Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ANTI Leaders Rally Against Huckabee, Call Minuteman Leader Gilchrist a Lunatic!

As many of my readers know, I frequently peruse the Immigration websites to see "What´s New!" I came across this message today. I think "W" is right in his prediction that the shxx will hit the fan now!

Alipac´s William Gheen is rallying all the ANTI Leaders against Huckabee while calling Gilchrist a Lunatic!

Urgent Warning to all Leaders in the Immigration Enforcement Movement

Fellow leaders of the NIIBC:

As many of you are aware, Jim Gilchrist, has endorsed Mike Huckabee for President, which pretty much erases any good he has ever done for our cause. Mike Huckabee is pro Amnesty for illegal aliens, supports benefits for illegal aliens such as in-state tuition, and has decried ICE raids on chicken plants in his home state. Furthermore, Huckabee has released an "Immigration Plan" which contains the deceptive 'touch back" provision that the pushers of Amnesty tried on us in DC this past year. Huckabee wants to trick the nation by having illegal aliens leave for a day to pick up new papers at an office setup across the American border and then walk right back.

Many of you are already aware that the vast majority of groups and leaders in our movement have distanced themselves from Mr. Gilchrist over the past year due to his increased egomaniacal, destructive, and increasingly bizarre behavior. We have kept this problem low profile in the best interest of the movement, but today Jim Gilchrist just displayed his severe problems to the nation by endorsing a pro amnesty candidate!

ALIPAC has been working on a warning release about Mike Huckabee's stances and record we will release it by tomorrow morning. We are writing all of the leaders in our network to ask that each of you move quickly to go on the warpath against Huckabee as soon as possible. Huckabee is scheduled to take the next poll plunge as his record on illegal immigration is scrutinized, following the trend of McCain and Guiliani.

Now we must all work together to expose the problems with Huckabee, while trying to minimize the damage done by Jim Gilchrist. Our opposition in Socal knows about Mr. Gilchrist's instabilities and now the rest of the nation is about to find out. If we all focus our energies on Huckabee, we can bring his numbers down and hopefully relegate Mr. Gilchrist's endorsement of a pro illegal alien candidate into the past as his final embarrassing act that harms our cause.

Are you willing to have your name, position, and organization added to a letter that we put out by national press release next Monday in support of...

"We the undersigned have dedicated our lives to fighting illegal immigration and we are compelled to warn the American public about the immigration stances and record of Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is pro amnesty for illegal aliens and favors a "path to citizenship" for illegal aliens currently in the US, which would require a lifting of the current penalties. Mike Huckabee is against ICE raids and decried them in his home state, while supporting benefits for illegal aliens such as taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition. Governor Huckabee also favors a "touchback" provision, which we feel is a trick to confuse voters. He would have illegal aliens leave for a day, pick up new papers, and then enter the US LEGALLY, which is not the back of the immigration line! SIGNED Name, position Organization ---
Please let me know quickly if you will sign.
William Gheen ALIPAC


pjgoober said...

Huckabee claims that he got his new plan from Mark Krikorian, but even Mark Krikorian himself is very skeptical.

Note that this skepticism runs somewhat counter to the interest of ego. Think of the wider fame and fortune this could bring Krikorian, especially if Huckabee were to actually become president. As for me, as opposed to showing skepticism (regardless of what I truly thought), I'd be tempted to just smile, nod my head and go along for the ride!

Dee said...

A number of ANTI sites are up in arms over Gilchrist´s endorsement of Huckabee. They are swearing they are stopping their memberships and funding of the Minutemen over this.

Michelle Malkin (MM) is having a conniption fit over this. She is especially surprised by Roy Beck´s change in support on his website. (see quote below and in link)

This is the one time in history I expect I will ever agree with MM. Something is going on! Why would Gilchrist and Beck both change their opinions so quickly re: an obvious sunny-day flip-flopper like Huckabee? I suspect it has something to do with the Buchanan, Hannity, Fox connection. Something is brewing and its not pretty!

