Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hate Crime Killer Indicted! He planned to Kill All Hispanics, Jews & Blacks to "Fight for his Dying Race!"

On Friday, a Massachusetts' grand jury indicted hate crime killer Keith Luke of Brockton, MA on two counts of murder in connection with a his spree of violence on January 21st.
Luke was also indicted on six counts of armed assault with attempt to murder, armed home invasion, armed kidnapping with sexual assault, four counts of aggravated rape, indecent assault and battery, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and malicious destruction of property.

Police say the crime spree began when Luke allegedly forced his way inside his former neighbors' (two sisters) apartment with a 9mm handgun and a backpack containing two pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold, and a gag he had bought with his mother's credit card. He used the handcuffs to bind the elder sister's hands and then repeatedly raped her. When her sister came to the door and banged on it, Luke shot her multiple times, killing her. After shooting the woman at the door, Luke looked to her sister in a bedroom covering herself with a white teddy bear. He shot her through the stuffed animal. Out on the street, as two men tried to help the younger sister, who had retreated from the door, Luke fired at the nonwhite would-be rescuer, but missed and then drove off, police said. Luke is also charged with shooting to death a man, Arlindo DePina Goncalves, 72, pushing a can-filled cart down the street as Luke fled the scene. Luke reportedly fired on and missed two Brockton police officers as they pursued the van until it plowed into two vehicles and crashed near East Ashland and North Quincy streets.

Police said Luke told them he bought a handgun on the street six months ago and purchased 200 rounds of ammunition. "I'm sorry I shot at the cops,'' he said, according to a police report. "But I am not sorry I shot those people at the house.'' After he shot as many "nonwhites'' as he could, he reportedly told the police his plan was to head to a synagogue near his mother's Pleasant Street home and kill as many Jews as he could as they left a bingo game. He would then kill himself.

Authorities said Luke told them after his arrest that he had hatched a plan six months earlier to kill as many Hispanics, Jews and blacks as he could. Luke told police he was “fighting for a dying race” and he was “fighting extinction.” His arrest cut short another part of Luke’s alleged plot — to kill bingo players at the Temple Beth Emunah in Brockton that same night. A friend of his mother's said he was motivated by things he had read on the internet. Luke lived with his mother and used his mother's credit card to purchase his ammunition. Luke's background and motivation is very similar to police killer Poplawski.

The indictment moves the case to superior court, where he will be arraigned on April 30.
Brockton accused hate-crime killer indicted
Killing 'nonwhite people' was motive in Brockton shooting spree, police say
Keith Luke Tried to Save the White Race


Anonymous said...

Bad, bad white boy, bad, bad, bad....

Vicente Duque said...

The Games that PostRacists constantly play

The simplistic simpleton mind of PostRacists and their foolish Hate

PostRacists constantly play these games in Forums, Comments, and in Practical Everyday Life.

1) The Blame the Victim Game
2) The "This happens everywhere" game
3) The "Your country of Origin is Filth and Dirt" game
4) The "You would be as means as we are" game
5) The Racial Mythic Game

1) The Blame the Victim Game
This is also played in many cases of Raped Women, "Why are you so enticing ?", "Why are you so gorgeous ?", "Why did you dress like that ?" ... You attracted the perpetrator and authorized him.

In the Case of PostRacism, the Racist blames all the Organizations that defend Human Rights, of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Victims, etc ... All these organizations are called "Racists" for defending their ethnics and trying to give importance to the culture of these "Races" or People. It is necessary to attack these "Human Rights" organizations, that only defend Kindness and Humanity.

2) The "This happens everywhere" game
This is sheer ignorance. Since the Racist is just an Ignorant Fool, then he assumes about Lands that he doesn't know or that only knows by the negative bias of the Racist Media.

3) The "Your country of Origin is Filth and Dirt" game
This is the same ignorance as in case Number 2. The racist is extremely ignorant and uncultured. He is also very limited in understanding and mind, almost idiotic in his incapacity, he is unable to appreciate others.

4) The "You would be as means as we are" game
This is sheer Freudian Projection.

5) The Racial Mythic Game
That is what I dispel and attack in my pages. Science reduces those Racist Myths to the sheer Imbecility and Fantasy that they are.

Needless to say that in many cases Racism springs from Inferiority Complexes and Inadequacies, from the Dysfunctional Family, from abused childhood, from the failed lives of LOSERS. Or from business needs, the need to earn a lot of money deceiving millions of fools as we see everyday in Television.

Blame others for your miserable life.

Vicente Duque

deport lou dobbs said...

What is scary and troublesome to me is with this outburst of hatred occurring on a regular basis will the media become desensitized to it and place it on page nine in a small paragraph?

Will the reaction be "Just another nut killing dark people-not news"?

Dee said...

I agree. I did not originally see this story when the murder occurred in January. I didn't see it published in a major news site. It wasn't until they classified as a Hate Crime during his indictment that it came up on my radar.
Now that it has, I will keep posting updates.

This guy is so much like Dannie Baker and Richard Poplawski. The three were all under the spell of the HATE sites on the internet before they acted out their crimes.

The Caucasian Crew that murdered Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue and Piekarsky and the football team who murdered Luis Ramirez were also very active on the Internet, some venting their Hate of minorities there. I suspect once their trials are held, we will learn much more.

ultima said...

I wonder if site like this one and El Duque's have anything to do with inflaming the passions of these nut cases.

Dee said...

You make yourself look bad when you say things like that.

In reality, it is Glenn Beck and Stormfront, Alipac and other HATE sites that instill the racist and hateful violence in our society. It is shameful!!

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