Monday, January 17, 2011

Popular Across the Internet/Facebook: "Estoy Enamorado!" Includes "We Are All Humans" Video

"Estoy Enamorado" (English: I'm in Love) is the first single released by a very popular Reggaeton duo Wisin & Yandel from their live album La Revolución: Live. The song was released digitally on July 27, 2010. The Spanish lyrics that have to do with the expression of love toward his partner are combined in the video with shocking images of a couple being racially profiled, then arrested by The Border Patrol while the husband's young granddaughter looks on stunned as her grandparents are thrown in jail. It also shows the remorse of a Latino Border Patrol agent as he sees the child crying.

While they reiterate the phrase "Estoy Enamorado", there are scenes of a nighttime chase in the desert located on the border between Mexico and the United States. As a corollary, some Latino people living in the U.S. literally fade from their daily lives. It concludes with a crowd protesting the persecution of immigrants and the racial profiling of Latinos while lifting banners and shouting: "¡Si se Puede!" (Yes we can!)

In the end, the screen goes dark and in white lyrics it reads as follows:
"Creemos en la protección de los derechos de todo ser humano. La Ley SB1070 representa una violacion de esos derechos y una injusticia contra la integridad de nuestras comunidades. En nuestra unión esta la fuerza. Unámosnos. Recuerda en este mundo todos somos iguales!"
("We believe in protecting the rights of every human being. SB 1070 Law represents a violation of those rights and an injustice to the integrity of our communities. In our union there is strength. Unite. Remember: in this world, we are all equal!")

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Vicente Duque said...

Arizona University Professor explains why the Brown People will survive and prosper in AZ : Strong support and consideration by the Rich Elites - Strong Grassroot Democratic Organizations - Support of Intellectual Elites

This article implies that Corruption, Racism and Classism will be slowly eroded in Arizona, and that those events in the Future may bode well for American Democracy and History.

Note : Not all Latinos are brown, not all brown people are latinos : many may be Native American Indians, South Asians, Mixed Races and People, etc ...

Kasama Project
Corruption and Class Struggle
What It’s Like to Live in Arizona Right Now
January 13, 2011

By Joel Olson
Joel Olson has lived in Arizona for over 25 years. He is a member of the Flagstaff Repeal Coalition and teaches political theory at Northern Arizona University.

Some excerpts :

These working-class struggles suggest a new Arizona. They suggest a world in which working people decide the fate of the community, not the rich. They suggest a world in which democracy rather than white privilege decides how to allocate resources. They suggest a world in which borders are tools of the bosses rather than walls that “defend sovereignty” or “prevent terrorism.”

This class will not win for a while. The elites and the white middle classes are yet too powerful. This coming year, Arizona politicians will gut the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship, defund public education until it barely operates, and do many more stupid things. But as elites and the white middle class continue to bicker, the Arizona working class continues to learn lessons, develop leadership, practice grassroots democracy, and make demands that seem “unreasonable” today but might tomorrow become as obvious as the multiplication table.

Corruption, elite domination, and white favoritism are the most important factors in understanding Arizona’s strange political history, including this latest episode. But class struggle against it is key to understanding why the nation’s strangest state may soon be in the vanguard of struggles for real freedom. Those involved in such struggles stand like saguaros in this beautiful state, even as the snakes and scorpions scurry about us.

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