Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Right Wing Extremists are Baselessly Blaming Latinos for Spreading Swine Flu Across the Border

Right Wingers are baselessly blaming Latinos for spreading swine flu across the border, despite the fact that several reports have indicated that U.S. swine flu patients have recently traveled to Mexico. Pundits like Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Dobbs, Boortz and other right wing nut jobs are going on the air accusing and blaming American Latinos or any they term as "illeeegals" in the U.S. for the Swine Flu crisis.
ARE THEY NUTZ? ARE THEY NOT READING THE CDC Reports?? The origin of this disease comes from a pig farm -- a farm about 20 miles south of Mexico City. I am told this is an American owned pig farm that is blatant for NOT following hygenic policies they are required to follow. Regardless, this disease DID NOT ORIGINATE in the Latino neighborhoods of the U.S. No Latino from the U.S. should be chastized or demonized.
On the HATE site Alipac.us, one commenter responded she had a Garage Sale and a Latino American came by to shop. The Latino-American sneezed. The Alipacer had a canipshon fit! She said, "See! The Latinos are ALL carrying the Swine Flu virus!" Now, on their site, they are looking forward to the May Immigration Reform Marches. They believe that any time a Latino American sneezes, people will believe they are infecting the population and this will cause Americans to join their hateful cause. These zealots are SO FULL OF HATE that they are imaging a new "The Stand." They feel the marches and any Latino that goes out in public will ultimately support their cause because their hateful side will blame them for the flu virus and rally their troops to line up enforce against ALL Latinos.
These zealots are insane! I feel like facing them off and saying, "Are you mad? Are YOU American?! Get a Grip, you Racist!!" These zealots blame a virus on one nationality! One Group!
In reality, this is a disease that could have started anywhere! Consider any Flu Season. Last year, we in the USA had 35,000 deaths attributed to good old American Flu! So far, NO American deaths can be attributed to the 2009 Swine Flu originating from Mexico. There have been a number of deaths in Mexico, but none in our USA! I say to Dobbs, whose tongue is drooling over reporting the status of this disease, STOP getting a tingling up your leg when you report about the Swine Flu! Get Real!
Across the world, we ALL need to partner together to combat disease!!
The bottom line is, Janet Napolitano/DHS and the Obama Administration are doing a GOOD JOB at combatting the disease and informing the American Public as to the status of the disease. What we DON'T NEED is for the right wing zealots to demonize one entire ethnic group and blame them for this disease. All Americans and all people should know, a disease can start anywhere and we ALL should partner together to combat it!
God Bless America
God Bless our President Obama!


The Arizonian said...

Actually, Mexican authorities traced it back to a 5-year-old in a remote village in Mexico- he contracted it in mid-March or so.

http://edition.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/04/29/swine.flu.international/MMeanwhile, Mexican authorities are focusing on a young boy being referred to as "patient zero" by his doctors -- 5-year-old Edgar Hernandez, who survived the earliest documented case of the swine flu outbreak. Watch a report on "patient zero"

His family lives in the village of La Gloria in the state of Veracruz, where a flu outbreak was reported on April 2.

I don't think it matters HOW it got to the US or other countries.

But why no travel or border restrictions? If it is as serious as the media (lol) would have us believe, wouldn't you cancel flights and seal the border?

But, I do find it interesting that it has only killed 'Mexicans"..... No other deaths reported as of the time I wrote this comment.

Just seems odd.....

Like "super AIDS" in Africa.

Tamale Chica said...


In many ways this is similar to SARS, which health "experts" were claiming would be a worldwide pandemic and that, no pun intended, seemed to die down on its own. Very frequently, Asian Americans were given dirty looks whenever they sneezed, coughed or exhibited any other signs of the common cold or flu and were treated as thought THEY were carrying SARS.

