Friday, March 6, 2009

Republicans Desperate! Now Starting FAKE "New American Tea Party!"

Republicans are absolutely desperate. Extreme Right Wing groups have formed a new group called "New American Tea Party." This group pretends to be a "new anti-stimulus activist club." The group feigns ignorance to the fact the economic crisis occurred over the last eight years and instead places the entire blame on the current administration.
According to their website, this so-called new grassroots anti-stimulus activist club is "a coalition of citizens and organizations concerned about the recent trend of fiscal recklessness in government." According to them, "this isn’t a conservative or liberal thing." They LIE and deny affiliation to any political party.
The reality, however, is the "New American Tea Party" is sponsored by the extreme right wing groups: the American Spectator, the Heartland Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, the Institute for Liberty, the Coalition for a Conservative Majority and the Young Conservatives Coalition. Michelle Malkin is a strong supporter. J.P. Freire, the editor of the extreme right wing "American Spectator" hosts their website and provides their updates.
The minions of these extremist conservatives are armed with a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a blog advocating their supporters email Tea Party events to their friends. Their first tea party event they titled "the Big Event" was to be a huge gathering of supporters in various locations across the nation. Despite all of their website hype, very few people attended. On this clip from the Neil Cavuto show, Cavuto says the close-ups of the events makes it seem like there are large numbers attending, but when the camera pans out, you see there are very few in attendance. (reminds me of the "Hold their feet to the Fire" ANTI - National event). What is also interesting is the Cavuto video itself. The panel keeps repeating their group is a grass roots, non-partisan effort. However, the panel is comprised of John O'Hara, the membership Manager of the very conservative Heartland Institute, Fran Eaton, President of the Eagle Forum of Illinois, a group founded by Phyllis Schlafly, and Jason Pye, the Atlanta Chairman of the Libertarian party supporting Bob Barr for President and with Ron Paul on his website.
In the videos I've seen of the DC event, the speakers were Michelle Malkin, JP Freire, and Brendan Steinhauser, Director of Freedom Works (extreme Conservative group). John O'Hara scoffed at Cavuto for saying, "I don't see the throngs or rallies I see in other events of this nature. You are just a small, vocal minority." O'Hara responded, "For every one person you see attending these rallies, I know there are a thousand sitting at home supporting us." (yeah, riiiight)
The Tea Party website appears dead at this time. How did I find out about them? There is a chain email going around spamming a number of email addresses. I received one from one of my old ANTI commenters. The subject is "Tea Party" and it asks everyone to snail mail a tea bag to Washington in April, in time for Tax Day.
I imagine the Conservative Right Wing groups I listed above will be buying tea bags by the truck load so Washington will think they are from their so called grassroots supporters.
These faux Tea Partiers should keep in mind this interesting bit of history about the original Tea Party, notably, that it actually meant more expensive tea. There's a corollary here. The let-them-fail attitude of these Republican and ANTI-Obamaist Tea Partiers -- toward foreclosures could come with a hefty price tag. The bailout may be unfair (as bailouts, by their nature, tend to be) but instead of pricier tea, doing nothing could mean even more damage to home prices and increased foreclosures for countless Americans.
All of us true grassroot Americans should take the FAKE Tea Partiers with a grain of salt. Afterall, they are spending millions of dollars on their advertising campaigns, salaries, websites, fake rallies, mailings, teabags and fake webaccounts. If they truly cared about the American Public, they would be donating all of these funds to REAL AMERICANS who are out of work instead of on all this rhetoric to support Limbaugh's charge for Obama and America to FAIL!
The Price Of A Tea Party

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Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

The Webzine brings two wonderful Serious Economic Articles that show the Imbecility of the "Republican" economic obstructionism that we see by the Fanatics and Bigots of Fox News, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, etc ...

*********** Number 1
Is Obama responsible for Wall Street's meltdown?
The Demagogues from the Right

It's an absurd argument, but that's where populist rage on the right is heading.
By Robert Reich

***************** Number 2
Obama's timid liberalism - Eisenhower and Nixon provided many public goods for the poor with Taxes for the Richer. The Chicago School banished that Idea. Now there are subsidies for inefficient Private Corporations or Organizations.

Once, even Republican presidents like Eisenhower and Nixon believed in the public sector. Now, during a national crisis, a Democrat opts for inadequate, neoliberal, private-sector remedies. What happened?
By Michael Lind


I have summaries and excerpts here :

So, everybody can see the Paranoia, Fanaticism, Irrationality, Partisanism, and even Racism and Hate in Fox et al.

They just Hate Minorities, and if something favors Minorities ( the poor ) then they become mad.

So American Politics is mainly Racial Politics. Or Racism, Raciality, Racialness, Racialhood, etc ...

Vicente Duque

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