Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SPLC Special Report: Latinos Under Siege

The renowned and prestigious Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has just published an in-depth report on the racism and victimization of Latinos, particularly in the South. What this clearly shows is our country is facing a Civil Rights crisis and we are in dire need of Comprehensive Immigration Reform this year!!
The SPLC reports:
Under Siege: Life for Low-Income Latinos in the South
In Tennessee, a young mother is arrested and jailed when she asks to be paid for her work in a cheese factory.
In Alabama, a migrant bean picker sees his life savings confiscated by police during a traffic stop.
In Georgia, a rapist goes unpunished because his 13-year-old victim is undocumented.
These are just a few examples of the injustices that confront Latino immigrants as they struggle to gain a foothold in the South.
The region is now home to the fastest growing population of Latinos in the country, many of them lured by the manufacturing and construction jobs created during the economic boom of the 1990s. But many in Dixie aren't treating their new neighbors with any semblance of Southern hospitality.
In fact, Latinos in the South — many of whom came here to escape crushing poverty in their home countries — are encountering widespread hostility, discrimination and exploitation.

They are routinely cheated out of their earnings and denied basic health and safety protections. They are regularly subjected to racial profiling and harassment by law enforcement. They are victimized by criminals who know they are reluctant to report attacks. And they are frequently forced to prove themselves innocent of immigration violations, regardless of their legal status. This treatment — which many Latinos liken to the oppressive climate of racial subordination that blacks endured during the Jim Crow era — is encouraged by politicians and media figures who scapegoat immigrants and spread false propaganda. And as a result of relentless vilification in the media, Latinos are targeted for harassment by racist extremist groups, some of which are directly descended from the old guardians of white supremacy.
Instead of acting to prohibit and eliminate systematic exploitation and discrimination against Latinos, state and local governments in much of the South have exacerbated the situation. A number of Southern communities, for example, have enacted ordinances designed to limit services to undocumented immigrants and make their lives as difficult as possible, with the ultimate goal of driving them away. In addition, many law enforcement agencies in the South, armed with so-called 287(g) agreements with the federal government, are enforcing immigration law in a way that has led to accusations of systematic racial profiling and has made Latino crime victims and witnesses more reluctant to cooperate with police. Such policies have the effect of creating a subclass of people who exist in a shadow economy, beyond the protection of the law.

The South's immigration explosion began in the 1990s. By 2006, six Southern states (Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee) had added 1.6 million Latinos. Latino workers provided cheap labor to fuel the South's economy — building skyscrapers in Charlotte, harvesting onions in Georgia, slaughtering poultry in Alabama and rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina. Many of these new arrivals left their homes in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and other Latin American countries to escape poverty, which some experts believe has been worsened by U.S. trade policies. Many crossed the border illegally, risking their lives and freedom for opportunity in the United States, while others were originally "imported" by employers under the guestworker system. Many others are legal residents or U.S. citizens, caught in the crossfire of America's war on "illegals."
For this report, Southern Poverty Law Center researchers surveyed 500 low-income Latinos — including legal residents, undocumented immigrants and U.S. citizens — at five locations in the South to take the pulse of a community that is being increasingly driven into the shadows by a sweeping anti-immigration movement.
We found a population under siege and living in fear — fear of the police, fear of the government and fear of criminals who prey on immigrants because of their vulnerability. Many of the difficulties faced by undocumented immigrants are, no doubt, the result of their lack of legal status, which makes them easy prey for unscrupulous employers and puts them at constant risk from law enforcement. But even legal residents and U.S. citizens of Latino descent say that racial profiling, bigotry and myriad other forms of discrimination and injustice are staples of their daily lives.
"The assumption is that every Latino possibly is undocumented," says one immigrant advocate in North Carolina. "So [discrimination] has spread over into the legal population." Systemic discrimination against Latinos in the region — by both private and public entities — constitutes a civil rights crisis that must be addressed. We offer recommendations for reform at the conclusion of this report.


Vicente Duque said...

The Vampire Dracula of Transylvania and the vampiresque Republican Party - Drinking the Blood of Youth - Immigration Reform

The Vampire Dracula has a zombie life, he gets out of his tomb in the dungeons of the castle in order to drink blood and get some life out of it.

Dracula can not drink the blood of old people, those that are sick and in Geriatric Homes or Gerontological Asylums. Those crippled and sick of old age in wheelchairs have a blood that is useless for the purposes of Dracula.

