Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something Very Odd About This Weekend's Tragedy! Pray for Peace!

There is something very odd and unusual about what happened last weekend.
I mean besides the murderous tragedy.
For one thing, where was the perpetrator, Jared Loughner, on the internet before November, 2010?
He obviously was very media savvy.
He had his own You Tube channel for Heaven's sake.
I don't even have my own You Tube Channel, and I've been blogging, (very popularly thank you) since 2007. Now, we are supposed to believe this young perpetrator has never shown up on the internet before two months ago?? What gives?

Something else very unusual.
He targetted and shot one of the most "despised by tea party" Congresswomen in the entire Country. The Teaparty targeted her campaign office for over two years! From 2009 - November 2010, hundreds of teaparty zealots marched in front of her office carrying these hate filled signs EVERY DAY! Jared saw this EVERY DAY. Her office was only a few miles from his house!

Something else very unusual.
He shot and murdered the Judge that ruled against Rancher Barnett, one of the biggest antagonists in the ANTI Immigration Reform agenda. Barnett has formed a Hate Filled movement in his own right. He and his supporters challenged and protested Judge Roll on many fronts. Now, mysteriously and supposedly coincidentally, Judge Roll has been murdered by this so-called crazed 22 year old who suddenly appeared on the internet out of nowhere two months ago.

Something is very unusual here.
There is much more to this.
This is far beyond a coincidence.
I am still wondering, pondering on this.
My intuition is on over-load.

Something else very unusual here.
On the day of the shooting, on Saturday, almost every Republican extremist was phoning in to CNN, Fox and MSNBC, many of whom had spoken very negatively about Rep. Giffords in Arizona. These Republican ANTIs all proclaimed their shock and sorrow over the tragedy. Even Russell Pearce called into Fox News about this. They called in far before any Democrat was even aware of the tragedy. How were they prepared with obvious political excuses and their feigning being close to the victim... how could they ALL be so available to the media, all media, so quickly.

All so much food for thought, as I ponder, wondering what really happened here.
I am thinking, pondering, as I worry about our esteemed President, who is venturing into the heat of the flames, like a moth, being drawn to the fire. He will be speaking at the memorial events in Tucson on Wednesday. I pray for his safety... both for his family and for all of the American people. We need him to keep America whole. We need him to help lead us along the path back to sanity, hope, change and into our everchanging and multi cultural American Dream.


Dee said...

Now the right fringe is attacking Sheriff Dupnik for telling the truth about the angry Mobs who marched in front of Congresswoman Giffords' office. Limbaugh, Beck and others are attacking him for telling the truth!

Yet they were the first to rush to judgement re: murder of Rancher Krentz, who, to date, no perp has been identified. They also rushed to judgement re: the FAKE attack of Deputy Louis Puroll, who has now been fired for LYING. They rushed to judgement blaming everyone who supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform; blaming every Latino they believe is undocumented...they rushed to judgement, NOW they are attacking the Good Sheriff Dupnik who is telling the truth.

Vicente Duque said...

Yes, Dee, I agree with your blog and your work ! Let's pray for Peace !


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