"Roy Beck of NumbersUSA has changed several of his ratings for Governor Huckabee from “red” to “green” in response to his new immigration plan. This is a big turnaround from just a few days before, when Beck characterized the Governor as a “disaster” in the area of immigration."

ultima said...

Well, I guess we finally have to admit that Gilchrist is a loser who has given the MM a bad name they don't deserve. The sooner his saber is broken and his buttons pulled off the better off we will be.

I find this story to be amazing. Gilchrist has simply lost it. I agree that Huckabee has to go. His acceptance of thousands of dollars in supposedly "legal" gifts and favors is Clintonesque. Executive officers of states, the federal government and the legisators and congressmen should never accept anything other than a token gift. No matter how much they deny that such gifts affect their judgment, we all know better. The influence of such gifts may be very subtle but it is there nevertheless. Shame on Huckabee for his corruption. All those who come up with various schemes for rewarding illegal behavior should be shunned in the primaries. What are they thinking? Do none of them have an interest in the long-term survival of America? This is the most incredible development in the history of the United States.

pjgoober said...

Maybe this new support for Huckabee is for strategic reasons. They might have just decided that Huckabee is the best person for them on the immigration issue that can actually win the general election, as opposed to just the primary. Some say Huck would just cement the Republicans in as a southern regional party and bomb everywhere else, but on the other hand, the guy really is likable and compassionate sounding.

As for me, as an ANTI, I'd rather have Hillary or Obama as president, even if Huckabee's immigration plans are *slightly* more ANTI-ish. The reasoning for this goes that the Democrats with House, Senate (with probable stronger majorities) and presidency will not do a PRO style earned legalization + increase in legal immigration, because they will then have to take not only all of the credit, but all of the blame. According to this view, the Democrats will get cold feet when they realize they won't have a Republican president to share responsibility for it with. All of the consequences, good and bad, will be on them (Harry Reid once referred to the last Comprensive Reform attempt as "the president's bill", but that may be because it had just been defeated. Had it passed he may not have called it that). Is this view naive? I suppose this view rests on the assumptions that 1) there truly is a broad-based anti-pathy towards legalization and 2) The Democrats know this and fear it.

Anonymous said...

The god's honest truth is that if you survey the big money donors to the democrats and the big money donors to the republicans you find very very heavy support for Amnesty.

Similarly, if you survey Americans with an income over $500 thousand a year, Dee's views are very popular and Amnesty is popular.

There is a huge split in both parties between the people and the powerful.

Those making less than $100k per year in both parties are overwhelmingly against Dee and against any sort of Amnesty

All I can say, to people on both sides of this issue is, make your opinions known to your elected member of congress.

The most powerful communication you can make is, tell your congressman that you agree with him on all other issues (if you do) but that your opinion on this issue is so important that you plan to vote for his opponent.

That will change his behaviour

If you are anti, be aware that you are fighting an uphill battle. The people with money in your party (no matter what party you are in) are strongly against you.

Dee said...

Anon (please use a nickname so we don´t confuse you with other Anons please)

Thank you for your thoughtful response. I agree we all need to study our candidates and decide for ourselves who we support. I am not Republican, but it is very obvious Huckabee is a flim flam man.

While I agree with some of what yous said, I disagree with one key point you made. Most Hispanic citizens who support the PRO (my) position do NOT make over $100K a year.

Dee said...

The MM fence scammer and crook Chris Simcox who says he is the head of the MCDC (Minutemen Project) just posted this on the Washington Post Blog

Here is Simcox letter:
No National Minuteman Group has endorsed Mike Huckabee.

One individual Minuteman has personally endorsed him.

For the sake of clarity, it is important to note that the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), the nation's largest Minuteman organization, is a 501(C)4 non-profit organization and cannot and does not endorse any candidate for public office. MCDC is not associated with Mr. Jim Gilchrist, who today endorsed Mike Huckabee for president.

