Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unbelievable Breaking News: Kick in the Head Trial Jury Pool is ALL White And an Alternate was the Driver's Ed Teacher of One of the Defendants!

Shocking, Shocking, Shocking News!!!
The trial of two of the three men charged with fatally beating Luis Ramirez in Schuylkill County while shouting racial slurs in July, 2008 will be heard by an all-white jury. Additionally, four alternate jurors, including a man who was one defendant's driver's education teacher, were chosen Thursday.
Unbelievably, the alternate panelists -- two men and two women -- were chosen during 90 minutes of questioning by county President Judge William E. Baldwin, prosecutors and defense attorneys. They complete the all-white panel that will hear the trial, which is scheduled to start Monday for Brandon J. Piekarsky, 18, and Derrick M. Donchak, 19, both of Shenandoah. The excuse for seating the Driver's Ed teacher: By the time the final alternate juror was questioned, all the attorneys had used the "pre-emptory" challenges --- which let them dismiss jurors without a reason.
As I have previously reported, the LEADING Witnesses for the Prosecution are two of the Football Players themselves, Lawson and Walsh. These FACTS are from Lawson's Grand Jury testimony:
1. The six football jocks went illegally drinking in the park sold to Piekarsky. The person who sold the liquor to the underage jocks has already pleaded on this.
2. The drunken jocks went to the Fire Co. block party and almost got into a fight with the firemen.
3. Then the SIX drunken jocks went towards home, cutting through the park and encountered the victim walking with his friend.
4. The SIX started badgering the victim, hurling racial slurs. Then Donchak starting fighting with him.
5. As the two were fighting, Walsh sucker punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground.(Remember, Walsh has already pleaded and will be providing state's testimony).
6. The victim got up again and was knocked on the ground again by the jocks.
. It is Piekarsky that faces the most serious charges of 3rd Degree Murder.
. Then afterwards, he was the leader of the cover-up, intimidating witnesses.
Lawson and Walsh or BOTH testifying. The witnesses to the Racial Slurs come from the neighbors, one of whom is a police officer. The FACTS are CLEAR and the perpetrators should face Justice! The jury will have all the testimony and even the Driver's Ed teacher will admit they should be penalized to the FULLEST extent of the Law!
However, there does appear to be malfeasance in the selection of this jury pool.
I am requesting the DOJ/FBI be aware of this situation and be prepared to step in to make any corrections so a proper trial can be heard, even if this includes a change of venue.
Update: Racist HATE GROUP Voice of the People is planning on demonstrating during the Trial. Dan Smeriglio, their leader, says his demonstration is meant to counter other protests that he says are meant to encourage illegal immigration and demonize those who oppose it. The “other” demonstrators Smeriglio is worrying about will be protesting violence against immigrants, whether documented or undocumented. The Republican Herald website said: "Voice of the People may have a legitimate point of view on immigration policy. Members certainly have every right to rally for their views. However, next week is the wrong time and Pottsville is the wrong place for such a rally, silent or otherwise.By demonstrating against people who are protesting violence and murder, VOP members will accomplish exactly what they claim they are trying to prevent. They will demonize themselves as extremists who condone violence against immigrants.They will reinforce the stereotypical views of outsiders who see coal region residents as intolerant, backwater boobs."
Special Note:
I have been following the comment sections to these articles and about 50% of them are extremely disturbing. They are abusing 'Freedom of Speech' and I think the DOJ/FBI should be alerted to the heinous nature of these comments. They remind me of words used by Dannie Baker and Richard Poplawski prior to their murder sprees. Here are some examples:
My tax money comment:
I think it is terrible that he died, BUT, There should be NO CHARGES since the man was an illegal immigrant, unless the family members want to pay in full for the cost of all legal prosecution, including possible jail time served by the defendants. The illegal immigrant stole my tax money and another american citizens job. Dont get me wrong, I would never want to hurt an illegal immigrant, but it upsets me that my money is wasted for this trial.
Bocelli comments:
. LOL, you call it murder and we call it justice. Here's a tip, head south for the border and keep going =) We don't need humanitarians like you defending scum, illegal activities and the rights of the leeches on our society.
. The jury of the peers are for the ones on trial, not for the scum that came here illegally and sucked off our society for six years. I would bet a bunch that his nasty girlfriend is collecting public assistance for that **** child they have; and why, because he is illegal and not paying a cent but instead we are paying him. F-that, give them all a oneway train ticket to Cuba.
. Many of the "illegal" immigrants of our past were LEGAL and they worked and payed their dues. this scumbag didn't do any of that. he sucked off OUR system, and when I say OUR system I probably don't mean you since you are probably on some type of public assistance yourself while collecting a check elsewhere. You my friend are the one who needs to be educated.
. because they are slimy little cockroaches who creep around at night and have ignorant, uneducated females hide them out. I think the INS should be at the trial and check all the protesters for their credentials and documentation.
WTF comments:
. AMEN!! And when they catch them- immediate deportation. They are illegal immigrants and DO NOT have the same rights as an American citizen. It's a nice dream, but it will never happen.
Kill Crime comments:
. Since the Federal government is not capable of enforcing it's current laws, form posses and pile up the illegal's bodies. Do it often and be vicious. Eventually they will learn to immigrate here using the systems in place.