Dracula needs the Hematocites and Leucocites of Young People, those in elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities.

And the Republican Party is having a zombie life in its tomb, half death, half alive, and needs a "Common Enemy" and an "Enemy of America" in order to resurrect and have a "revival", a word that charms its very conservative and religious extremist base.

America has millions of Decent, Noble and Kind People, Hearts of Gold, and they are the big majority, but there are many other losers that need hate as revenge for their failed lives.

And what "Common Enemy" and "Enemy of America" can be the best for those racists, haters, losers and failed lives in the streets of America ??

The Republican Party needs the Hate against Latinos in order to revive, revitalize and reinvigorate, for a "Republican Revival". That is the Blood of Youth, because Latinos are mostly in Elementary Schools, in High Schools, and now want Higher Education in Colleges and Universities.

Latinos are "Youth Blood" and a big part of a Great Future for America. But Republicans want to drink that blood with their Racism and Hatred. Even if they expulse and evict those Youngsters out of America.

So, Mr Obama should be careful not to paralyze Government and his Administration Legislative Agenda with a "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" because that is what these Merchants of Hatred in Racist TV want in order to agitate the masses of ignorants, of fools, idiots and losers, the boxes of Inferiority Complexes.

The "Immigration Reform" would increase the profits of the Merchants of Hate, the Peddlers of Fear, in Racist TV.

When you are a failure in life, nothing is better than to choose a defenseless victim and become a bully, then you are the Superior Race, and suddenly you got a lot value and self respect, even if you are trash.

"Immigration Reform" is a "Pandora's Box" for Mr Obama, because there is too much Racism and Hatred. This needs a much more mature country, and a more mature Republican Party in times of Economic Prosperity and not of Economic Suffering.

When the Republican Party has adults in it, when it is not led by the Media Racists of Histrionic Radio, and Histrionic TV, with ridiculous gestures and grimaces and tears, while crying "God !!!, God !!!, God !!"

These TV Racists are like Hysterics and Possessed, the most Hypocrite People in the World, the masters of Hypocrisy.

Let these Hypocrites TV anchors claim in the desert while there is no "Immigration Reform" until the day that there is more resposibility in Congress and the Economy is recovered, stable and strong.

"Immigration Reform is Kryptonite for Mr Obama and the Democratic Party.


Vicente Duque

Tamale Chica said...


Alec Mapa is in my Face Book group and he just wrote, "Ugly Betty season 4 pick up is official!!"

Thought I'd pass that good news on!

Vicente Duque said...

To Dee and Friends :

The Dream Act is a NO BRAINER :

America should not squander the Treasure and Asset of Youth.

The Young Latinos are a clay that can be modelled in Great Engineers, Scientists, Biologists, Professors, Sociologists, Artists, etc .. to make America Great in the Future, and not to fall behind in the Future Confrontation of Great Economic and Scientific Super Powers. A future confrontation of brains.

Overcoming Racial Prejudices, Latinos will be the next generation of Scientists and Professionals.

Youth ! - Divine Treasure !!

( from a famous poem )

Tough Economic Competition ahead - For the USA of America
What is necessary to face that competition :Mr Obama has said that America faces tough economic competition ahead from China, India and other nations. Mr Obama said that in Mid April of 2009 in Georgetown University.

Famous Economist Jeffrey Sachs, Prof. Sachs is the Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Sachs says that Brazil and many other Third World Countries are strong competition ahead for Developed Nations, even in industrial Products. He sees an economic awakening of third world nations. Exactly the opposite of what racists preach.

So the "Dream Act" is very intelligent, and all small pieces of Legislation that favor Youth or Latino Youth for Education.

I collect Videos of Gregory Rodriguez, Henry Cisneros and many other prominent Latino Leaders, and they say that the Future of the USA can be enhanced by the Young Latinos.

Help Latinos and they will help the USA ahead, because they are young. Frustrate them and the Economic Forces of the USA will lose an asset and treasure.

Forget all racism and idiotic theories of Racial Intelligence. It is necessary to educate now the Latino Boom, so that America has Great Scientists, Engineers, Biologists, Sociologists, Psychologists, Politicians and Leaders.

The Future is a Race between Education and Catastrophe.

I collect videos of Lectures of Latino Leaders and Great Economists in my sites RACIALITY.COM and MILENIALS.COM :


Vicente Duque

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