Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tancredo Pulling Out of Presidential Race

The AP is reporting:

Tancredo to Abandon Presidential Bid
By GEORGE MERRITT – 1 hour ago
DENVER (AP) — Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, whose forceful opposition to illegal immigration vaulted him to national prominence, plans to announce he is abandoning his long-shot bid for the presidency, a person close to Tancredo said Wednesday. The five-term Colorado congressman planned to make the announcement at a news conference in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday, the person said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for Tancredo or his campaign.

Tancredo's campaign would only say he planned a "major announcement" Thursday.
Tancredo has consistently polled at the back of the nine-person GOP field. He has based his campaign on opposition to illegal immigration, a top issue in many areas of the country. He has run television ads that link lax border security to terrorist attacks, rape and other crimes.

I wonder who the ANTIs will vote for now? Many sites are saying Romney, but didn´t we all just agree he is a Flip Flopper?


Dee said...

Here´s the scuttlebutt:

The scuttle is:

Rep. Tom Tancredo will drop out of the presidential race tomorrow and endorse either Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson.... neither of those candidates know who, just yet.

dianne said...

Tancredo never had a chance and knew it. He ran to raise the awareness of the illegal immigration problem and he sure did.

I expect he will throw his support to Thompson.

patriot said...

This was fully expected. And you are right, dianne he did run for the reasons you stated.

As for me, my support will go to Duncan Hunter. I hope that Tancredo endorses him.

Anonymous said...

Tancredo helped bring the illegal immigration issue to be one of the most important issues on Americans' minds. Bravo Tancredo!

patriot said...

I heard that Tancredo isn't going to run for his seat in the House come next election but instead eyes a seat in the Senate upsurping Salazar I believe. Won't that make the pro-illegals mad, lol. One of their own could lose to Tancredo. Got to love it!

Who knows, if we ever start enforcing our immigration laws, securing our borders and see millions of illegal aliens leaving, somewhere down the road Tancredo might make a bid for the White House again. It isn't going to take many more years for all Americans to wake up to this illegal invasion and realize that he was right all along.

dianne said...

Just heard that Tancredo gave his endorsement to Romney !!!

Dee said...

Here´s what a Ron Paul blogger wrote about Tancredo´s endorsement of Romney:

This was a perfect opportunity (for Tancredo) to stand tall and leave the race. However, Tancredo fell prey to the unsanctified charm of Romney. Perhaps Tancredo would have more sense than to vote for someone who has made a career out of deception and lies. At least he has made one thing clear: only one man cares about the Constitution, and that is Congressman Ron Paul. So long Tom!

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