Friday, April 24, 2009

Why On Earth is Anyone a Republican?


Vicente Duque said...

An Island of Liberalism in the Middle of Fox News Racist Hatred ??

Pastor Steven Anderson, his attorney Mark Victor, April 22, 2009 on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano - Tortured by the Border Patrol -

Judge Andrew Napolitano on "Freedom Watch"

Even the Super Republican Fox News is very much confused.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst of Fox News.

He interviews the tortured pastor Steven Anderson.

The Pastor is super conservative but was tortured and humiliated by the Border Patrol.

It is very clear that Judge Napolitano is very sympathetic to the Pastor and his Lawyer, and that he dislikes the Federals that mistreated the Pastor.

He interviews Jim Bouvard, author of books on Freedom, and both guys seem to dislike the "Patriot Act" and Torture Memos, and other abuses.

The Lady Shelly Roche also seems very liberal to me. I am not sure but Ron Paul does not seem to like torture.

Watch here :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

For the airport bathroom sex?

The Arizonian said...

Why would ANYONE restrict themselves to a party?

Vicente Duque said...

The Border Patrol has Telepathy with Dogs :

Great advance in science, but it is a secret

The Border Patrol does not want to announce this Great Discovery. Because the enemies of America could take hold of this extraordinary technology, or because there is a lot of Jealousy and Envy between Federal Angencies, like FBI, CIA, Internal Revenue Service and others.

The Fact is that Reverend Pastor Steven Anderson was harassed, terrified, tortured and tormented by the Border Patrol. When he was peacefully going from San Diego California to Phoenix Arizona, in order to help souls.

When the Pastor was Threatened and Verbally abused he asked what was the fuss about, they told him that the dogs has discovered that he was a very possible criminal with drugs in his car, or even worse with "Illegal Aliens" hidden under the seats, or in the trunk.

Then the Pastor replied that the dogs were quiet, not barking, not agitated and that they were not moving, wagging the tail or salivating for a reward.

But the Border Patrol agents insisted that the dogs were telling them about the Lawbreaking of the Pastor and the possible Criminal Activities of this man of God.

These Federal Agents are famous for their Honesty, Decency, Humanity and Kindness, and their Hearts of Pure Gold, like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other Great Gentlemen that are almost charity nuns. They also have Great Knowledge and Respect of The U. S. Constitution. And they have gentle and tender souls, Good Christians like the Pastor.

Only solution to the riddle : The Border Patrol has Telepathy with Dogs.

And what about the Dogs ?? ... Were they mistaken in their telepathic Messages to the Border Agents ??

They probably caught a cold and lost the sense of smell, at least temporarily. So they relayed the wrong telepathic message to the agents.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

I agree. But many are designated Republican and I am curious why ANYONE would classify themselves that way particularly with all of their misguided beliefs.

Vicente Duque said...

Maps of Genetic Neighborhoods :

Africa is Very Close to Europe in Geography but also in Genetics, Genetic Endowment, Genetic Pool, Genetic Constitution. - Believe it or not !!!

The Black Africans are closer to Europeans than to Iranians, Indians, Asians, Australian Aborigines, Papua New Guinea, and the Pygmy Negritos from the Andaman Islands.

Believe it or not. that is how things are calculated by Cavalli-Sforza and other Famous Geneticists with the help of Great Mathematiciens and extremely complicated mathematical genetic formulas of Genetic Markers of the Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, and other Genetic Markers that show "Family Relations".

Of course the Racists are not going to like it. Because the Italians and the English are closer to Africa in Gene Pools than the Iranians, Indians, Lapps, Australian Aborigines, New Guineans, Andaman Pygmy Negritos ( now in extinction ), Oceanians, All Asians, Eskimos and Native American Indians.

These means that Black Africans are "Closer relatives" of the Germans and Nordics, and that the Pygmy Negritos of the Andaman Islands, or the Aboriginal Australians are "Distant Family" of the Black Africans.

If they have similar dark colors and characteristic hair or lips, it is because of "Convergent Evolution in Similar Climate and Environment".

So the so called "Whites" and "Latinos" in the USA are closer to Black Africa than the Dark Aboriginal Races of India, Andaman Islands Pygmy Negritos ( almost in extinction ), Papua New Guinea and the Australian Aborigines. They are more distant from Africa in Genetic Make-up, even if they look somewhat similar to the Black Africans.

I am studying ArchaeoGenetics and I have many maps and graphics of Genetics and a lot of explanations about Racial Genetics and Evolution of Races. Here :

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

I might add that this is a horrible generalization....

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