Jim Gilchrist's erstwhile Minuteman Project is itself an organization which by its own representations as a non-profit civic group, cannot legally endorse candidates. It does not have any volunteers who observe illegal border activity. It has no border fence building projects. Jim Gilchrist here speaks only for Jim Gilchrist, he does not speak for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, nor is he nationally representative of most patriots in the "Minuteman movement" - who under no circumstances could ignore the failed record nor endorse the duplicitous "plan" recently rolled out by candidate Mike Huckabee. The national media needs to recognize that Jim Gilchrist's endorsement is his own personal statement, nothing more.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps emphasizes policy dealing with national border security. The only "plan" to ensure border security that is acceptable to our constituency would be a candidate policy statement declaring that his first act as President will be to hold a press conference and announce to the American people an executive order to immediately deploy and fund 30,000 National Guard personnel to the U.S. Borders (25,000 to the southern border and 5,000 to the northern border) to complement a massive increase in U.S. Border Patrol Agent field personnel, and a bilateral effort to secure our frontiers, smash the drug cartels, shut down the human smugglers and protect the public safety of the citizens who reside along the borders on both sides of our national boundaries.

Unlike this last-minute opportunism attempted by Huckabee, many of the other GOP presidential candidates have actually helped push the issue of national border security forward for some time. Tom Tancredo's many years of hard work on the border crisis and illegal immigration issues have all the candidates striving to sound like him. Duncan Hunter can take personal credit for getting the highly effective San Diego border fence built. Ron Paul has been to the border with us first hand and aggressively pushed positive border legislation. Alan Keyes has done more than anyone to support the organizational development of MCDC, and personally participated in the Minuteman Border Fence Groundbreaking - advancing a citizen's construction effort which has forced Congress to finally get the Feds building physical border fence.

Only one Minuteman group is conducting regular multi-state border security efforts, building fence and aggressively monitoring Washington DC: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. We would like to extend an invitation to all the presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat, to come to the border and see what is really happening on our nation's frontier. Not to take the safe little government photo-op helicopter ride, but see the lay-up sites full of trash and debris. See the rape trees. See the violent crime in the border towns. Walk on the pathways of destroyed environmental terrain trampled by tens of thousands of invading foreign migrants. See what the American elites' support of broken borders, unfettered illegal immigration and sanctuary cities is doing to our fellow Americans who live on our borderlands, and how these failed policies imperil our nation's safety, security and prosperity.

Chris Simcox
President (and crook)
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Dee said...

BTW, the Republican Debates are on MSNBC right now. Should be funny, especially now that they have Alan Keyes running. (Alan Keyes?!?!?!?!)

Your side has really, really gone OFF THE DEEP END!!

Liquidmicro said...

Dee said...

BTW, the Republican Debates are on MSNBC right now. Should be funny, especially now that they have Alan Keyes running. (Alan Keyes?!?!?!?!)

Your side has really, really gone OFF THE DEEP END!!

Guilty by Association, again, who is this your side thing?? What is so funny about Alan Keyes?? You still associate all ANTI's with the Republican candidates. How naive of you. The MCDC is not the MP, they are a split group, at least get it right. Gilchrist's endorsement is just that, Gilchrist's endorsement.

Dee said...

I do not include you with Dems or Reps because I know you said you are voting for yourself for Prez in 2008. So the next time I say "your side or you all" please exclude yourself since you have such a unique candidate and sometimes, a very unique perspective. Glad you are here!

PS: If you are watching the debates and are watching Alan Keyes blustering then my ?! need no explanation. He is absolutely hilarious!

Dee said...

BTW, I must say Huckabee is the best Speaker of all the Republican candidates during the debate. He is impressive (sounds like a good preacher)! Tancredo tried to take him on with an Education question and Huckabee shut him down nicely.

