Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party Attendees BEWARE: Republicans, Fox News and Hate Groups Take Charge of Tea Parties on April 15

Attendees of the April 15 Tea Parties BEWARE!
As I previously reported, Republicans are absolutely desperate. Extreme Right Wing groups have formed a new group called "New American Tea Party." Extremist Conservative, Right-Wing Republicans from across the country will be speaking at a number of these events, although they will not allow Michael Steele (an African American) to speak at the Chicago event.
Now, Fox News has jumped on the bandwagon. The deplorable Glenn Beck will host the San Antonio Tea Party, wacko Sean Hannity - Atlanta, Neil Cavuto - Sacramento and Greta Van Sustren - Wash D.C. (see a wacko rant at Glenn Beck's lily white Tea Party on this video)

In addition, HATE groups including the White Nationalist STORMFRONT and Alipac.us are sending their members to these events to recruit new members. In fact ALIPAC will display their hate filled signs/flyers that read: “No Taxation For Illegal Immigration”, “Illegal Aliens Steal Our Tax Resources!”, “Secure Our Border Secure Our Taxes!”, “No Tax Benefits For Illegal Aliens!” and “Amnesty Equals Higher Taxes!”
As I previously reported, the "New American Tea Party" was initially sponsored by the extreme right wing groups: the American Spectator, the Heartland Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, the Institute for Liberty, the Coalition for a Conservative Majority and the Young Conservatives Coalition. The evil Michelle Malkin is a strong supporter. J.P. Freire, the editor of the extreme right wing "American Spectator" hosts their website and provides their updates.

In addition, Fox News- Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Alipac and other websites are now saying "Liberals" will infiltrate their Tea Parties. My suggestion for any Liberal or Minority who is planning on attending one of these Tea Parties, particularly the ones hosted by Fox News, BE SAFE! Take your Video Camera and plenty of tapes. Make sure you have recorded evidence of the activities at these events, for your own protection.


ultima said...

“No Taxation For Illegal Immigration”, “Illegal Aliens Steal Our Tax Resources!”, “Secure Our Border Secure Our Taxes!”, “No Tax Benefits For Illegal Aliens!” and “Amnesty Equals Higher Taxes!”

Whatever the source of these statements is, they have the ring of truth. If most are without health insurance, if most are in low paying jobs, since they are here, the borders aren't secure, and amnesty will entitle them to all the benefits of citizens. That all sounds like the truth to me. Amnesty will enable them to claim foodstamps and other such benefits for themselves as well as their foreign born children. Who will pay for those foodstamps? Obviously, the taxpayers and those who make little pay little if any taxes -- may in fact get a refund of taxes they never paid. Sounds like a losing proposition all around.

Is this the same Dee who is in favor of secure borders, who is now suggesting this is some kind of an extremist position?

Dee said...

What is interesting is these events are advertised to be non-partisan, grass roots.
In reality, this is a LIE. These tea parties are the creation of the extreme right wingnuts, include the despicable Michelle Malkin, and the others I listed. Additionally, the worst right wing shock jocks like Beck and Hannity are hosting some events and many Republicans are hosting others.
Liberals and Minorities are NOT Welcome to these events. Beck, Hannity and Malkin have all said/posted the tea parties will be, in their terms, "Infiltrated" by Liberals. So much for non-partisan and "of the people."

This is a dirty con ANTI OBAMA Con Job by the extremists from the EXTREMIST Conservatives. They will not even allow Michael Steele to speak when he asked to speak at the Chicago event.

Dee said...

I also suggest you check out the Glenn Beck Tea Party video. All white. All nut jobs speaking. Yikes!!!

Dee said...

Also, Stormfront and Alipac are going out in force to recruit new members for their extremist causes. Pretty Scary!!!

Anonymous said...

ultima wondered:

"Who will pay for those food stamps?"

Who said that they will be on food stamps? I have yet to see an undocumented begging on the off ramp.

Fortunately, not everyone solves their need for food as you do. Some, like most of the undocumented, want to work to earn their keep.

Pay little in taxes? really? Say if they live in a town with a 6% sales tax. The poor pay a higher rate of their income on these sales tax than do the rich. They also pay taxes associated with certain products like fuel. Local towns also disguise taxes as fees on local utility bills.

yep, they pay taxes.

the only losing proposition is that now you have to find a new scapegoat and we all know how hard it is for an old dog to learn new tricks.

Vicente Duque said...

Kick Out the Latinos - The War against Youth and Hard Work

The President of the United States Mr Obama said that Education is extremely important to compete against the Future Super Powers of the Economy like China and India. He said that in a Speech at the University of Georgetown in Mid April of 2009.

China and India are Powerhouses of Education with millions of students in Science and Engineering.

But there are irrational people inside the USA, these irrationals are waging a war on Latinos, but Latinos represent Youth, an Ethnic of Youth.

Latinos are also an Ethnic of People that want to ascend in life by hard work, not by gifts but by hard work. They are not asking for a free lunch, they don't expect it and there are many people that reject them and turn them down.

No free lunch from Racists and Haters, not even a smile of a word. Just an Ocean of Unkindness.

So these irrational haters want a war against Youth and Hard Work.

The future of a country is in the Young Demography, not in old people in Geriatric Homes or Asylums for the Old.

The Future of a country is not in Gerontology but in Pediatry and School Teachers caring for children. Demography is Destiny said August Comte, the father of Sociology.

And Pediatrics could have a lot of customers or clients in Latino Children during these present times.

Expel those children, Evict them, dislodge and dispossess their families, Kick those children out of the USA.

And teachers will lose their best customers and clients. Pediatrics will lose its clientele.

And Universities and Colleges will be half empty in a few years, not in total vacuum, but with a lot of empty classrooms or seats.

And the Future will be killed in the Altar of Prejudice, Myth and Unkindness.


Vicente Duque

Dee said...

As I predicted, the Tea Parties were primarily a White Based Extremist Right Wing crowds. Minorities or Liberals attending were considered "counter protesters".

Fox News led many of the tea party events.

Most had ANTI Obama signs.

Hate Groups like Alipac and Stormfront were out in force attempting to recruit new members.

So much for non-partisan - grass-roots.

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