On the upside, as one of my APA friends pointed out, during the so called SARS epidemic, they would tell each other, "if lines are too long at the Post Office, start coughing and saying something about SARS and the line should start to thin out so you won't have to wait so long. Don't want to share a seat on the bus or train? Cough cough." They weren't taking it lightly, but when one becomes to object of hate for something called a virus or a flu, finding levity within the group helps deal with the day to day stupid mentalities out there.

Thanks for the heads up about the US owned farm. I've seen these posts:
http://www.grist.org/article/2009-04-25-swine-flu-smithfield/ and http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/green/detail?&entry_id=39177. I'll post the SF one to Face Book.

Dee said...

They did trace it back to the little boy but his mother blames the disease on the U.S. company Smithfield Foods plant in their area.

Even though the "official" tests came back negative from the plant, neighbors have been complaining about the putrid water from the plant for months.

Regarding why only Mexicans are dying from the flu, it sure does make you wonder.
Makes you wonder!

ultima said...

What you describe is a very human reaction, driven by fear. The principle involved here is that of quaranteen. If there is an outbreak of a deadly disease anywhere, it is often the best policy to quaranteen that area. There is no guarantee that H1N1 will die down any time soon like SARS.

If we and the Mexicans are closing schools and restaurants to stop the spread, why not close the border? Will we wait until it is too late? The first person to die in the U.S. of the H1N1 virus is a Mexican child who just happened to be in Texas.

Illegals who have been here for some time are unlikely carriers of the virus but who can tell when anyone arrived? This the explanation for the concern about all Hispanics who conceivably could be recent arrivals who are carrying the virulent strain of H1N1.

The Arizonian said...

"Edgar's case has gained attention because he lives near a large pig farm, fueling suspicion that the outbreak began there. The farm, Granjas Carroll, is a joint venture between Mexican firm Agroindustrias Unidas de Mexico SA and Virginia-based Smithfield Foods Inc.
The company says that none of its workers or pigs are sick. Mexican officials are testing the pigs, but say they don't believe the infection began there."

The Arizonian said...

World Health Organization says death toll at 7, not 150+:
http://www.smh.com.au/world/only-7-swine-flu-deaths-not-152-says-who-20090429-aml1.htmlFirst US death: Boy from Mexico City in Houston 'seeking treatment':
http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6398202.htmlInfecting other who HAVE NOT been to Mexico:

Vicente Duque said...

Fox News "Special Report" : The Zombie, The Mummy and the Black Guy - Positive Development

There is a positive development in a Fox News Program called "Special Report" ... In today's edition of April 29 of 2009.

I regularly watch this program in order to combat my big problem of insomnia.

Because there is a Zombie called Charles Krauthammer, from the Washington Post and the most boring guy in Television, he speaks like a zombie. A Mummy called Fred Barnes from the Weekly Standard, this Mummy was buried in the Reagan Dynasty, and has not deteriorated in all those millenniums.

And a poor guy called "Juan Williams" ... I have always felt pity for this guy ... He is a Black Man and has to be in the middle of these super conservative guys affiliated to a party that is the Representation of Anti-Minorities Philosophy.

But I am beginning to like and admire Juan Williams, because he is becoming a Republican Moderate, and a reasonable guy.

Juan Williams is beginning to realize that the Republican Party is too far to the right, and he says that Republicans are in danger of becoming a "White Party".

Juan Williams is also beginning to acknowledge that Mr Obama has to spend in order to reactivate and recover the Economy.

Juan is beginning to enter into discussions and warm debates with his two boring companions.

I take off my hat before Juan Williams.

Dear Juan Williams ... Do not be a fool approving the foolishness of the Zombie and the Mummy.


Vicente Duque

Miss Carnivorous said...

I had a virulent form of flu and pneumonia 6 weeks ago, here in Oakland, California. I am pretty sure I am the original evil white swine who spread the Whitey Swine Flu. It should be known as the "Gabacha Flu."

Although I must say, it looks as if the Mexicans are more scared of each other than the rest of the world is scared of them. Well, maybe the French are more scared of them, but then, they remember Cinco de Mayo.

Anonymous said...

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