Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ron Paul: Idiot on Meet the Press today!

Ron Paul looked like an idiot on Meet the Press today!

What did he say?
1. End Income Tax and STOP ALL Government Programs including Social Security!
2. Stop Funding for all Public Services including Public Schools !

3. Pull all troops back from Around the World & Close most military Bases

4. Lincoln Advice: You should never have gone to War. Slavery could have been stopped by the Government buying all Slaves!?!
5. Hitler: He wasn´t ALL Wrong!
He looked like a total nutcase.

Was it just the format or was it R. Paul?
Time will tell, but....
do you see the similarities?


Anonymous said...

you're an ignorant asshole. less government more power to the people is his message.

Dee said...

Anon, Don´t be so mean. Name calling doesn´t work. Let´s discuss the issues. What I said was, when RP was on MTP, he sounded pretty extreme. If he is to be a viable contender, he needs to address the issues with an approach most Americans can relate to and provide explanations detailing how he will make changes. He did not do this on MTP.

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