Debate Winners:
1. Huckabee (The Preacher)
2. Romney (Handsome, JFK-like)

Best Comedy:

Next down the list:
Guliani (national security)
McCain (I like him but no chance)
Thompson (loser, flip flopper)
Hunter (didn´t hear much from him)
Paul (barely talked)

Worst Showing:
Tancredo (Johnny one note),
Keyes (funny yet scary looking, especially when he went on various tirades)

Dee said...

I wonder if the RNC put Keyes up there because they think Obama might win the Dem candidacy and wanted to counter Obama. But Keyes is such a cartoon character. Sheesh!

Dee said...

William is pretty busy getting his blind followers to follow their mass form emails to congress and the media. Here is his form letter. It is very long so I am only posting half of it and you can read the link for the rest (if you want to get really bored).

If the blind followers do clog up Congress and the media emails with this form letter per their USUAL modis operandi, this will severely impact the credibility of the ANTI agenda. I am not on your side but it almost (almost) makes me feel sorry for you guys because this internal war makes you guys look kinda silly. (Liquid, this does not mean you)

Williams letter (1/2 of it):

...Mike Huckabee is clearly an Open Borders fanatic.

This is why there is a shockwave moving through the immigration enforcement movement after hearing of the endorsement of the Huckabee campaign by Co-Founder of the original Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist.

The embarrassing truth is that Jim Gilchrist has forced distance between himself and the vast majority of other groups and leaders in the immigration enforcement movement over the last year because of his egotistical, unstable, destructive, and growingly bizarre behavior. His behind the scenes actions have created a great deal of alarm from groups such as ALIPAC who were a part of the original Minuteman effort and who have supported Mr. Gilchrist in the past.

After Jim Gilchrist split with co-founder Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, he quickly made enemies out of any group that refused to take a side in the conflict. He would not respect the neutrality of other sovereign groups and adopted an "with us or against us" stance that drove many away.

Jim Gilchrist's last attempt to muster Minutemen volunteers fell apart during the Laredo Texas operations he launched. While the opening day had many attendees, within one week there were less than ten volunteers on the border and Gilchrist himself was not even present most of the time.

Since that time, Jim has been engaged in a bitter battle against the Executive Board of his 501(c) organization after they terminated him from his position as director, which has thrown the whole organization into court battles. While most of our movement was neck deep in the battle against the Senate "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" amnesty bills, Gilchrist was busy sending out his next wave of bitter e-mails decrying the actions of the "hijackers" of his organization.

Many of us in the movement have been keeping quiet about these problems, the threatening e-mails, and personal attacks, hoping that Jim Gilchrist would fade into the background, where his reckless behavior and failed organization could do no further harm to the movement, which is much bigger than Minuteman. We had hoped that his initial contributions to the cause in Minuteman 1 could be saved from his actions of late. Today, the rest of the nation is painfully learning what we know about Jim Gilchrist, due to his endorsement of pro amnesty Open Borders Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Since the Minuteman Project is a tax-free nonprofit organization, which is prohibited by law from endorsing candidates, one has to wonder why Jim Gilchrist is making endorsements for President, which will surely be challenged by other Presidential campaigns and pro amnesty groups.

Perhaps Jim just skimmed over the Huckabee plan like many Americans will do and fell for the bait? It is likely that he was so happy to hear from a Presidential campaign in the midst of his isolation that he jumped at the opportunity to be relevant again?

Jim Gilchrist and Mike Huckabee have made a terrible mistake by supporting a Presidential campaign which has stances in favor of "touchback" amnesty for illegal aliens, benefits for illegal aliens, voting access for illegal aliens, "comprehensive immigration reform" amnesty, expanded visa programs, and more legal immigration. They are both attempting to give the illegal aliens, the US Chamber of Commerce, and their supporting groups like Tyson Foods, LULAC, and La Raza exactly what they want, while trying to dupe the American public.

