Monday, January 17, 2011

Gabby is getting Better!! Hurray!!! WE LOVE YOU GABBY!! WELCOME BACK!!! Tea Party Zealots -- Please Continue to STOP Marching Against Her Office!!!

Thank You Lord! Congresswoman Giffords will be BACK in her Congressional Seat Soon!!
Despite all of the rhetoric from the extremist right/teapartiers Trent Humphries FAR RIGHT Extremists.. Gabby WILL SURVIVE AND FILL HER OWN SEAT!!

Extreme Right Wing Marchers -- Continue to Stay HOME and STAY AWAY from Congresswoman Giffords Office!!!

Doctors have successfully performed a surgery on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' eye socket to remove bone fragments as the wounded congresswoman showed more signs of improvement.

There were no complications from the surgery, and Giffords is improving so much that she was able to give her husband a back rub.

Dr. Randall Friese said Mark Kelly also told doctors he saw Giffords smile. He said sometimes people see what they want to see, but that "if he says she's smiling, I buy it."

Giffords still cannot speak because of a tracheotomy done so the breathing tube could be removed from her mouth.

God Bless Gabby Giffords! No Domestic Terrorist Can Stop You!

God Bless America!
God Bless OUR President Obama!
God Bless Gabby Giffords and her Family!

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