Dave said...

That's just wrong(about the choice for jurors.)

As for the comments, things don't really change, do they? Those same type of comments are always resurfacing, they sound sort of like an apology, but really aren't:

"I don't condone any bad behavior or violence, but..."

"I'm not racist, but..."

"It's terrible that he died, BUT..."

Nasty. Just Nasty. And sad.

Vicente Duque said...

The Complicit Complacency Begets Murder

This is the Clockwork Orange !

An acquittal will generate more murders.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Dave, Vicente,

The comments are despicable. I have been fighting with them all day. What is funny however, is when you call them on their hatred and racism, they become offended. They feign innocence. Their own words describe them as racists as they call human beings despicable names like cockroaches and call for their murders, yet they expect no consequences.

That is why it is so important for ALL of us to call them on their words, their behaviors in these comment sections. We have to stay civil. We cannot become emotional. We have to hold them accountable for their own words and their own despicability. Only then, when they are held accountable, can we expect their hate-filled and violent words to stop. The same with hate crimes. The only way for these hate crimes and ALL Hate Crimes to stop is for the perpetrators to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, EVERY TIME!!

We seek Justice in America!

The Indigenous Xicano said...


You are correct when you call on the racist for his/her racism and they turn the tables by becoming offended and resort to:

1. I am right and all you have is the race card.
2. Mexican/Latino/Hispanic is not a race so how can I be racist?
3. Ad homenim attack!
4. I argue with facts and all you can do is cry about race.

These are some strange people devoid of intelligence and the ability to be honest.

Dee said...

Now the extreme HATE Group Voice of the People, led by Dan Smeriglio, is going to lead a Protest during the trial. Smeriglio is a rabid inciter.
Look at these youtubes posted by his side.

The Arizonian said...

What's interesting about the comments you posted from the articles is the lack of "race" being mentioned.

But I do see the words "illegals" and "illegal immigrant(s)" used alot.

Are the two interchangable now?

Dee said...

To these racists, yes. People like Dannie Baker, or Piekarsky, or the Caucasian Crew, to these commenters, every brown person is a Mexican, is an illegal. This is called racial profiling. It is similar to the demonization of the Jews.

The worst offenders say in rebuttal, Latino/Mexican/illegal is NOT a race. They said the same thing about the Jews in Nazi Germany. They say the same about Gays.

A Hate Crime is a Hate Crime. Profiling is Profiling. The violence perpetrated and the hate spewed against a group is ALL the same! In the end, Dead is Dead!

Dee said...

BTW, when the SIX Jocks were yelling: "Go back to Mexico" "SPIC" etc. etc. as they all fought, sucker punched and kicked him in the head, they had NO IDEA what his actual citizenship status was. Even his fiance did not know.

These jocks saw a brown person and attacked.

