Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ugly Betty OFF The Air!! Boycott ABC!!!

I am boycotting ABC starting today! I recommend ALL my fellow Latinos do the same!!
When I search Google, I am told Betty's show was cancelled because of poor ratings at various times. I do not agree. There have been times the show was superceded by the President or other special events, but I know of no other program on that time slot that overcomes Betty. Let's look at the dial. Bones? ER retrospective? Survivor? Come on! Give me a break!

Betty was the best show on the air on Thursday at 8 pm ET. Now she is kicked off the air? better rethink this! I remember when George Lopez was taken off the air for the same reason. He became the most POPULAR show on cable. And now, they are begging him back and he is going to have his own show late night show on cable!

Once Betty's show goes on syndication and she becomes extremely popular, I hope she holds back and makes them BEG!!!!

This is ridiculous!!

I say, TURN OFF ABC!!!


Vicente Duque said...

I also watch Ugly Betty and like it. There is a lot of Fantasy and Absurd Things but that is the vogue and mode like in "Lost" or "Heroes" which are totally absurd and I abandoned these two last shows long ago because they were so preposterous.

But I am still amused by Ugly Betty.

The Spanish version had a boy that was the friend of Betty and there was no love. That guy was a superb comic actor, the perfect nerd. Perhaps nerdness was not considered so funny in America, but the rest of the World loved the intelligent fool. There is no comic match in the English Version.

Also the Bad Guys in Ugly Betty Spanish were more natural, real and common people, and less fantasy creations as in English.

The Spanish version had a natural and real life smell that the English Version lacks completely.

And talking about Women, the movie of Jennifer Lopez with Richard Gere is somewhat weak even if J.L. is a good dancer. It is the blonde Middle Age 100% American Man that does not fit.

Richard Gere does not dance well, and he is too cold and reserved in the movie. And the script was foolish without passion, mystery or stress and tension.

Perhaps the Young Richard Gere like in "American Gigolo" would have benn a better fit for the sexy JL.

Perhaps women won't agree with me and would find R.G. very irrisistible.

JL is still sexy and has some mystery, her appearance is also somewhat weird for what we usually see. But that is also attractive.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

In one respect, I agree with you Vicente. In America, we must have a love interest. Not too many shows have a platonic friend and no love interests.

I like King of Queens and they do have nerdy friends, but the endearling love interest is between the husband and wife.

I liked Betty for Betty and her family and also her working relationships with the people she worked with. I worked in business for years and there is that dog eat dog attitude out there. I had many good friends at work and over the years, kept my friends from various jobs I had. I love that. However, there was a certain machiavellian atmosphere that many people maintained. It is much funnier on TV.

Dee said...

And Vicente,
Regarding J-Lo, I LOVE HER!!
She is so beautiful, sexy, smart, a great actress, singer, dancer and she is so very resilient. She has overcome so much! I appreciate her strength.

I think she loved Ben Affleck and he was the love of her life, however the media demonized their relationship and doomed it from the start. There is too much racism in this country to allow a love like theirs to continue, especially in the spotlight! Therefore they broke up. I feel sad for both of them.

My mother always told me we have one true love in our lives and if we find them, we are lucky and should cherish the love. My husband and I are very Blessed. We have two wonderful sons and 2 wonderful grandsons. We have been married 30 years. So much love and so much life!!! We are Blessed!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! More Hispanic persecution. Will it ever end?

Tamale Chica said...

The ABC Website doesn't say it's off the air. It clearly states: "All New Episodes return Thursday, May 7th."

Betty Feo isn't the only program where stations have dumped a month hiatus in between, in an attempt to get people to watch a new program.

One of the things I love about Ugly Betty is that she is the only one that always finds love and love always finds her. I still miss Gio though. Freddy Rodriguez is hot!

Tamale Chica said...

The ABC announcement is here:

Dee said...

My sister pointed that out to me too. Still, the web is saying otherwise. I hope Betty does return for good.

I loved Gio too but this new love interest is good too.

There are not too many shows I get hooked on. Betty is one of them. Medium is the other. My husband doesn't like either.

My husband and I like the Law&Orders, House and of course American Idol. He mostly likes sports shows or Poker. I'll watch with him but I usually blog at the same time.

ultima said...

Your ethnocentricity is showing again. First it was the talent show and now its Betty. Incredible for a person who so frequently plays the racist card. I sure wouldn't want you as a judge in any talent contest or as an executive who has to decide what TVs shows to dump. It's not that I find anything particularly wrong with Betty or the talent show participant you touted; it's just your lack of objectivity when it comes to anything involving your ethnic brethren. At least, if you reflect on this, you will see that the Eurocentrists are not the only one capable of this unfortunate form of bias.

I can see it all now. In the future you wouldn't think of voting for anyone other than a Hispanic for public office, you would toss off the airways any radio or tv show that did not have at least one Hispanic, you would make up your mind about talent based solely on ethnicity,you wouldn't watch a sports show if there were any Hispanic athletes present, etc. It's sad how one's ethnicity clouds judgment and fairness.

Dee said...

No Ultima. If you recall my childhood stories, you must remember I loved "That Girl" and Mary Tyler Moore. You know, the Career Girl.

Betty is the same story or updated to today.

Ultima, you need to broaden your perspective. I don't believe in any of your ethnocentric theories. As I said, we watch L&Os, House, Medium, American Idol and I happen to love Betty too.

Tamale Chica said...

Well, I'm from Chicago and so is Freddy so he's even hotter, you know? ;-)

Betty manages to snag some of the cutest boys, and this new one is no exception. I love the angle of how diametrically different their backgrounds are.

C.Wanczycki said...

Is ABC becoming as stupid as NBC? We all love Ugly Betty!!! Perhaps CBS could pick up the show like they did Medium. I just wonder who they poll when they say the ratings are low. I know there are many Ugly Betty fans in the Twin Cities! The cast was perfect and the story of family and work was real. I hope someone else will pick up the show and ABC will have many regrets.

Dee said...

I agree. I will miss Betty.
I love Medium too. I'm glad they saved her. Maybe they will do the same for Betty.

I'm already missing Goren & Eames from Law & Order CI. I guess I don't have to watch that show anymore.

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