As Americans representing the 80% of our fellow countrymen and women who oppose this radical Open Borders agenda, we must do all we can to expose Mike Huckabee's true stances and record. We must also make it clear to Jim Gilchrist that he has just erased any positive contributions he may have made in the past to the immigration enforcement movement by lending his support to an 'Illegal Alien's best friend'.


Paid for by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
Mike Huckabee's Shamnesty for Illegal Aliens!

December 12, 2007

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
ok folks, time to take action on this, here it is.

Dee said...

And he goes on and on. He´s bashing his team to do this now:

Ok folks! Let's crank this effort up white hot!

We need you to bombard each Presidential campaign with copies of this article.

We need many of you sending copies to Rush, Hannity, Savage, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, anyone you can think of.

We need you to spread out across the net and post this on many blogs and boards.

Send this to any media outlet you can locate and online news source.

We need full ALIPAC Activist deployment behind this release / article!


Dee said...

Some comments by the blind followers:

(this guy had a puppy dog icon waving his tail):
You got it, William!
This is one of your best articles yet, by the way!
Hopefully, since I've already printed out several copies to send via snail mail to people I think will be interested, you don't mind if it's copied word for word.
Snail mail will go out today as well as e-mail.

heres another:

another said:
Starting with these:
. Lou Dobbs
. Glen Beck
. Prime Time News with Erica
. Anderson Cooper 360

another said:
Don't forget to bombard media outlets, newspapers, radio stations, tv stations, etc in IOWA asap!

Yikes. There are hundreds of these massive mailings.

patriot said...

"Your" side does the same thing, dee. Why you try to pretend that they don't, just blows my mind. You make it out to be a negative thing for the anti's to do while your side uses the same tactics. I say do whatever works when you feel srongly about your cause.

I understand why Simcox and William Gheen want to make it clear that they don't agree with Gilchrist's support of Huckabee. No organization wants to be labeled as supporting a certain candidate when it isn't true. As pointed out, Gilchrist is with the MM Project and Simcox is with the MCDC. They are two different organizations. Many people don't realize that and therefore a clarification was needed.

ultima said...

Astute observations, goober! Thanks.

ultima said...

Michelle Malkin fOr INS Director

ultima said...

Each year the respective Nobel Committees send individual invitations to thousands of members of academies, university professors, scientists from numerous countries, previous Nobel Laureates, members of parliamentary assemblies and others, asking them to submit candidates for the Nobel Prizes for the coming year. These nominators are chosen in such a way that as many countries and universities as possible are represented over time.

patriot said...

"There are none so blind as those who will not see". This should be the trademark of the pro's. They are not only blind, but deaf and dumb too.

Dee said...

So glad you appreciate Gore!
Me too!!

Ulty said:
re: validity of Nobel Prize

Lupita said...

Ehem, ehem...

Today is Lupita's Day.

Liquidmicro said...

Lupita's Day???? Birthday??

Lupita said...

My saint's day. Today is the Virgin of Guadalupe's Day.

dianne said...

Huckabee is not going to last, and he shouldn't. This is the beginning of end for him, along with the extremely disparaging remark he made against Romney's religion that they believe the devil is the brother of Jesus.

Dee said...

My Gosh! What Next? Now Simcox is turning against you guys. William and the American Patrol are going bonkers!

Simcox-Rios Strange Bedfellows

"I had pretty much written him off," Rios said of Simcox.
Rios and Flores were willing to concede the border needs to be secured for a guest-worker plan to work.
And earlier in the day, Simcox, a controversial figure who is credited and criticized for being the first to organize a citizen border patrol, made what some found to be stunning statements: He supports public education for the children of illegal immigrants and sees the fix as not just an issue of enforcement, but of reforming Mexico's economy and basing the number of U.S. visas on the nation's labor supply.
"People have never really listened to the entire scope of what our organization stands for," Simcox said.

I am going to start a new blog on this with pix. But I promise I will move on to other issues after the DEM debates this afternoon. More on the Economy just for Lupita´s Day.

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