The same with Dannie Baker and those innocent (and legal) Chilean students.

The same with the Caucasian Crew and (legal) Marcelo Lucero.


Vicente Duque said...

Kicking heads as Footballs - New Sport in Town ( in Shenandoah Pennsylvania ) :People love sports and are always inventing new variations. Now we are studying sports that involve the use of heads.

I know that in Ancient Egypt Pharaos like Ramses II ( the Great ) practiced the sport of smashing nuts on the heads of prisoners. Others put heads on posts and picks and on the tops of City Walls.

In the Pacific Islands and the Amazon Basin the sport of hunting heads was much practiced, and there was another companion hobby of shrinking the heads of enemies in boiling pots, with special shrinking herbs.

In England they invented the most important invention of all times the "Football", that is Soccer, and English Football has beautiful movements like shooting the ball with your head in between the goalposts, and under the crossbar that defines the door or arch of the other team.

There have been famous players like BAM-BAM Zamorano of Chile that always scored goals with his head.

English Football is the most important invention because it is the greatest craze in the whole world, they also invented the Football Hooligans and we Latinos soon copied that beautiful piece of "Western Civilization" ...

Many people died of a heart attack when Brazil or Argentina scored a goal that saved the World Coup Classification in the spare time given by the referee. Others commited suicide in Colombia when a famous player and "crack" squandered a penalty that could have advanced the National Selection for the World Championship and World Cup.

The New sport of Kicking heads could become an Olympic Sports, fut first there is a trial and a prosecutor, a jury and a judge, and they can give a lot of help to the new practice of kicking heads of people that are unconscious on the floor.

And so, the eyes of the World are on the Trial of the Shenandoah Pennsylvania Football Players and Kickers of Heads.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

God Bless America!

John said...

English Football? Are you talking about scoccer? Latinos may have copied "English football" from England or another European country but that it is not the same as American football (example-Dallas Cowboys). Sounds like there is alot of violence connected with soccer games in Brazil, Argentina and Columbia. Soccer vs Football,
totally 2 different sports.

Vicente Duque said...

Minutemen with guns threaten kids at the peaceful Macehualli Center - Do you want to see Coward Bastards ??

February 07, 2009

This video shows two Americas,one of love and one of hate. Please watch and decide which one you want to be a part of.

The Macehualli Center celebrated its 6th anniversary on 01/31/09 with a peaceful celebration, friendship and multi cultural sharing with Native American Dancers and indigenous ceremony including all people-regardless of nationality. But outside the center was a world of hatred and prejiduce.

These racist militants have been terrorizing The Day Labor Center daily for over a year. They insult and threaten mothers, children and anyone with brown skin they deem as being "Illegal" (whenever they think nobody is watching with a camera).

They harass anyone that may attempt to hire a day laborer. They incite violence, carry guns and have no respect for humanity. What makes this most tragic is they have the support and encouragement of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Demand an investigation from the Department of Justice!

Go to YouTube or go to my site :

Vicente Duque

Tamale Chica said...

This whole thing is so sickening. It's SO about race. Do you remember in 1982, an Asian American named Vincent Chin was murdered, his head cracked open by a baseball bat by some racists who decided that Vincent Chin's Asian face was cause enough to murder him? They hunted him down to kill him, blaming them for their unemployment due to Detroit losing manufacturing jobs (obviously it never occurred to them that the company they worked for at the time had shoddy workmanship and had dropped the ball on product development and quality standards). This was an unpleasant but brutal wake up call to all Asian Americans who thought that the worst nightmares of racial attacks were over.

There is nothing personal when haters attack someone because they look different from them, are a different color or have different cultural adoptions. At that level, it's all about hating what is different and wanting to eliminate a difference that makes them uncomfortable.

It is about inhumanity to one's fellow human and an ultimate violation of what our Pledge of Allegiance is all about. Racial hatred and hate crimes are, in a manner of speaking, treason.

Horace said...

You may have to eat your words if the jury convicts. Of course from your perspective an all white jury could not possible dispense justice in a fair way.

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