bright light was dimmed for no explicable reason, when Keith Olbermann delivered his final show of Countdown on MSNBC. It is being reported that the deal for his removal from the network has been in the works for weeks. Maybe it was someone's ego; maybe he was too honest and forthright. But I can't help but feel that the less honest the extreme right-wing is, the more heavily they get promoted; the more honest the progressive voices are, the more they get silenced. This is where Edward R. Murrow's American media is at today.

Sure, Keith will be just fine. In the case that he is not, I invite him right now to have his own video nightly session on my online platform, But the web still hasn't overtaken the reach and power of the cable networks. That's why my friend (and political opponent) Roger Ailes is so successful. I may not like his politics but he sticks with and supports his team no matter how outrageous they get. Olbermann was only "outrageous" in spitting truth to power. I only wish the other side was so honest. I only wish my friend, Sean Hannity, didn't repeat false talking points like the "two hundred million dollar" Obama trip to the far east, or the lies murders by immigrants in Arizona. I only wish guys like Beck, O'Reilly and Limbaugh didn't give a moment of airtime to people who question the president's citizenship. I only wish that all of the networks didn't promote a preacher with a couple of dozen parishioners who wanted to burn the holy Koran, when there was a lot more important news to report those nights.

Keith wasn't strong on opinion (ones I happen to share), he was strong on the FACTS. He corrected every mistake. This was a rarity on cable news. How MSNBC thinks it can just move on and remain credible is beyond my comprehension. Would Roger Ailes ever think of firing Bill O'Reilly? Advertisers boycott Glenn Beck, but no one touches him. Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and their friends spin a "Mad Hatter" view of the Alice In Wonderland America they have created in their own minds. But who gets dumped? Keith. The honest, powerful advocate who created critical care clinics with donations from his viewers. Who helped Haiti, New Orleans, fought tirelessly against two unjust wars and who made the cause of humanity and honest truth, his cause. That's the guy who gets thrown overboard.
Let me suggest this: Keith, don't be concerned by Air America's lack of success. They didn't have the forum or the real financial support. Let's start a new channel together and make it stick and become a beacon to all Americans.
Keith's is a voice that can't be silenced. The truth can never be silenced.


Vicente Duque said...

I agree with you Dee.

Keith Olbermann is a Great Man, he was punished for speaking out against Hate, Racism, Bigotry and Lies.


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