Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Walsh to Testify Against Piekarsky and Donchak!!! (Kick In The Head Murder Case - Luis Ramirez)

As I have previously reported, Luis Ramirez was MURDERED in a violent HATE CRIME.
Three football jocks were charged in his murder. Derrick Donchak picked a fight with Luis Ramirez when they saw him walking with an Anglo teenage girl. The group of teenaged jocks all chanted racial slurs, calling Ramirez "Spic", "dirty Mexican", "go back to Mexico", etc, etc. Then, as the fight continued, Colin Walsh sucker punched Ramirez and Ramirez hit his head. Then later, as Ramirez lay foaming at the mouth, Piekarsky delivered the final Kick to the Head (like a football), which killed him. Incidentally, all agree the jocks were drunk at the time of the incident and Brandon Piekarsky purchased the booze and transported it and provided it to the drunken jocks. Afterwards, it was Piekarsky that strong armed the witnesses to LIE to the Police and to Prosecutors about these events.
Now, as the judge is moving forward with the murder charges, one of the accused has turned state's evidence. Colin Walsh has pleaded guilty in federal court to charges related to Ramirez's federal civil rights. In return for that federal plea, Walsh will testify against his two friends, Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak.
Now, news reports are saying charges against Walsh will be dropped.
One of the witnesses in the neighborhood who witnessed the murder, Eileen Burke, said, "I came back from the city. I moved here and can't believe there is so much hatred to do a beating like this."
It is time the perpetrators in these HATE Crimes are charged to the Fullest Extent of the Law! Hopefully this will deter other like-minded individuals from committing such HATE Crimes again!

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Vicente Duque said...

The eyes of the Whole World are on this court to see what happens.

One can understand that Keith Luke or Dannie Roy Baker are madmen. If they had been borne in the times of Shakespeare they would have been the fun of the village as fools or madmen.

But they had the misfortune of being born in the Age of Hate TV and the anchors of Hatred, Racism and Jingoism. The Merchants of Hate.

These two perpetrators believed all the TV Lies and Imbecility. And that was their misfortune.

So, we can feel some pity for the two madmen, the sick mind produces a breakdown of intelligence and reason, the deranged mind of a lone wolf.

I can understand and even forgive those that kill in Universities, Colleges, Schools or Educational Institutuion, yes, the killers have suffered a lot as madmen, many inferiority complexes or painful depressions.

But the terrorists of Shenandoah Pennsylvania are another matter.

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