Monday, April 6, 2009

Insane ANTI Groups Form "Americans United to Halt Tourism in Mexico"

A group of absolutely INSANE "ANTI" organizations are attempting to start a War with Mexico, our ally. As we have seen in recent weeks, these Hate Based groups have a following that is demented and violent.
These groups include: The San Diego Minutemen - led by Jeff Schwilk, a number of Minutemen groups led by Jim Gilchrist and some by Chris Simcox, the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) led by Barabara Coe, Professor Stuart Hurlbert, and others who have formed "Americans United to Halt Tourism in Mexico."

This insane, racist group has distributed fliers along the San Ysidro border and bought ads in various local and university newspapers that accuse Mexico of being aggressive and hostile to the United States and disrespectful of its laws. The ad recommends Americans not go to Mexico for any tourism activity until the Mexican government meets certain conditions such as reimbursing “the U.S. federal and state governments, 50 percent of the costs of incarceration of Mexican illegal aliens” and ceasing to try to influence U.S. immigration legislation. (Can you imagine asking Mexico to pay for the disease/vermin infested private prisons owned by the RNC cronies and filled by ICE via the deplorable ICE Raids to meet their private prison quotas?!?!)

This Hate group is urging Americans bound for sun and fun south of the border to instead visit the U.S. Southwest. "With Americans going down … it would be contributing to the economy of a country that is hostile to the United States of America," said Barbara Coe, a Huntington Beach resident and leader of California Coalition for Immigration Reform. "Mexico has constantly tried to interfere with immigration policy." (BTW, this is the same Barbara Coe that has compared our President Obama to Hitler.)

Mexican Consul Carlos Rodríguez y Quezada said, "We've always been good friends and good neighbors with the United States." Some say the campaign could backfire. "I think it's really counterproductive if the idea is to have a dialogue between two countries," said Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda, a professor of Global Studies at UCLA. "I think it's extremely important we set up a renewed tone for dialogue, rather than single finger-pointing."
Anti-illegal immigrant groups launch Mexico tourism boycott
Mexico ad raises controversy


Vicente Duque said...

The Hysteria that Backfires :

Dee :

Thanks for your opportune information, it is very difficult for us to find such valuable articles and important events.

For me these people are sick with Jingoism, Militarism, Racism, Aggression, Chauvinism, Misguided Patriotism. etc ...

As if we were still living in the times of William Randolph Hearst when he used his many newspapers to start many little wars and invasions against little countries, and became rich with his depradations and Jingoism,

These things are already backfiring, I extracted in MILENIALS.COM an article of Gregory Rodriguez, telling why the Hysteria against Mexico is reducing the Back Flow of Returning Past Immigrants to Mexico.

People are scared to return to the "Devil's Land" as portrayed by the TV Networks, including the usually Liberal and Gracious CNN.

An American Family, Chris and Debra Hall, and their children were robbed in Mexico. They had been in Mexico many times for vacations. And now they are very angry and vowed and promised never to return to Mexico.

This was aired many times in CNN. If you kill Latinos kicking them on the floor that is small news, but if someone is robbed in Mexico, that is big news, even if there was no personal harm.

"Better stay in the USA, where nothing is going to happen to you"

That is the Philosophy of the almost illiterate Labores and Immigrants, always the least educated and poorest of Mexicans. They believe all the lies of the big Networks.

And so the Hysteria Backfires.

Mexico can have five times the Gross National Product of Colombia.

And Colombia vanquished the Big Capos, the Paras and the FARC guerrillas. Only small tiny "capitos" remain, and American Jails are filled with the extradited narcocapos.

And the Guerrillas are starving and eating lizzards, snakes and monkeys in deep jungle.

More Info here :

Vicente Duque

Tamale Chica said...

Wow, at first I expected this to be a fabricated story made up for the Onion, because the players are so freakishly irrational.

And Vicente, it is truly ironic that William Randolph Hearst, who used his newspapers to incite an intense hatred and fear about Americans of Japanese descent, would decades later have a family member named Patty Hearst found living with a Japanese American friend.

Dee said...

The acts of these zealots do seem unbelievable yet they commit them. Schwilk, Simcox, Coe, Hurlbert and Gilchrist are all looking for their 15 minutes of fame and their outrageous acts become more extreme by the day.

What worries me about them is they continue to try to influence the young and naive. They are posting their ads on college campuses and in schools to try and brainwash our young people.

They are attempting to start a war with Mexico. They should be charged for inciting violence. Look at what just happened in PA. A young man was a devoted follower of Stormfront, a White Nationalist group. All of these groups HATE Obama, HATE Mexico, HATE Minorities, Incite HATE. Reprehensible!!

Regarding the young Vietnamese person who shot all of the people in the Immigration Center. While news articles have not delved deeply into his family history or the root cause of his actions as they did with Poplawski, I suspect he too was motivated by the HATE groups who have tied in Immigration with the Economy and loss of jobs. The news articles did say Voong lost his job and lost hope, then he began his outrage. If the news reports tell us more of the root cause, I will report on it.

One thing is clear. We all must strive to work together to Stop the Hate and ensure those who commit or influence these Hate Crimes are outed and punished.

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